Unionists are Not Unionists

It may seem a strange thing to say, but unionists are not unionists.
Whatever they may be, or whatever they think they are, what they are decidedly not is Unionist.
Many residents of Scotland when asked how they identify themselves, will say ” I am Scottish and British” , others may say ” I am British first and foremost”
If one identifies oneself as being British first, or solely as being British, then it stands to reason that even if they will also Identify as being Scots, their allegiance is to the Union and the British State before and above any other consideration.
They may have been born in Scotland, they may have lived all their life in Scotland, but when it comes to their first priority that is not to Scotland but to the UK.
Being British, their country is Britain, even though there is no such Country but a Unified State.
When they tell you that they are against Independence but are proud Scots they are talking utter bunkum. When they go along to Hampden or Murrayfield for Scotland matches against England, and sing ever so lustily Flower of Scotland it means as little to them as singing Baa Baa Black Sheep… Oh yes they may want our neighbours to lose the match, but that is just regional competition as far as they are concerned. Its like Dundee v Dundee Utd.. We can still rise now and be a Nation again is just utter rubbish as far as they are concerned, and a tad hypocritical when they sing it.

But if they value the Union above all else, how can they not be Unionists?
Quite simply, their political allegiances are with Westminster, and what is decided there takes priority over whatever the majority of Scots wish for.
Take the Brexit vote as an instance. A clear majority of Scots in every single area of Scotland voted to remain with the EU. Their argument is that it was a UK referendum so it is immaterial if the majority of Scots voted to remain, therefore it is quite ok that Scots wishes be discarded. Scotland voted to remain in the UK so therefore Scotland must simply accept without demur exit from the EU. The fact that we were all told prior to the independence referendum that Scotland was a valued and equal partner in the UK, we are just supposed to forget that now. Forget consultation, forget finding acceptable compromise to take into account Scots wishes. Brexit is Brexit and it is a Red White and Blue Brexit.
That is not a Union, that is Submission.
Under these circumstances, there is no such thing as a Union, so therefore Unionists are not Unionists. When push comes to shove, Scotland does not count.
They will not readily admit it, but what they are is Nationalists, and they are the worst kind of Nationalist at that. Not civic Nationalist like Scots Independence supporters but the other kind which has wrecked havoc across the globe. They associate more readily like we have seen Theresa May doing, with the Trumps and Le Pens of this world.

In recent times we have seen the likes of Davidson, Dugdale and Rennie and our solitary Tory MP Mundell all having argued to Remain in the EU, and all of them supporting the Scottish Government after the Brexit vote in endeavouring to seek every possible solution which would allow Scotland to remain in the UK and the EU, before all of them doing a complete U turn when it became evident that Theresa May and her Cabinet were just not going to seriously entertain finding a solution.
At which point they all lost their conscience and principles and did a fast about turn, because with no chance of May and her Tories budging an iota Scottish Independence was back on the table.
Forget showing a united front and putting Westminster under real pressure to find a solution, they all bowed to their respective London Party leaders to do their bidding. Forget serving the people of Scotlands  majority views and standing up for them, the Union comes first. Their own political self interest and country comes first, and that country is not Scotland.

A Union where every single Scottish MP, albeit only 1 Lib Dem, 1 Tory and 1 Labour amongst them all voted bar one against Brexit can never win a vote, is no Union at all.
Every single MP could be a Scottish Nationalist, and Scots voices would never be listened to. That is Subjugation not Union.

Those that adhere to such a thing are not Unionists whatever ever else they might be , and they do not serve Scottish Interests when they advocate the opposite of the Scottish popular view.

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Make the journey

Some people have not made made it across to my new blog.
So here it is for you… give it a  like and follow for fresh updates..

Phoenix Rising

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Bliadhna Mhath Ur

Happy New Year….and Goodbye from here.

As from tomorrow you may find me at Phoenix Rising

All the Very Best for 2017

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Should Auld Acquaintance be forgot

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!

All things must pass, and pass they will.
As we see out 2016 and bring in the new of 2017 this blog comes to its own conclusion after 5 years and 2 months and 450 blog posts.
As the old year must pass to let the new year come in, so too with Auld Acquaintance.
But as Burns poem, auld acquaintance shall not be forgot, and it will remain here for any who wish to refer to it.

It has been quite some journey these past 5 years, and I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read or contribute with their comments. You have all been appreciated me. Apart from one Unionist who took massive exception to something I had written, and he went onto a massive 1 page comment rant spouting a whole load of garbage.. I hope he felt the better for it, but would have been disappointed to find that I moderate who gets to comment, and his diatribe didn’t see the light of day on these pages.

On the more positive side, many of your comments have encouraged me to keep going, particularly when I was like many suffering from burn out and disappointment post September 14.. So thank you for that.

