Now is the Time and Now Is the Hour

WELL……Who Saw This Coming?
In a complete U Turn which nobody was expecting..Theresa May decided to call for a Snap Election after all, after repeatedly saying that is what she would not do.
But Why? And Why Now?
Surely NOW IS NOT THE TIME for a divisive General Election? Not if you follow her reasoning for saying exactly the same thing in denying a Scottish Independence referendum in 18 months time.
So Why? and this does not even wait for 18 months…. We have barely 2 months to prepare for it.

The Scottish Council elections take place on May 4th… and Now we have a General Election for June 8th…. It is Madness… Or is it?

The Tories and to a lesser extent Labour, have been using the Council elections as a platform for opposing a Scottish Independence Referendum instead of caring about Local matters. The Tories have even gone as far as threatening a boycott of the Scottish Parliament should the Scottish Government carry out another referendum without Westminsters express permission. And Yet….this surprise announcement trumps it all… It takes us into a completely different stratosphere politically.
What we have now is not only a snap General Election, but in effect a Scottish Independence Referendum too. All within the space of 2 months… It is Scotland v the Tories!
Has the Prime Minister gone Insane? Or is she committing Hari Kari?
Neither I would suggest, at least not from her perspective.

What she has concluded is Now is the time to form an effective political dictatorship over the British Isles.
In recent political times we have seen the madness of Brexit, we have seen hatred and animosity stirred up by her government and the tame State Media against foreigners, refugees, and anyone that doesn’t support the type of Isolationism which they want.
The Separatists as they called us, has actually turned out to be them. They are the ones who are sowing division and discord, nobody else.
She has taken her own brand of xenophobia and is trying to Inflict it on us all.
And what she has looked at is the results of English attitudes in particular which she feels is right with her. She has seen how Trump has operated across the Atlantic, running roughshod over the American constitution and signing presidential executive orders like they were confetti. She has looked at the rise of the far right not only in her own party which has taken all of UKIPs clothes, but also the far right push in Europe with the likes of Le Penn in France being taken seriously. She has seen Turkey being turned into a dictatorship and she wants some of that for herself. She has already tried to circumvent parliament in Westminster by denying debate on Brexit, only to be overruled by the Supreme Court…yet that didn’t stop her rushing the whole Brexit bill through both Houses of Parliament with barely a murmur being allowed to be raised against her.
But more than anything she has seen an opportunity in the polls….
With the polls now showing the Torys 21% ahead of a Labour party in disarray in England, she sees this as an Ideal opportunity to strengthen Tory rule over All.
Not just for the next 5 Years, but long into the future.

With a Tory win by a much larger majority in Westminster, followed by another Labour leadership contest, she has things just how she likes and wants them… and if she gets her way… there will be damn all that anyone can do about it.
A huge majority, will also mean that she can plonk Scotland in her back pocket and deny every effort to oppose her. She can even scrap huge chunks of devolution by grabbing more and more power back to Westminster.
And finally…. It gives her, her own personal Mandate as Prime Minister.

So it is not Madness from her perspective, but it is a Huge calculated political risk.
It is the political equivalent of putting All her money on Black No.10 on the spin of a roulette wheel… If It comes up…. She gets the whole pot and shooting match.

The risks are massive…. She is banking on a Huge Majority of Support in England to see her safely back in power and with a huge mandate to do as she likes.
The Polls tell her that she will get that.

But the major risk is that Scotland uses this opportunity as a de facto Independence referendum and breaks up her precious Union.
So given that possibility, again….Why Now?
Well she knows full well that Scotland will go ahead with another Independence referendum, and she knows full well that there is very little she can do to prevent that.
So by choosing this course of action now…. she preempts the build up to one, and before people fully realise the real effects and implications of Brexit. Before even more Scots move from NO to Yes..
She figures that the Scots opinion polls are marginally on her side at the moment, but she knows full well they wont stay that way. By calling this Election now, she hopes to prevent a further massive increase in Independence support like what happened over the 1st Indyref campaign.

