And Here is the News where you are


The Evening News
And here is the News where you are.
The Image changes, the News remains the same
Good Evening…. This is Reporting North Britain
It doesn’t matter what’s the headline
The news remains the same
When It comes to Scotland
We will hear the same refrain
Good News will never be the first thing on their mind
Bad News comes first, and never changes, every single time
If It’s bad, it’s worse than you’d imagine
If It’s good, there must be a bad
If it’s sad, It is lamentable
If It’s tragic, they seem glad
If It’s contrary to their wishes
Then that news you will never see
This is the news from Scotland
Find it all on the BBC
If you don’t buy their headline
They will analyse with themselves
This is what our reporter thinks
There’s no room for someone else
They will manipulate their pictures
All their Images are refined
Symbols flashing before your eyes
the subconscious of your mind
In the world of propaganda
The first casualty is the Truth
And if you want to hear that Scotlands bad
Get it first on the Reporting Scotland News!
Rod Macfarlane
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The Bridge


The Bridge
I am the Bridge don’t you know?
And Just So as You Know
I am Scottish not British Ye Ken!
I grew from the mud and the silt of the Forth
with my Towers reaching high to the sky
My elder sisters were here long before I arrived
But now there’s the 3 of us caught the Worlds eye
My Steel cords unwound could circle this Earth
And I’m the best of my type anywhere
My Sails like the ships which travel beneath
Are a beauty which none can compare
And when I shine my lights up into the night
It is Saltires you’ll see should you look
I am proud of my people and pround of this Land
Their Invention and Skill which I took
Many people did come from all the World over
Each playing their part and together
For the Scotland you see when they built me
Welcomes All who will make us be Better.
Rod Macfarlane
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Kezia Quits….. Move the Deck chairs


Ok..What is going on? Only 15 days after this article where Kezia says she is ready to be the next First Minister, and only 2 days since Jeremys disasterous Scottish trip where he stumbled time and time again, showing almost zero knowledge of Scotland…Kezia suddenly out of the blue resigns!

Only a few weeks earlier we also had this in the Times

DIbrtXsW0AAzwvt.jpg large

And Yet tonight we had this from the BBC

Kezia Quits

Call me cynical but I wonder if it could all be to distract from this news on Labours PFI projects which have just come to light..

PFI scandal as Scottish NHS faces £10billion bill for hospitals that cost £2billion

Critics slam the toxic credit scheme introduced by Labour Party that has left health boards with a crippling bill of£7.8bn.

Some  huge questions to be asked on this issue now…and Kezia would have had to answer them.

Or maybe Old Jeremy managed to get her pushed?
DIbisjKXUAAQOTd.jpg large

I guess we might not find out the real story any time soon.
But in the meantime…. Labours Scottish Branch is now looking for its 7th leader (including stand ins) since 2014
Now that really is quite some record for that poisoned chalice.

Who next? Who Knows? For How long? Anybodies Guess.


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The Great Pretenders

Oh Yes…They’re the Great British Pretenders are the British Esablishment, The British Press and Media…. Pretending in their Separatist Racially Exclusive Brexit World that Britain is still Great!
Pretending that they can still hold onto Scotland… Well they can’t, and they won’t … But they will carry on pretending just the same.
They will carry on as they have always done.. putting down Scottish achievements and calling them British, and big upping perceived Scottish failure and giving it a Big Scotland BAD.
They will lie with impunity, and they will lie my omission and commission. And they will pretend that all is well with the Great British Union when it is not, and they will do so kicking and screaming and crying and pleading till the very end.
They will pretend that they are taking back control in Brexit, when in reality they are utterly clueless and selling us all down the river Thames in a Trump shaped Boat Wig called Trumpy McTrump Trumps.

A mild example was given of this today when Gerry Hassan complained of having an article written for the Guardian criticised by Scottish Nationalists… In the article he had been like the rest of the media praising Corbyns visit to Scotland as being a success when It was really only in their dreams.

Gerrys article which you can read in the Guardian, if you have the will to do so can be found on his own site is entitled ” Does the appeal of Corbyn in Scotland hold the keys to Downing Street? ”

And he had this to say about it on Facebook.. “The strange world of Scottish politics: Corbyn in Scotland. This is the piece which united some Corbynistas and some Nats in apoplexy. Corbynistas were furious about the mention of their undermining and want to get rid of Kezia Dugdale; Nats that I had mentioned crowds came out for Corbyn. The original text said: ‘in places crowds’ but this was edited by the Guardian. Anger and rage revealing & almost funny.”

