Respect? Scotland Eu have had it!


Last July Theresa May hot footed it up to Scotland to meet with Nicola Sturgeon

Mrs May said her message was that the UK government was on the side of Scots.

Speaking before her visit, the PM vowed to fully engage with the Scottish government on Brexit negotiations.

‘Special union’

She said: “This visit to Scotland is my first as prime minister and I’m coming here to show my commitment to preserving this special union that has endured for centuries.

“And I want to say something else to the people of Scotland too: the government I lead will always be on your side.

“Every decision we take, every policy we take forward, we will stand up for you and your family – not the rich, the mighty or the powerful.

“That’s because I believe in a union, not just between the nations of the United Kingdom, but between all of our citizens.”

Today at Westminster we had the following exchange during PMQs


  • Last night, parliamentarians from across the Chamber and across the parties voted overwhelmingly against the UK Government’s Brexit plans—in the Scottish Parliament. If the United Kingdom is a partnership of equals, will the Prime Minister compromise like the Scottish Government and reach a negotiated agreement before invoking article 50, or will she just carry on regardless?

  • As the right hon. Gentleman knows, when the UK Government negotiate, we will negotiate as the Government for the whole United Kingdom. We have put in place the Joint Ministerial Committee arrangements through various committees, which enable us to work closely with the devolved Administrations to identify the particular issues they want represented as we put our views together. We have said that we will intensify the discussions within that JMC arrangement, and that is exactly what we will be doing.

  • When the Prime Minister was in Edinburgh on 15 July last year, she pledged that she would not trigger article 50 until she had an agreed UK-wide approach. Given that the Scottish Parliament has voted overwhelmingly against her approach, and that all bar one MP representing a Scottish constituency in the House of Commons has voted against her approach, she does not have an agreed UK-wide approach. As the Prime Minister knows, a lot of people in Scotland watch Prime Minister’s questions. Will she tell those viewers in Scotland whether she intends to keep her word to Scotland or not?

  • We are ensuring that we are working closely with the Scottish Government, and indeed with the other devolved Administrations, as we take this matter forward. I would just remind the right hon. Gentleman of two things. First, the Supreme Court was very clear that the Scottish Parliament does not have a veto on the triggering of article 50—the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill, which is going through the House, obviously gives the power to the Government to trigger article 50. I would also remind him of this point, because he constantly refers to the interests of Scotland inside the European Union: an independent Scotland would not be in the European Union.

    So much for respect and consultation then? Know your place Scotland and you will do as we tell you, whether you like it or not, Is Theresa Mays idea of partnership.
    Well seen her husband does the shopping for her, I hope he knows to itemise his small change.

    The Supreme Court did not rule on Sewel convention as it noted that while it was not a legal matter, it was a political convention. But being a convention does not mean it should now be completely disregarded as Theresa May seems to consider.
    Indeed by her total disregard for it, and indeed Scotland now it seems, she is leading the breakup of not one Union but 2 Unions. So be it!
    The big lie which she seems to enjoy coming out with now is that an Independent Scotland could not be in the EU. Recently she said that the SNP were arguing to leave the EU during the Independence referendum debates. Talk of driving truth through a barn door!

    Perhaps the reason for Theresa Mays disdain is because she knows that no agreement will be be reached and so doesn’t have any reason to want to compromise or consult.

    Indeed there seems to be leaking going on to suggest that she and the Torys are already on a war footing?

    From the Courier:

    “Theresa May’s team is “war gaming” with the Scotland Office and Ruth Davidson as speculation intensifies that the First Minister will announce her intention to return to the polls at next month’s SNP conference.

    The Conservatives say they want to be “calm and collected” if the First Minister declares her intention to stage a rerun of the September 2014 vote.

    Multiple sources close to Downing Street have confirmed “contingency” talks are ongoing amid speculation an announcement could be made at the SNP conference next month.”

    One thing for sure….she is totally oblivious to Scottish micky taking… the following exchange happened with Patrick Grady occurred today, with Patrick mischievously referring to his own 58minute session in debate last night.

  • Q3. Does the Prime Minister agree that in a 21st-century Parliament the rules should not enable any Member to speak for 58 minutes in a three-hour debate? Does she agree that the rules of the House should be changed to prevent filibustering and ensure that Members on both sides of the House get a fair share of the time available? [908648]

  • I find that a rather curious question from the hon. Gentleman. As it happens, last night I was out of the House between the two votes. I switched on the BBC parliamentary channel and I saw the hon. Gentleman speaking. I turned over to something else. I switched back to the parliamentary channel and he was still speaking. I switched over to something else. I switched back and he was still speaking. He is the last person to complain about filibustering in this House. [Interruption.]


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3 Responses to Respect? Scotland Eu have had it!

  1. Reblogged this on charlesobrien08 and commented:
    Rod says it just right,watched PMQ,s today and it was said just like that.

  2. Another good one,I like how you and James Kelly write,both have a good way of saying how it is.I did watch PMQ,s as I try to every week,then FMQ,s tomorrow.It went just like you said.

  3. As she said she started watching and saw he was speaking so she chose not to listen and changed channels when she came back he was still speaking so she chose not to listen again and changed channel again for a third time when she went back he was still speaking again she CHOSE not to listen — does she hear what she is saying — in other words when a Scottish MP is speaking she changes channels

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