But lets show her just how wrong she is.  Lets really get motoring and Kick every single last Unionist politician out of Scotland, Including that useless Tory oaf Mundell.
It is time to take our Country back…. It is time to get rid of toxic Tory policies against the Poor, the disabled, the workers, our NHS staff, and get rid of policies like the Rape Clause, The Bedroom Tax, Sanctions, and disgraceful ill treatment of the elderly , the ill and the disabled…

Mrs May….Your Time is UP!

For Now is Our Time, and this Is Our Hour to take our Country Back.

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Scotland Council Elections by Area

As a matter of Interest I decided to investigate the number of candidates the main parties were putting up for election in total and by area. To see if I could have some clue where the parties themselves thought was the best places that they were placed to get seats, and how much effort and support they had to actually put forward for seats.
Some areas, are particularly hard to work out because of a mixture of historical Independent candidates, and Independent candidates who really belong or have been affiliated to a main party but have been deselected or dare not nail their true colours to the mast.

But here goes… from the top

Shetland: 24 seats up for grabs

SNP Contesting: 1…and they have already been elected as there were only 3 seats available in his ward and only 3 contestants.

Torys: 2

No other parties putting up candidates, all remaining are Independents

Orkney: 17 Seats
Green: 2
No other major parties.

Western Isles: 23 Seats

SNP: 7 standing
Labour: 0 Standing…. former Labour are now putting themselves forward as Independents.
Torys: 3 contesting….now reduced to 2… As candidate has been disowned for posting a pile of Britain First Racist material, and wanting to put a bag over Nicola Sturgeons head and stick a cattle prod up her bahookie

Onto the Scottish Mainland
                               I will take these areas in Alphabetical Order

Aberdeen City
45 Seats

SNP: Standing 25
Tory: 14
Labour: 20
Green: 7
There are also a couple of National front and 1 UKIP standing in the City.

Unionist advantage…. 50 candidates to 32 Indy
As is the case in many Wards though across the country…SNP candidates outnumber individual Unionist parties 2-1 sometimes 3-1
So coming out in numbers to vote is highly important! As is SNP 1,2/3 and Green and other Indy in ward at 3 or 4 etc….putting Lib dems/Labour/Tory at the bottom to reduce their chances.
Some are getting confusing messages from different sources….saying only vote for SNP and leave the rest blank… DO this if you really must… but preferably give your other votes to Greens, SSP, and Independents you know for sure are not closet Unionists. But even they rank above the Torys!
Lending votes to other pro Indy parties will not in any way harm the SNP if you rank them after them.. and you may actually end up giving seats to the Greens which otherwise would go to Labour or Tory. Strengthening Coalition possibilities to stop the Torys/Labour/Lib Dems joining up to hijack councils like last time!


  70 Seats

SNP: 34
Green: 5

28 Seats

SNP: 15
Tory: 9
LDs: 8
Greens: 0

Argyll and Bute
33 Seats

SNP: 15
A lot of Independents in what has been a troubled Council recently


Edinburgh City
63 seats

SNP: 28
Labour: 23
LDs: 18
Green: 17
This is the first area where we find Greens contesting every single ward.

18 seats

SNP: 11
Labour: 9
LDs: 4
Green:5…..Greens again contesting every single ward.

Dumfries and Galloway
39 Seats

SNP: 17
LDs: 3
Green: 6…..Twice as many Green candidates than Liberal Democrats in this area.

29 Seats

SNP: 16
Labour: 11
LDs: 11
Green: 6

East Ayrshire
32 Seats

SNP: 18……. SNP standing 2 Candidates for every Ward in East Ayrshire.
Labour: 12
LDs: 0 …..NO Liberal Democrats running in East Ayrshire at all
Green: 4

East Dumbartonshire
22 Seats

SNP: 12
LDs: 6
Green: 7
Here is an area where SNP voters giving Greens 3rd preference could pay dividends

  East Lothian
22 Seats

SNP: 11
Labour: 12…..and here is the first time Labour put forward more candidates than the SNP
LibDems: 6
Green: 5

East Renfrewshire
18 seats

SNP: 7
Tory:9….Tories outstrip the SNP again in what is traditionally good Tory harvest area
Labour: 7
LDs: 4
Green: 2
UKIP putting in their biggest appearance so far in an area with 4 candidates

30 Seats

SNP: 15
Tory: 9
Labour: 13
LDs: Another area with zero LD representation.
Green: 9……Greens match the Torys in candidates in Falkirk!