Whilst this blog is soon to be no more updated, it only remains for me to wish you all well and to wish you all that you could wish for yourselves in the coming year.
Auld Acquaintance shall be no more, but like Scottish Independence, having seen one battle gone, the fight for it still remains, only it takes a different shape.
Like the phoenix rises from the ashes, so too shall this blog.
In the New Year a new one will take its place, and I will leave notice of it here come the time.

As a new campaign replaces the old YES campaign, a new blog replaces this one.
A New Year, the fight goes on…and as in the Declaration of Arbroath, as long as a 100 0f us remain, shall always go on, and there are a heck of a lot more than a 100 of us now!

So I am signing out of here now, with all good wishes to you.
Have a guid New Year when it comes.

And there’s a hand, my trusty fere!
And gie’s a hand o thine!
And we’ll tak a right gude-willie waught,
For auld lang syne

Slainte Mhath


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Away from the manger (A True Story)

Wishing all of my good friends and readers of this blog one last Happy Christmas before Auld Acquaintance ceases to be in the New Year.
I hope you all have a wonderful time and enjoy the festive season, but remember to spare a thought for those less fortunate at this time of year, particularly those caught out in the cold and in these elements, where joy and festivities is a long ago dream in their nightmare world.

This is a true story from a number of years back, but the scene will still be repeated somewhere else tonight.

Many blessings and good wishes to you all

Away from the Manger ( A true story)

I looked upon a homeless man
trying to get some sleep
Lying on broken cardboard
beside a rubbish skip
While all around in the big hotel
all had comfort for the night
His head it lay on concrete
and dreamed of fire light

It was a cold cold night December
And the city shone like a Christmas tree
From the pubs and clubs rang merriment
People drunk on debauchery
Down by the river bank,I heard the sound of song
Carols drifting in the night
about some child and heavenly throng
And that we should see some light

The man looked in my direction
and saw me standing there
Then he pleaded with me
In the words of his despair
“Please don’t move me on from here
it’s the only shelter I can find
The night is cold and it’s turned to snow
behind this cardboard I can hide”

Somewhere else a fight broke out
Raised voices,angry stares
Some girl she screamed
upon the scene
a knife had taken air
A slash,a cut, disfigurement
Police rushing to the scene
A drunken boy in custody
Guest of her Majesty the Queen

The bells rang out for Christmas
Some others went to church
They sang their praise to God their King
And prayed for all their worth
On their way home,some passed the man
But didn’t like to stare
For they had finished singing anthems
for the homeless everywhere

I took the man and guided him
to a basement in the Inn
Tonight my friend you shall be warm
There lies some room within
I gave him food, that he should eat
Some drink,to nourish him inside
For this one night at least
A warm place he could reside

At Christmas time

Rod Macfarlane

The Above poem is based on the night, and real events Christmas 08

It was a bitterly cold night, and as I came out the back rubbish area of a City hotel, I discovered this homeless man laying cardboard on the cold concrete,and he had pulled cardboard over him as a blanket.

There was no hostel or shelter he could go to, and the snow was pouring down.
Normally if the hotel finds homeless people trying to take shelter, they are swiftly shown the door.
This was Christmas,and after speaking to the gentleman in question for a while, I broke the rules!!
I found him some dry storage space in the hotel where he had a couch to sleep on. I made him a warm meal and gave him tea to drink.
I had to make sure that he vacated the hotel for half six in the morning before management and staff came on duty.
But it was Christmas,and for once, some space was found in the Inn.

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Stooshie Supreme

Theresa May and her Tory government may have made the biggest political miscalculation of their political lives in appealing against the verdict of the English High Court to the Supreme Court over the issue of whether the Westminster parliament can debate how to proceed with article 50 to remove Britain from the EU.

Had she conceded the initial judgement instead of being dictatorial in refusing to accept it, she would have been able to simply put a very brief and simple bill in front of parliament which would have given her the go ahead. The Westminster Parliament and its MPs in the Labour and Tory ranks would have been satisfied broadly that they had at least been consulted and it would have gone ahead. No way would they risk going against the majority in England and Wales to proceed with Brexit.

Instead she has proceeded to dig her heels in, and I would suggest that she will lose the appeal and will be forced into the very limited bill and some indication of the Governments intentions on how they intend to proceed.

While the legal arguments in the Supreme Court are certainly of interest in this regard in a very dry legalistic way, the bigger issue and the very big Elephant in the room is not the judgement over whether parliament has some limited say and consultation, but rather the intervention of the Scottish Government, The Northern Irish Government and the Welsh Assembly into this case.
Their argument is that they too need to be consulted, but the Scottish input is of even greater significance than Brexit.
The Lord Advocate of Scotland with the assistance of Aiden O’Neill QC have really taken the whole dispute by the throat, for they have included not only the Sewel Convention which is a convention which has been understood until now to mean that the Scottish Government would have to be consulted on any legal matters which directly impinged on Scotland made by Westminster. But much more than that, included in the argument is that the Queens prerogative which Theresa May has been intent on using to prevent Article 50 being consulted on by Westminster is not binding in Scotland.
While in English Law the parliament is sovereign on behalf of the monarch and the prerogative can be used to pass Law without the need for parliament to be consulted. That is not the case in Scots Law. In Scots Law it is the people of Scotland who are Sovereign not the Monarch. So the argument is that the Queens prerogative being attempted to be used by May does not have any force in Scotland. Therefore given that the majority of the Scottish electorate voted to remain, this attempt to bull through Brexit and Article 50 on the back of an English Royal prerogative is in dispute!

