SNP Civil War

In recent times there have been some references by journalists alluding to a civil war taking place among some in authority in the SNP.
As I don’t necessarily take what journalists say verbatim, and often look at their pronouncements with a great deal of scepticism, my initial reaction was that of disbelief.
I merely looked at these statements as being wishful thinking in some of their parts, designed to cause unrest amongst the SNP and by extension also much of the Yes movement.
Unfortunately it would appear that I was wrong.

In following comments on twitter by some reasonably well placed people within the SNP it has become evident that there is indeed very serious disagreements taking place and some pretty nasty stuff going on.
Not being an Insider in the SNP, and not even currently a member, but with some knowledge of the SNPs workings having been in a past life a branch convenor and on the executive of a CA , I am more than aware of some of the political manoeuvrings that have taken place, and no doubt are continuing to take place, by those who place their own self interest above that of the common good and the Independence cause in general.
Of such happenings no one should be surprised. Such things happen in every political party and in every organisation to some extent or another.
No matter where you go in life there will always be those who choose selfish self interest and positions of power above all else.

What I have been seeing in recent times among groups of the SNP membership has been nothing short of toxic!
This has most recently been brought into sharp focus with revelations from the Alex Salmond trial, but most certainly was ramping up long before that.

What we are seeing currently is some sort of proxy war going on between Sturgeon supporters and Salmond supporters, some of it quite disgraceful.
I do not mean for one second that such a war has either been instigated or promoted by either of these figures, but some followers have taken it upon themselves to propogate it.

During the Salmond trial it became evident that it had been instigated and pursued by some in a relatively senior position within the SNP, and with what appears to be some collusion by someone in the SNP HQ. The real story of what exactly has gone on here has yet to properly unfold, but rest assured the truth will out!
There have been strong suggestions that this was engineered, at least partly, by the desire of some to ensure at all costs that Alex Salmond did not make a political comeback.

What became even more evident before, during, and after the Salmond trial was that some of those involved in the plot, and those who supported these divisions were siding with uncalled statements by Unionist supporters attacking Salmond.
Who would have previously thought such a thing possible? Yet this was exactly what happened and continues to happen.
The Unionists are of course delighted with this situation and will of course encourage such division within the SNP. Its a win win situation for them, and a gift from heaven.

One such attack came as recently as last night from an office bearer in North Berwick where they maligned Craig Murray for his blog on Salmonds trial.
Craig Murray on looking at their twitter feed was baffled as to why he should be subjected to such an attack from someone who appeared to share his political viewpoint?
In the course of this exchange someone questioned if this persons real sole objection ws that he didn’t like Alex Salmond.
The reply was shocking and totally uncalled for. The individual responded with “I am not a Rapist”

All of this is not a one sided attack on Alex Salmond or his supporters, there now appears to be as many who are continually attacking Nicola Sturgeon and those they consider to be aligned to her.
She is being attacked as being soft on Independence and her real motives questioned, with many saying that she has more real interest in the British state than seeking independence.
Add into this highly toxic mix, and you have those whose main interest seems to be arguing over gender recognition and other similar issues, with nasty insults being thrown back and forward.

All of this has got to come to a halt!
If this utter nonsense does not stop, all thoughts of Independence will be forever lost!

Once this virus crisis is all over, I suggest that Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond combine together, resolve any differences they may or may not have and then  knock this nonsense on the head stone dead, by making clear such behaviour is unacceptable, and those who have created the most trouble dismissed out of the party.
If the prime motivation of those within the SNP is not Independence, frankly they do not belong there.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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4 Responses to SNP Civil War

  1. Yes. Well said. The most powerful thing for Scotland that Alex and Nicola could do now would be to combine forces. Until shown otherwise, I am certain that the original plan was devised to entrap both Nicola and Alex in the same mess. It might have worked if Alex had not been such a sharp and fearless campaigner. It failed. There are going to be consequences- because too many people already know the truth. The plotters are going to be revealed sooner rather than later. They will all be frightened about that. Some of them will also have consciences.

  2. Thanks for this. As long standing SNP member I am bewildered by this so called civilised war. It’s got to stop. Equally I’ve no idea who those women are who cannot apparently accept a court verdict – some supposed to be members. Oh boy yes there have been lively battles in the past but never with the nasty vindictive behaviour today. I know I am not alone in this bewilderment.
    But just how can ordinary independence the goal folk like me put a stop to it & weed out the rotten core?

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    • It really is utter nonsense Sandra some of the things that have been going on, but by far the worst, and I have never seen anything like it, was this attempted stitch up and criminalisation of Alex Salmond.
      As for the rest who are causing unrest on social media, all we can all do is call them out on it when we see it.
      keep well, keep safe

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