75 seats

SNP: 46…..Strong SNP representation on old Broons territory of Fife
Tory: 23
Labour: 38
LDs: 26…..Strongest LD representation yet….Wullie Rennies patch
Green:23  And Greens contesting every Ward in Fife
Should be an Interesting area to watch

83 Seats
Can Labour finally get kicked out of Glasgow? To lose their prime fiefdom could be a fatal Blow.

SNP: 56….With 56 candidates the SNP are certainly going for it in Big Style…There are 3 candidates per Ward in the vast majority of them.
Tory: 22
Labour: 41
LDs: 19
Green: 22
There are a fair smattering of others ….Including TUSC,UKIP,SLP, Solidarity and SSP

                                             60 seats

SNP: 22
Tory: 17
Labour: 14
LDs: 16
Green: 6
The vast majority of candidates across the Highlands are Independents of one type or another.

21 seats

SNP: 12
Tory: 7
Labour: 9
LDs: 7
Green: No Green representation in Inverclyde.
In what used to be a Labour Stronghold, but where Inverclyde were about 50/50 between YES and NO in 2014 and are now represented by the SNP in Holyrood and Westminster… It should be interesting to see what happens with the council

18 Seats

SNP: 12
Tory: 6
Labour: 10
LDs: 2
Green: 6
SNP again standing 2 candidates per ward

23 Seats

SNP: 13
Tory: 7
Labour: 1
LD’s: 3
Green: 2
Keep an eye on this area…. Moray was the only area in Scotland which was close to a dead heat between Remain and Leave in the Brexit vote..Large Armed forces influence in this area.

                                    North Ayrshire
                                        33 Seats

SNP: 19
LD’s: Another area without any LibDems.
Green: 3
This area is of Interest for a couple of reasons… Labour and Tory voters ganged up in a Bye Election to keep Nicola Sturgeons father out recently. Robert Sturgeon is standing again this time.
Also this area,particularly around Kilwinning has a strong traditional Orange Loyalist presence, hence why UKIP are in evidence in this area.

North Lanarkshire
73 Seats

This area has had major scandals and political ruckuses which are still going on.
The Labour council here is notorious for cronyism and all sorts of dubious practices. Unfortunately the SNP have not had the best of times recently either.
So goodness knows what will happen here?

SNP: 45
Labour: 42
LDs: 0
Green: 9
This area also has the strongest UKIP presence yet with 6
But also there is RISE,SSP and a host of Independents who were Labour, and also some SNP who were disaffected.

Perth and Kinross
42 Seats

SNP: 23
Tory: 19
Labour: 6……lets say Labour don’t feel confident about here… traditionally this area is a bun fight like Stirling between SNP and the Tories…. It will be interesting to see in the Tory anti referendum strategy will have an effect here?
LDs: 12
Green: 11

43 seats

SNP: 24
Labour: 22
LD’s: 10
Green: 12

33 Seats

SNP: 13….not an area the SNP expects to do particularly well in I would Imagine
Tory: 18
Labour: 8
LD’s: 9
Green: 7

South Ayrshire
28 Seats

Tory: 12
Labour: 9
LDs: Zero
Green: 1

South Lanarkshire
60 Seats

SNP: 37
Labour: 29…..largest concentration of candidates at 3 is in Larkhall
LDs: 20
Green: 19

23 Seats

This is one of these Councils where SNP has largest party but Labour and Torys conspired to keep them out by joining forces…better together and all that.

SNP: 14
Labour: 10
LD’s: 6
Green: 7

West Dumbartonshire

Seats 22

SNP: 13
Tory: 6
Labour: 12
LD’s: 1
Green: 1

West Lothian
33 Seats

SNP: 21
Tory: 9
Labour: 16
LD’s: 8
Green: 8

So the SNP are standing a grand total of 616 Councillors across Scotland
The Tories are standing 369
Labour are standing 442
Libdems are standing 232
Greens are standing   223

As usual…the most important thing is to get the vote out!
If you want to help create change then you will have to get off your bahookie and do your bit…. Even if you do nothing else, make sure that ALL your vote counts!
Don’t be lazy and do the bare minimum… We all have a chance to radically change the face of Scottish politics here….and who knows even our nation itself.

