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Tank Commander Colonel Roothie

Just When You think that things cannot get anymore surreal…. We now have this image of Theresa May conducting her own personal Electoral war against Scots by declaring that in Scotland this election will all be about refusing the right … Continue reading

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Voter Fatigue…..Don’t Want another Election

So here we go again… Would it not just sicken you? Already people squabbling about how to vote in the Council elections and up pops Theresa May to tell us that we are having another General Election in a matter … Continue reading

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Different Elections, Different voting Strategies

Hot on the heels of Theresa Mays surprise snap announcement of a General Election on June 8th, Channel 4 reported that the Crown Prosecution Service would be considering charges against up to 30 Tory Mps for Election fraud which have … Continue reading

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STV Voting made Simple

The Council elections use STV, Single Transferable vote. Which means that you get to select your preferences in order of preference…From the most preferred at No.1 to your Least preferred as last preference. You don’t need to use up all … Continue reading

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Referendum Safeguarding

As seems a distinct possibility, Scotland will sometime in the not too distant future be faced with another Independence referendum. This time as a matter of resolving Scotlands status with the rest of the UK and the EU. Given that … Continue reading

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Not Much Longer for this World

In July last year after having taken a stroke the hospital consultant told me in no uncertain manner that I would die in the next 5 years. That is a pretty brutal thing to say to anyone. He was in … Continue reading

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Make the journey

Some people have not made made it across to my new blog. So here it is for you… give it a  like and follow for fresh updates.. Phoenix Rising

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