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Article 50 and time to leave

Today the British government finally got round to issuing their white paper on leaving the EU. Having wasted a half hour of my life reading its 77 pages, I discovered that it told us absolutely nothing new whatsoever what their … Continue reading

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Indyref2: The Positive Reasons to Remain with the UK post Brexit.


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The Times They are a Changin(with SNP Warning)

Being offered the choice between a Hard Brexit and a Soft Brexit is like being being given the choice between whether you want constipation or diarrhoea¬† . Neither option is either desirable or wanted. Yet this is exactly what Scots … Continue reading

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The Hard Brexit Exit

As we await the beginnings of the hard brexit exit that the Tories seem hell bent on pursuing with the Article 50 sign off in around late March according to Theresa May. I have been taking some time to consider … Continue reading

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Foreigners Go Home

    Foreigners Go Home Foreigners Go Home, won’t you leave us alone. Stop the world, for we want to get off! We don’t want your doctors, and don’t want your nursing but please wait till we educate our grammar … Continue reading

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