Get to it!

P.s….. Check out these independents…not All are how they would seem!

I know a lot of people are still in a state of confusion as to how this system works, and how to get the most out of it. It is not helpful when there is also conflicting messages coming from different parties and sources.

But here is one last stab at explaining it from me…

In Your WARD…… there are 3 Seats Available, but 8 Candidates standing.
You are asked to write down your preferences from 1-6  in order of preference.
You don’t need to put all of them down, you can list as few or as many preferences as you like.

But lets say you do something like this…
Your first preference goes to your favourite candidate
SO. preference 1 is….  Bannana party candidate 1
2. is ….Bannana party candidate 2
Ok….so you leave it at that….you don’t want to vote for anybody else..
Ahh….but even if Banna Party gets both candidates in…. you have no say as to who the third candidate for your Ward is…….And Beejeesus….It goes to the horrible Nasty Party!!

whereas you could have voted thus….
1. Bannana Party Candidate 1
2.Bannana Party Candidate 2
3.Lime Green Party
4.Slimy Orange party
5.Poison apple party candidate 2
6.Poison apple party candidate 1
7.Horrible Nasty party candidate 2
8. Horrible Nasty party candidate 1

See what you have done there? You have used your lower rankings to register your disapproval…and you have put these candidates in reverse order…so that there is less chance of them getting their preferred candidate in.

When it comes to the Count itself…. it is counted in Rounds…
Round 1…… Sees everyones 1st preference taken…
And Hallelujah…. Banana party candidate 1 has got over the line and is elected.
their surplus votes then go to be added to Banana party candidate 2s votes in the next round.
Round 2…..sees Yabbadabadooo   Banana party candidate 2 being elected…..but as there is no Banana party candidate 3 for their votes to be transferred to…..there is none of their excess votes to be carried on…… That is it for the Banana party….they have got both their candidates selected.
Round 3 votes  are then collected…… If you put no preference past 1 and 2….you have no say in this round… So you are done…
However if you did make a preference……what happens?
It turns out that Poison Apple Party Candidate has the most votes….but not sufficient to get them over the line.. So no candidate is selected in this round of counting and it goes to round 4
Round 4..sees peoples 4th preferences added to the total….
And guess what…… when preferences for round 3 and 4 are added together….
The Lime Green Party has overtaken the Poison Apple Party Candidate 1 and what is more they have got over the finishing line percentage and are elected!!

Now if you and your pals had stopped voting after your 2nd preferences…. Then Poison apple party candidate would have got the 3rd and final seat in your ward.
so the result would have been…

1. Banana Party
2.Banana Party
3. Poison Apple party

But you all kept voting so…. it turns out…
1.Banana Party
2.Banana party
3. Lime Green Party

Now say similar results were to be had across every ward in your area….
Collectively you have dumped both Poison Apple and Nasty Horrible Party to oblivion…. and even if the Banana Party do not have the majority in your council you have prevented…. Poison Apple and Nasty Horrible partys from joining forces to run the council…. Instead you have your mates in the Lime Green Party to help give you the Majority!!!   YAY!!!!!!!

A useful tool to find out what prospective Councillors are standing in your area is found here..
Check it out!

Scottish Council Candidates and Wards

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Complete Disrespect of Scotland

The Council elections have been completely hijacked by the Tory and Labour Unionist parties. For them it is all about another Scottish referendum or the denial of one. Both of them are touting for Unionist votes and claiming that if you elect their Counselors they will Stop another Referendum. Apart from being an out and out lie, as counselors do not have the power to either deny or even grant a referendum, they make nothing whatsoever of what local people need in their own communities.
Council elections are supposed to be about policys with regard to things like Local Services, Waste collection and disposal, Social Services, Child welfare, local education policy, Special needs, Parks and Cemeteries, Housing, Homeless provision and a whole lot more.
But are they talking about any of these? No..they are banging on about Stopping a Scottish Referendum.
This is a total disrespect of everyone, be they supporters of an Independent Scotland or be they Union supporters…. Nobody is served by this outrageous campaigning.
It is also the gravest disrespect to the Will of the Scottish Electorate and the parliament it voted for. A parliament these parties are participants in.
The Scottish Parliament recently voted by a majority to pursue another referendum, and whether you are in agreement or not with that decision, the parliament represents all the people of Scotland and the electorate voted for a majority of Independence supporting representatives. This is democracy and in order for a democracy to exist, we must at least agree to abide by it.
That is not to say that these Unionist parties cannot campaign against Scotland voting for Independence, of course they can, that question is not in doubt.
What they should not be doing is hijacking Council elections for that purpose.