Yes Indeed….. it is almost funny….because there is a very simple example of how the press and media manipulate…   Taking ” In places crowds came out for Corbyn” and editing out “In places”  leaves universally that crowds came out for Corbyn wherever he went, and certainly neither Gerry nor the Guardian edit mention that where there were crowds Jeremy was simply hijacking events like Muslim Evening prayers in the central Mosque in Glasgow, or the Edinburgh fringe…. Hmmm

Oh YES…… They are indeed the Great Pretenders, pretending that they’re doing well.

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Bridging the World

DIYwIxgW0AA6sU5.jpg large

Standing proudly in all its glory the Queensferry Bridge was officially handed over to the Scottish Government and the people of Scotland last night with a spectacular light show on the bridge lighting up the Forth in Saltires.
It is a bridge to be proud of and is a World Record breaker in its achievement.
it is the tallest bridge in the U.K. with tower thats are 208m high
It is the longest freestanding balanced cantilever in the world
It is the largest bridge of its Kind in the World
Its supporting structure under water and embedded under the water and mud to the rock below is larger than the Statue of Liberty and the largest in the World.
Its Steel cables are long enough to circle the circumference of this Earth.
And It rightfully takes its place beside its record breaking sisters built across 3 centuries as an example of Scottish Bridge building.
And to top it all off, It came in only 9 months behind schedule and £245 million UNDER budget!
A remarkable achievement all round and a credit to its workforce which were over 80% Scottish themselves. They can look at it in the years to come and be rightfully proud of their achievement, and say “I built that” to their children and grandchildren.

Today, the first vehicles begin to cross, before being closed again for a few days to let 50,000 Scots walk across the bridge and then the official opening by Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Phillip on September the 4th.

Other than fantastically creating all these World Records and being a structure of great beauty, unfortunately the Queensferry Crossing is also on track for another World record not to be proud of… It is well on the way to creating a World Record in British Hypocrisy.

The Queensferry Crossing which was for many years slagged off as “Alex Salmonds Vanity project” has suddenly become the Andy Murray of all crossings now that is proven to be a World Spectacular world beater. It is not Scottish any more… It is British!
The British Press and Media and Unionist parties are all falling over themselves to lay claim to it.
When the Queen opens the crossing, the Brit Nats will be out in force waving their wee union flags.

Sky News came up with the following..
Take A Look at the British Engineering Triumph

The BBC not to be outdone had a special documentary today hosted by Gordon Brown

Gordon Goes Forth

Gordon must be himself going for a world record…. That of having the Biggest Brass Neck

DIWdPQaW0AAM6za.jpg large

Compare this achievement with British Nationalist Scottish Efforts

DIZEmAZXkAAijo_.jpg large

The SNP tried to put a stop to them as a minority administration in 2007 but no they forced through the Trams fiasco on us, and blocked the SNP from doing at the time what they are now successfully doing, upgrading our motorway networks and the A9.

The cost of their PFI schemes which have been found full of structural faults are costing us every year and for years to come the total cost of the Queensferry Crossing in completion.

During the course of the building of the Queensferry Crossing the Brit Nat Parties have slagged it off at every turn.
Crowing over delays because of repairs and the weather conditions. Crowing over the fact that it has 80% Chinese Steel and asking why not Scottish steel…. Knowing fine well that is they themselves that oversaw the closure and demolition of Ravenscraig and Bathgate ….where once we could have provided ALL the Steel, and the only reason that we could provide the 20% was because the Scottish Government under the SNP stepped in to save what is left of Scottish Steel.

DIaKl6qVoAAEVdC.jpg large

Oh but the British Press, Media and political establishment can now try and steal the credit now as they always do…. This Time Don’t let them…

This project was Inspired In Scotland, Funded in Scotland, and built in Scotland by Scottish workers alongside those other 20% from 24 countries in the World.
It showed what can be done by an Innovative Scotland which is Inclusive and Internationalist in outlook and with further cooperation and good will a Scotland far removed from the Insular Separatist and Racist Union.

The Queensferry Crossing Is Scottish and Proud!

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Really? Really?Really? Would You?


Theresa May has seemingly said that she will stand down as Tory Leader once the Brexit talks have been concluded, so that makes it just short of 2 years from now.

Vying to replace her already are the following.


The betting money at the moment from top political commentators is on Boris or Davis ….But who knows with that lot?

Would you really really really trust any of them to run your business, far less the country? Really….Would you hire them? Any of them?

Of course, we already have the Tories and Labour on election footing expecting the possibility of an early General Election… but that seems to have receded somewhat recently with talks of behind the scenes compromises in the Tory party to keep Theresa in place for the moment. Tory and labour parties in fighting and Brexit….Maybe next year?

In which case these are the main contenders…


Seriously…Would you Really Really Really want this lot in charge of your household budget? Could you afford to leave them unattended in your kitchen?

But these are the choices you will soon be expected to make again.

And if you would not let them anywhere near your drinks cabinet, or be confident they would come back with the correct shopping you sent them for.

