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The Thistle, the Lion and the Unicorn (taster)

I have ceased blogging to concentrate on writing my book “The Thistle, The lion and the Unicorn” However here is a taster of the Introduction and first chapter. It is unedited as yet…so this is just the first draft with … Continue reading

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No to YES

It is not my profession, but regularly to keep fit I do some store merchandising and shop fitting. Why do I mention this? Simply to relate a little antidote from my travels. Pre the 2014 #Indyref I had been away … Continue reading

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When Polls don’t work

I am always sceptical about polls, and for very good reasons. They can be fun, they can be informative to an extent, but are open to manipulation depending on what questions are asked, who they are asked of, and how … Continue reading

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Ditch Independence Referendum

With all the uncertainty and piling on of debt associated with Brexit from this Conservative government,how much longer can we wait for them to begin to sort out what they are going to do about Article 50? They have now … Continue reading

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Lets Rewind Shall We

Looking back to the promises made up to September 18th 2014, lets remind ourselves some of what we were told by Better Together. The Labour Party ‏@UKLabour 18 Sep 2014 Four things under threat with a Yes vote: Our jobs, … Continue reading

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Should YES become NO?

  A few days ago the Scottish Government proposed a new Draft Referendum Bill which will allow Scotland to proceed if necessary to a fresh Scottish Independence Referendum. As part of this draft Referendum Bill they are seeking public consultation … Continue reading

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Indyref2…..Why it may not happen

“Talking up indyref2 is irresponsible economic vandalism. Our country is divided enough – don’t divide us again First Minister”, says Kezia Dugdale. UK Govt is saying only a party majority win in a Holyrood election earns a mandate. “Theresa May … Continue reading

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