Unfortunately, like it or not, that is how these Council elections will now be played out. So much for serving you and I, these Unionist parties care for nobody but for their own small ends.
Ask of each and every representative of all parties how they intend to serve you locally and what their local policies are. If they cannot give you a reasonable account of themselves on local matters….Show them the door….
If they say they are using their platform to oppose a 2nd referendum tell them to take a hike and don’t stop until they reach Westminster.

Since when did Labour cease to be Internationalist and become divisive Unionists?
Since when did the Tory party care what you think?
You only matter to them both as voting fodder…don’t let them kid you otherwise.
Vote for those parties who actually want the best for the people of Scotland
But vote most of all for who you think will best represent your wishes locally.
That is what Council elections are supposed to be for!

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STV Voting made Simple

The Council elections use STV, Single Transferable vote. Which means that you get to select your preferences in order of preference…From the most preferred at No.1 to your Least preferred as last preference.

You don’t need to use up all your preferences…you can choose not to go past your top preferences and just leave the rest blank… But that may play into the hands of those you don’t want later.. So USE ALL Your preferences…even if it means giving last preferences to those you don’t want. It doesn’t work in their favour, but works against them.

SNP 123…Green 4, SSP 5,  Libdem 6, Lab 7, Tory/UKIP 8

In places where Independents are running…. place them in front of Unionist parties and behind Indy supporting ones..


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No to YES

It is not my profession, but regularly to keep fit I do some store merchandising and shop fitting.
Why do I mention this? Simply to relate a little antidote from my travels.
Pre the 2014 #Indyref I had been away with a bunch of scots blokes to do a refit somewhere in England. The subject of the referendum barely raised its head, the guys were far more interested in talking about the footie than any referendum.
On the one occasion that I did hear them discuss it, they to a man said that they would be voting NO, and I assume that is exactly what they did.

Over the past 10 days I have been in the English midlands with 10 of these blokes, fitting out a brand new store. On this occasion, there was the usual footie talk, but intermingled with it was lots of talk about a new referendum, and they had certainly been doing their homework on it. But what is more, to a man they were All going to vote YES this time, and they were extremely determined in that opinion.
What changed their minds? I really couldn’t say to be exact, there wasn’t one thing that particularly stood out, but more a whole variety of reasons.
Individually they had been having discussions with their friends, and they had been doing their homework.

Now these guys range in age from 26 to 60, and all come from different backgrounds.
If there was one feeling these mostly former labour voters had in common, it was utter disillusionment with Labour, Westminster, and outrage over what was being done to the working man, the poor, the unemployed, the disabled, by successive Westminster governments which did not at all reflect their values.
The other being that they no longer believed the lies being spun by unionist British nationalists.
They felt that Scotland had not only been ripped off by the Vow and such like, but had been ripped off for the duration that Scotland had been in the Union.

They had more than their fill of the Tories, Labour, UKIP, and the LibDems, who they considered to be utter shysters. It was time that Scotland grew a pair, and stood up to be counted.
The language often used was somewhat more robust than that, and I really couldn’t repeat much of what they said and keep this article within the bounds of polite language.

They were Angry, they are determined, and this time… they will vote differently.

!0 NO’s have turned into 10 determined YES’s , and they are taking no Bullshit from the Media or the Unionist Press or the Unionist politicians..

No to YES…. requires engagement, discussion, comparisons and bloody determination..

The rabidly fixated Unionists will never budge, but the working man and woman with no axe to grind on that score…are all there for the persuading… Talk to them wherever you meet them…

NO WILL BECOME YES come the time and day.

