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Time to Get Out of Dodge

Yesterday was the day when every Scot, regardless of political leaning should have been conclusively made aware the disrespect that the majority of the Westminster parliament and in particular the current British government hold them in. I can only call … Continue reading

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Beware the Perfidious Scots

As Theresa May and her Tory government continue to channel their Inner Mein Kampf, in their headlong charge to a Hard Brexit a large section of Scottish Scottish society has looked on in a mixture of abhorrent disbelief and a … Continue reading

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Between the Devil and the BBC

Those of us who are following the various debates and news reports, desperately looking for information on the Scottish Independence referendum, find ourselves more often than not trying glean impartiality somewhere between the Devil and the BBC. Impartiality is something … Continue reading

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British Copyright

Who has the copyrite of being British? The Unionists have been making a big play on Britishness for ages, and Into overdrive mode since the Independence referendum became a reality. Union Jacks here,Union Jacks there, here a Union jack, there … Continue reading

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Jubilation as Britannia rules the waives

So it has begun, the nightly updates on her Britannic majesty’s broadcasting corporation, as Aunty Beeb subjects us to all things Windsor,photographs of the kiddies from the 1950’s, and a young Queen. The year of Lizzies Jubilee has kicked off. … Continue reading

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