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The Right to challenge

Alex Salmond ruffled some sensitive journalistic feathers the other day in his UnCut fringe show when he suggested that he knew only 6 good decent Scottish Journalists worth their salt. “The press are largely despised, not just because of what … Continue reading

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My Fight

WARNING…… What Follows is extremely long and massively contentious “By far the greatest bulk of the political ‘education,’ which in this case one may rightly define with the word ” propaganda,’ is the work of the press. It is the … Continue reading

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Cometh the Day, Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Woman

In a few hours time the polling booths will open all across the land, and men and women everywhere will turn out to vote and put their X on the ballot paper to vote for their chosen candidate and party … Continue reading

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A tale of two letters

If you enter into a debate, one would normally reasonably expect you to engage with it and be prepared to stand up for the courage of your convictions, that is unless your name so happens to be David Cameron, and … Continue reading

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Pure Gallus

Sunday the 7th of July, reminded us one simple understated fact. It’s gallus to be Scots. Two Scots, both who have for different reasons had to withstand more vitriol and slagging than any human being should be subjected to, both … Continue reading

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The Grass is Blue and the Sky is Green

The grass is blue and the sky is green, both absolutely true if you happen to believe some of the statements,and press coverage from both Holyrood and Westminster with regards to the Leveson enquiry. Prior to the Leveson report findings … Continue reading

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Let your YES be YES

“Let your “yes” be Yes, and your “no” be no”. Its a biblical statement, but one which is very apt, not just for our every day lives, and yes indeed for the independence referendum. But before my radical atheist friends … Continue reading

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Who can you Trust? (and what are they hiding?)

The politically manufactured storm in a Holyrood thimble, which sprung up on the 23rd of October, when instigated by labour and supported by the full might of the Condem coalition, the BBC and the Brit Nat Media..which means just about … Continue reading

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Finding Fault

The past week has seen ever more remarkably boorish and desperate attempts by the Bitter Together Bunch to find Fault with Alex Salmond and the party of Scottish Government, the SNP. They have failed miserably, despite all their Best/Worst efforts, … Continue reading

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Honest Gov!

This is just a short submission to present the links to the Scottish Government Documents that Alex Salmond alluded to in the Andrew Neil politics interview, which the Bitter Together parties have created such a song and dance about! They … Continue reading

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