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The Hard Brexit Exit

As we await the beginnings of the hard brexit exit that the Tories seem hell bent on pursuing with the Article 50 sign off in around late March according to Theresa May. I have been taking some time to consider … Continue reading

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The Question of Sovereignty

In her first speech as leader of the Conservative party as Prime Minister Theresa May came forth with the following: “we will leave the European Union as one United Kingdom.  There is no opt-out from Brexit.  And I will never … Continue reading

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The Divisive Nationalists Dead Parrot

Things I learned today: Some Nationalists are extremely divisive Article 50 will be implemented by the Conservative government before the end of March next year. Therefore Britain will exit the EU by March 2019 There will be a Hard Brexit, … Continue reading

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EU what?

As I set about debunking all the spurious assertions that Better Together have been making about the supposed doubts and uncertainties of an Independent Scotland, or Separation as they prefer to call it. Today I will briefly address the question … Continue reading

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When is a Union not a Union? When It is the UK!

The Scottish National Bashing Hour and Half, otherwise known as Labour and Unionist Questions, in the Westminster parliament, confirmed something that some of us suspected for quite some time. Scotland is not part of the UK. You see while the … Continue reading

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Crisis what Crisis?

Call me Dave has certainly been getting it the neck these past couple of days. He really has mucked up big style this time, has he not? He made a unilateral decision which could leave Britain sidelined in Europe,and leaves … Continue reading

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