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And Here is the News where you are

The Evening News   And here is the News where you are.   The Image changes, the News remains the same   Good Evening…. This is Reporting North Britain     It doesn’t matter what’s the headline The news remains … Continue reading

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The Bridge

  The Bridge   I am the Bridge don’t you know? And Just So as You Know I am Scottish not British Ye Ken!   I grew from the mud and the silt of the Forth with my Towers reaching … Continue reading

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Kezia Quits….. Move the Deck chairs

Ok..What is going on? Only 15 days after this article where Kezia says she is ready to be the next First Minister, and only 2 days since Jeremys disasterous Scottish trip where he stumbled time and time again, showing almost … Continue reading

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The Great Pretenders

Oh Yes…They’re the Great British Pretenders are the British Esablishment, The British Press and Media…. Pretending in their Separatist Racially Exclusive Brexit World that Britain is still Great! Pretending that they can still hold onto Scotland… Well they can’t, and … Continue reading

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Bridging the World

Standing proudly in all its glory the Queensferry Bridge was officially handed over to the Scottish Government and the people of Scotland last night with a spectacular light show on the bridge lighting up the Forth in Saltires. It is … Continue reading

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Really? Really?Really? Would You?

Theresa May has seemingly said that she will stand down as Tory Leader once the Brexit talks have been concluded, so that makes it just short of 2 years from now. Vying to replace her already are the following. The … Continue reading

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Corbyn Cobblers

OOh Ahhh Jeremy Corbyn came up here to Scotland a few days ago with a certain amount of media hype in his sails. Jeremy was on early election footing and bouncing up here to take back control for Labour, seeing … Continue reading

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Union Jack Man Forces YES Parade to step aside

  Shows the power of a few people, prepared to stand up… A Force For Good UNION JACK MAN FORCES ENTIRE PARADE to STEP ASIDE Another Bold Union Jack man spotted in Dunfermline yesterday (26-8-17). He stood his ground and … Continue reading

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Trolls Trolling Themselves

I am sure quite a few on Social Media and those that read the comments sections of various newspapers have noticed a significant rise in recent times of Brit Nat trolls trying to create as much disruption as they possibly … Continue reading

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The Right to challenge

Alex Salmond ruffled some sensitive journalistic feathers the other day in his UnCut fringe show when he suggested that he knew only 6 good decent Scottish Journalists worth their salt. “The press are largely despised, not just because of what … Continue reading

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