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Mandates for Dummies


Well what a week it has been…
May comes to Glasgow and meets with  Nicola Sturgeon in a wee hotel room, says nothing of any significance and sods off to do photo opportunities with the polis and then off to some place her government said in its press release is called East Kilbridge.
Nobody in Scotland knows where such a place exists, and Mays government knowledge of Scotland is such that they couldn’t care less what we Scots think, and will rename the Country to be called Maidenheid, after Thersa May in announcing in the Commons today as she actioned Article 50, announced that the views of the people of Scotland was of no more significance than her Maidenhead constituency.

On Tuesday we had the resumption of the #Scotref bill and debates in Holyrood..
Ruth the Mooth told wee Nicola, hey ya wee gobshite shut it and sit down! Heel!!
Ruth and all her Tory chums said Nicola has no Mandate!
Kezia..never to miss a trick, and always say what her bestie Roof says.. said Nicola has no Mandate.
Wee Willie Winkie… said Nicola has no Mandate
And The man who has never won an election ever.. despite hogging a well paid seat in Holyrood since its inception.. Murder Fraser…said……  Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah…. Nicola cannae get a date on the Man date dating site!!

OOh they had such fun comparing mandates they did..

The Lib Dumbs, The Slavering Slabs, and the LavaTory parties got the band back together again and sang/barked discordantly “You don’t get referendums cos your part of the Union”   ” Oh Mandate, we miss you today oh Mandate”  ” Oh Weeds of Scotand”
” Sweet 16″ or 17…you don’t get a vote”  ” God Save our gracious May”  and various parodies of Foreigner songs..

But No…contrary to reports they are only unofficially getting the Band back Together, so the rumour that they were officially reforming and changing their name from “Better Together” to “New Direction” is entirely untrue… the Only New Direction that they are going together is down the cludgie, out of Scotland and out of Europe.

Anyway…enough of that….back to business..

They all collectively came out with the same old guff…
Scotland voted in 2014 and said No…. and Alex Fishface had PROMISED that there would not be another referendum for a generation! SO… the people of Scotland had voted and that was that!
Only problem being as we all well know… Is that Alex Salmond said … “In my opinion, and it is just my opinion, this is a once in a generation opportunity for Scotland.”
And for those that doubt…. I have directly quoted from an article in the Torygraph ( and we all know how they are massive fans of Independence) on 14th September 2014.
So this bullshit that they keep shouting from the rooftops…. is par for their course…utter bollox! It was no promise, It was not set in stone… it was an OPINION!

But Yes… they are right… the people of Scotland voted NO in 2014, because sufficient people wanted to believe their rubbish.. Sufficient people were bullied into thinking they would lose their jobs, sufficient people believed HMRC jobs would be safe in Theresa Mays East Kilbridge, sufficient pensioners were terrified by raving Labour supporters bussed in from down South, that they were going to lose their pensions, sufficient dockers believed the 13 frigates story, sufficient people believed that only by voting NO could they be assured of Scotland staying in the EU, and sufficient people believed the VOW on the front page of the Record. Yes the majority voted NO, but under a false contract!

Imagine for one moment if you will….

You are buying a used car….the salesman miss sells you it…promising it has been completely customised to your expectations, has numerous great new added benefits and runs like a dream … It even comes to you with comprehensive 5 year insurance and free road tax and a years supply of petrol..
Great says you… I will buy it… you sign the contract and the car is yours..
You don’t even get to drive it out of the forecourt before it terminally breaks down and is a write off..
whats more you discover that all the supposed add ons do not exist, The Insurance is worthless because in the small print the word “normally” has been included. It has road tax, but it only covers tractors, and the years supply of petrol is not free, but comes at the price of twice its market value.
Hey says You….. You sold me a pile of junk and totally misrepresented it… I demand my consumer rights and want my money back!
Sorry says the salesman… you bought it sight unseen… and signed on the dotted line a waver which says… you have no recourse for any faults and if you have been daft enough to believe the salesmans patter..hell mend you!
The contract stands…. now jog on!!!

That is the attitude that bunch of free loading lickspittles are taking to you and the democratically elected by you…Scottish Government.. In effect..they are ALL telling you… Sod Off…. We don’t care if you were sold a heap of rubbish… We don’t care that we were the ones that sold you it. We don’t care that you have elected this government to speak on your behalf and do your bidding.. We DO NOT RECOGNISE ITS AUTHORITY! As one Tory MSP actually had the temerity to admit on Scottish Television..

