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The Politics of a Pandemic

Anyone watching the daily reports on the pandemic would almost be forgiven that  politics had been suspended, journalists and politicians are almost bending over each other to appear to all be supporting each other and everyone is pulling together to … Continue reading

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When the War is Over

A regular description used by those in power has been to describe this pandemic as a War, with the NHS as our front line against the virus enemy. The expression of the Tory government on Boris Johnson and his stay … Continue reading

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When You Are Not Looking

When you are not looking as your attention is fixed elsewhere, that is exactly the time that you need to be looking at what is being done and slipped through behind your back and out of your sight! An article … Continue reading

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SNP Civil War

In recent times there have been some references by journalists alluding to a civil war taking place among some in authority in the SNP. As I don’t necessarily take what journalists say verbatim, and often look at their pronouncements with … Continue reading

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I am quite sure that many journalists and media reporters were absolutely salivating at the prospect of the Alex Salmond trial.They would have been rubbing their hands together in glee at the thought of placing him in the worst possible … Continue reading

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