So what the 11 judges will have to decide on is this particular issue of Sovereignty and where it lies. This is the biggest constitutional crisis the UK government has ever had to face, and should Scots Sovereignty be denied..we have the mother and father of all Constitutional Crisis!
How this is resolved may mean the beginning of the end of the United Kingdom.

Today Lord Keen Advocate General to Scotland and former Scottish Tory Chairman made his case on behalf of the Westminster Government…and Boy did he put the cat in among the pigeons …
To summarise what he said or implied , he in effect argued that the Sewel Convention wasn’t worth a bean and that even though it was put into the Scotland Act of 2016 it meant absolutely nothing!
Westminster could in fact dissolve the Scottish Parliament if it wanted to.. In effect power devolved is power retained… And they will do what they damn well please no matter what Scots want.

Worse than that!! He trashed the Declaration of Arbroath,The Scottish Act of Union and the Scottish Claim of Right and said in effect that Scotland was a Colony and bowed to English Law….

So, my Lords, the Sewell convention is a political
13 convention concerning the legislative functions of the
14 Westminster Parliament. It is, as I say, essentially
15 a self denying ordinance on the part of Parliament. It
16 was never intended to be a justiciable legal principle,
17 and as my Lord, Lord Reed has already correctly
18 observed, it is a political restriction on Parliament’s
19 ability to legislate in respect of devolved matters.
20 The correct legal position is that Parliament is
21 sovereign, and may legislate at any time on any matter,
22 and that is specifically set out in the devolved
23 legislation itself, section 28(7) of the Scotland Act,


Basically the Westminster Tory Government have been forced to admit that the Scotland Act 2016 from the watered down Smith Commission which replaced the Vow was a massive Con, and that this supposedly best in the world devolution government with its built in Sewel Convention wasn’t worth the paper it was written in as it had no real power where it matters.
But worse still from the examples given, that Scotland was compared to a former colony like Rhodesia and our Constitution in their eyes is worthless and should be archived.

Here is the very dry legalise if you can bear it of todays submissions, his is down a wee bit past Eadie. at page 74 onwards

Supreme Court transcript

If you cannot bear plowing through that….. here is the written submission of Scotlands Lord Advocate and how he will argue his case…. AND The SECOND ONE IS WORTH A READ!

Lord Advocate on Sewel Convention

And This Beauty which is the real meat!!

Lord Advocate/Aiden O’Neill QC Scottish Constitution and Sovereignty

There is going to be a real stooshie this afternoon  and on Thursday morning

Get your popcorn…..This is massive!!

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Christmas stocking filler

As Christmas time fast approaches
If you are looking for a stocking filler for an Independence supporter
Why not get the Haggis Emigration Ebook or printed softcover version

About the Ebook

The Haggis all left for Australia…. Or in other words, the story of the before, during and after of the Scottish Independence referendum years. This collection of poems begins prior to the remarkable SNP majority in the Scottish government election of 2011, and follows the story of the Independence referendum as it happened, and finishes with its aftermath


The Haggis Emigration

The Haggis have all gone to Australia
They are packing their bags as we speak
And Nessie’s away to Lake Windermere
She’s said to be leaving next week

The Wind is all leaving Scotland
and its going away for 40 odd years
The Oil which was out in the North Sea
In 2007 disappeared

The Kegs of all the Scotch Whisky we stored up
Have all been hit by a terrible blight
So no drams will be found in any Scots town
and no longer will our Summer nights be light

It’s the End of the World as we knew it
Even the Wee Frees are going to Mass
Predictions abound and Construe it
and were all bound for Starvation alas!

Scots will Weep on the Streets and Beg at English feet
Please can you let us back in?
They had warned us we’d suffer If we found another
Independence is such a terrible sin!

The Tides stopped we cried,as we rubbed our eyes
Our fish have all fled to the South
All our Mountains and Glens will never see folk again
Never more will the Tourists come about!

Our Banks have all broke, our economy’s choked
All our shops have been shut in our streets
Our people all died, and no fried mars bars have I
and my Giros not due till next week!

Such Disasters been found since we lost the pound
and there’s no-one to show us the way
We’ve no pride nor ambition since we got prohibition
and we can only get drunk twice a day

Rod Macfarlane

To find out what became of the Haggis, and to relive the Independence campaign to date , read this new book, you may find that these pesky haggis are a somewhat resilient bunch 🙂


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