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Propaganda Onslaught

Over the past couple of days when Scotlands First Minister was visiting Ireland and getting a reception she could only have previously dreamed about, the Unionist Press and Media have been at Red Alert attacking everything and anything they could … Continue reading

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Political Christianity (The Vicars Daughter)

Political Christianity   For I was hungry You sent me to a foodbank When I was thirsty You upped the water charges When I was lame You took me off my benefits When I was dying You told me get … Continue reading

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Ditch Independence Referendum

With all the uncertainty and piling on of debt associated with Brexit from this Conservative government,how much longer can we wait for them to begin to sort out what they are going to do about Article 50? They have now … Continue reading

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Absolutely NO POINT in Independence..IF

Amongst all the noise, the hype, the Social Media and Mainstream Media about Brexit, the EU, Independence and Trump there are real issues that need to be addressed right now! There is absolutely NO POINT in shouting about how much … Continue reading

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Indyref2: The Positive Reasons to Remain with the UK post Brexit.


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Lets Rewind Shall We

Looking back to the promises made up to September 18th 2014, lets remind ourselves some of what we were told by Better Together. The Labour Party ‏@UKLabour 18 Sep 2014 Four things under threat with a Yes vote: Our jobs, … Continue reading

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The Haggis Emigration

In the two years running up to the Independence referendum of September 2014 I catalogued the events in poetry. The title of the book is “The Haggis Emigration” and indeed that is the title of the first poem in the … Continue reading

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