To sum up on Mandates..

The SNP may have lost their overall majority in seats.. it was a miracle they ever had such, given the parliament is designed so no party is supposed to be able to have that.
They did however increase their percentage of overall votes to a record number in the parliament. So they are the majority party.

The Torys, the Lib Dems and Labour….have NO such mandate for anything.
Neither for that matter have the Scottish Greens.
A mandate is only supposed to be enforceable if you have the governing party.
Whatever the other parties have put in their manifestos, they are not bound by. They are free to respond to whatever proposed legislation the governing party put forward in whatever way they like. So the attack by them on the Greens is nonsense!

The SNP had a very definite Mandate as they are the party of Government and in their Manifesto which they asked the Scottish populace to vote on,… the following words were absolutely clear in black and white… ‘The Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum…if there is a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014, such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will.’

All of them…. All the SNP and the Scottish Greens… spoke in a very clear, concise manner, laying out why they were voting to have another Scottish referendum so soon.
Not even the SNP would have been relishing it this early on, they and all of us could really do with a wee break before plunging back in again.. But they were left with the choice because of the intransigence and downright refusal of the Westminster government to engage in any meaningful way whatsoever to attempt to reach compromise that would allow the wishes of the 62% majority of Scottish people to remain in Europe… if not in the EU at least in the Single market… But No Dice!
They All said….. we want this opportunity in a referendum, not for the sake of our names, not for party policy, but so that ALL the people of Scotland can have a voice and it will be their choice, not ours… The People Must Be Allowed to have their Say!
We are being brought out against the Democratic wish of the majority of the people of Scotland and that is just simply not acceptable.

What did Theresa May say….. “Now is Not the Time”
In fact her puppet Scottish Secretary immediately went further and suggested that it could be shoved back until past 2021

Even on the Day when the Article 50 was handed over, the Scottish Torys, Labour and Lib Dems were still Refusing to accept that the Scottish Government has a Mandate..
That is utterly repugnant that they should have such scant regard for democracy, and they should all resign their seats in the Scottish parliament for they are there under false pretenses if they do not adhere to its Sovereignty on behalf of the people of Scotland.

Not Now… This is not the time, says Maggie May and her bunch of self serving megalomaniacs ….  YES NOW….. YES WE WILL….. Now maybe not the time quite yet…but in the time scale set out by our parliament!

In Scotland……The People are Sovereign! Never forget that!

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Referendum Safeguarding

As seems a distinct possibility, Scotland will sometime in the not too distant future be faced with another Independence referendum. This time as a matter of resolving Scotlands status with the rest of the UK and the EU.
Given that to all intents and purposes the UK government will be heading for a hard Brexit which not only is in opposition to the express will of the majority of Scots who voted to remain in the EU at the time of the UK European exit referendum, and also given that the subsequent stance of the UK government seems hell bent on taking us out of the Single Market too. Scotland is left with no choice but to have a referendum on Independence in order for our Countries express will to be known.

The circumstances of the time of the 2014 referendum have markedly changed, and promises made to the Scots people at that time have assuredly not been met.
Primarily the promise made that voting NO would be the only way that Scots could guarantee remaining in the EU, and the threat that voting YES would remove us from it.

Our elected representatives in the Scottish government since the time of the Brexit vote have made every effort to find some way which would allow the Brexit part of the UK in England and Wales to do so, but allowing Scotland at a minimum to be represented in the Brexit negotiations with a view to coming to a compromise which would allow Scotland to remain in the EEA. ALL such efforts have met with intransigence and rebuff from the Tory westminster government.

Given that the majority opinion of Scotlands views in this matter and every other matter can be so routinely ignored, it gives an out and out lie to the vow made that Scotland is an equal and valued partner in the UK made by the British states representatives and supporters at that time. It makes the Brexiteers 350million pound for the NHS lie at the time of the Brexit referendum seem like chicken feed.

It is to be expected that having come so close to losing last time round that westminster will do all it can to resist such a referendum, but they cannot deny us, they can and will attempt to stall it. It will happen, and we will see the beginning of the process this week.