Why Why Why?  Are You prepared to think that somehow miraculously Scotland is Better Together with them in the Union?

You seriously want to go on like this?  Are you Nuts?

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Corbyn Cobblers

OOh Ahhh Jeremy Corbyn came up here to Scotland a few days ago with a certain amount of media hype in his sails.
Jeremy was on early election footing and bouncing up here to take back control for Labour, seeing as he couldn’t trust his ineffective Branch office to do it for him.
Fresh from the successful failure of not being beaten as soundly as predicted in the last election and with the Tories almost permanently having a Brexit meltdown, an early general election has been predicted in the political tea leaves. This time Jeremy intends to win back control for Labour, and winning back Scotland is very much part of his plan.

So up he came, with the BBC dutifully following him on his every move, even following him to his first stop as Jeremy did the Western Isles. Well, Stornoway to be exact, the rest of Lewis and the rest of the Western Isles would have to go there to see the white linen suited Labour messiah.

Jeremy has become rather used to the English Momentum movement arranging large turn outs and adulation for him South of the border, would it be repeated here in Scotland we wondered?
What was it about this man who had come from years in the wilderness of the political back benches in Westminster,  brought him against all odds to winning the Labour Leadership and despite fierce opposition from his own MPs, a hostile media, to winning a leadership challenge to coming from nowhere in the polling predictions and be seen as a possibility of being  the next Prime Minister?

The people of Scotland do like an honsest doughty underdog, and the labour party was born here with another down to earth politician in Keir Hardie who also refused to change his dress style or way of speaking to suit a stuffy pompous Westminster, So could Jeremy resonate with us where other London politicians had so often met with disdain?

Keir Hardie Graphics 20158

Unfortunately not,because Jeremy has never been working class and certainly never understood what it was actually like to be poor, nor would he be found working down a coal mine like Keir did.
Indeed while the predominately right wing press and media painted him out to be some revolutionary left wing marxist taking Labour back to the dark ages, Jeremy was no such thing. He is a career back bencher that found himself leader of the Labour party almost by accident, and because ordinary members were so sick of the Tory Lite party it had become under Blair that almost anyone would do.
So No… Jeremy is no revolutionary…although he does sort of play up to the image. He reminds me more of a fictional character played by Robert Lindsay a number of years ago called Wolfie Smith (Citizen Smith) than he does of Hardie.


But here was poor Jeremy trotted out, and from day 1 it was blunder after blunder…
First that racist Momentum video claiming that the SNP had any any option at the time of the last rail franchise to nationalise, and having a go at the Dutch Government sponsored company, all the while completely Ignoring that they also run rail services south of the border.

When he went to the Western Isles, he claimed Labour were going to take back that seat, and would be offering rural initiatives in the UK when in government… Not a squeek though that Corbyns Brexiteering was going to hurt these Highlands and Islands far more than the rest of the UK. These Islands were going to lose out on all of the EU funded projects they had benefited from. The crofters were going to lose out massively with the loss of sheep subsidies. The fishermen and fish farms were going to lose the bulk to their business due to trade restrictions to their main European market. Jeremy is a disaster to them!

He then trotted off to the Central belt to target more SNP seats, not one Tory seat would he contest.
Labour tried to prove they really could actually manage a piss up in a brewery in Glasgow, and failed miserably.
He highlighted homelessness, poverty, and low life expectancy in Glasgow promising Labour would instigate a new Social Housing program when in power. So we can expect them to build 7 new houses if they can get back to power. Last labour Scottish executive built 6.
He of course declined to say that poverty had escalated in these areas of Glasgow during 40 plus years of a Labour council, and labour Governments.

Off he popped to Lanarkshire and protested outside a Job Centre marked for closure but of course made no reference that labour had demonstrated there before during the Indy campaign claiming that  these workers had to vote NO or risk losing their jobs!
They then popped into Liberty steel…. and proudly proclaimed its success, but no mention that the SNP Scots Government had been the ones who had actually saved them of course.

The right wing press were praising his success to the hilt and claiming mass attendances at his appearances, unfortunately the Lie was soon highlighted by Independence Supporters posting up actual pictures of scant attendances.

He claimed all sorts of policy Initiatives, only to discover that they were already been implemented here by the SNP.
So with that failing he criticised the Scots Government for not mitigating against Westminster austerity, when they actually do. He really was on a roll, there was no stopping the Socialist Messiah.

So he topped it all off by stating in an Interview…… and he really did… I had to listen to this 4 times to believe it myself…. that in effect Scotland was a Nation of England! And almost as good…. that Scots Law does not exist! We don’t have our own law.

For someone who wants power over Scotland, he proved he knows nor cares very much about us at all. He is a Fraud!

Power to the people Jeremy…Power to the People!

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