The question therefore moves on from whether there will be a referendum to that of who will have control and oversight of it?
What can be assured however that Westminster will again insist on the Electoral Commission to have oversight, and we can probably be assured that will indeed be the case.
However, given the issues in some quarters of the dubiety involved in the last referendum we should be pressing the Scottish Government to make representation to the EU for EU monitors to oversee the whole process. Particularly given that the question of Scotland remaining or leaving the EU hangs in the balance.
Given also that the negotiations between the UK government and the EU will have come to near their end by the time a Scots referendum takes place, the EU can rightly ask as part of the negotiations to observe the referendum. With both Electoral Commission and EU monitors we can be assured somewhat more about the whole conduct of the campaign and the referendum itself.

Below is an example of EU monitoring of elections

Helping countries to run free and fair elections is an important component of the European Union’s external relations policy. Support includes the provision of technical assistance to electoral authorities and domestic non-partisan observers, as well as the deployment of EU election observation missions (EU EOM). These are organised by the European Commission with funding from the Union’s budget, and made up of experts and observers from Member States.

EU election observation missions do not just serve to assess election days but also observe the whole electoral process as a way of gauging the state of democratic development in a given country at a particular time. The EOMs can recommend measures for improvements to a country’s electoral processes. In addition to observing and reporting on the elections, the presence of EU observers can also enhance transparency and confidence in the process. They can also prevent conflict by deterring violence and help to keep a lid on fraud.

EU election observation is based on the principles of independence, impartiality, transparency, long-term observation and professionalism.

The EU has been active in election observation since 1993, although it also provided technical assistance to electoral processes as part of its general aid programmes prior to this date. In 2000, the Commission developed a standard methodology for election observation. This covers all phases of the election cycle: pre-election, election day, and immediate post-election.

EU election observation missions do not interfere in the organisation of the election itself, but collect and analyse factual information concerning the election process, and provide an independent public assessment. Since 2000, the EU has deployed 67 missions involving the participation of over 4 000 experts and observers.

How does the EU EOM proceed?

All EOMs are required to respect the following stages:

Selection of priority countries
The Commission identifies a number of countries where an EU EOM could be deployed, in consultation with the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament.
Exploratory mission
A mission is sent to the country to assess whether deploying an EU EOM is advisable, feasible and useful. The exploratory mission should also advise what conditions must be fulfilled by the host government in order for the EOM to be able to operate fully and credibly. The exploratory mission also proposes implementation arrangements.
Selection of the mission chief, core team experts and observers
After deciding to deploy a mission, the Commissioner appoints a chief observer, normally a member of the European Parliament. The experts of the EU EOM Core team are chosen on the basis of their experience from a pool of experts that the Commission has compiled based on a call for interest posted on its website.
Observers are picked by the Commission from a selection of candidates proposed by Member States. The European Parliament may also decide to send a separate delegation to observe the elections. This parliamentary delegation works closely with the chief observer and does not issue a separate assessment.
Mission deployment
After the exploratory mission has made its recommendations, the EOM is deployed. The number of long and short-term observers in each mission largely depends on the size of the country and the number of polling stations that should or can be covered.
Observation period
The elections are assessed against international standards, regional commitments undertaken by the host country and national laws.

The methodology developed in 2000 considers that when assessing the validity of an election, EU observers must consider all the relevant factors that affect the electoral process, including:

  • The degree of impartiality shown by the election management body.
  • The degree of freedom of political parties, alliances and candidates to organise, move, assemble and express their views publicly.
  • The fairness of access to state resources made available for the election.
  • The fairness of access for political parties, alliances and candidates to the media, in particular the state media.
  • The registration of voters without discrimination on the basis of gender and racial or ethnic origin.
  • Any other issue that concerns the essential freedom and fairness of the election.
  • The conduct of polling and counting of votes as described in the electoral law.

A preliminary statement is then presented by the chief observer at a press conference shortly after election day (usually one or two days hence).

A final report contains the EOM’s conclusions and recommendations regarding the whole electoral process. It is delivered within a month of the EOM ending its activities on the ground. This report gives guidance for electoral reform and possible future assistance.

Let us all prevail upon the Scottish Government to ask for such assistance!

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