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Indyref 2 has begun. With all the mayhem and media concentration on the blood letting In Westminster over the past week, and The Tories and Labour leadership ripping into each other after the Euro Ref result, in a manner resembling … Continue reading

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Gazing at an attractive Scandinavian model

After writing about the dogs breakfast which is the British Economy and Government policies over the past couple couple of days..I thought I would cheer myself at looking instead at some lovely glossy pin ups,and have thus spent a pleasurable … Continue reading

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Shock and Awe

It is increasingly rare, almost as rare as the sighting of a Yeti, that I find myself praising the BBC for a political programme or documentary these days. Yet that most rare of things actually occurred after catching sight of … Continue reading

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A Lesson from Iceland

The following has been spread round the Internet, and It Is a Lesson for the people of Scotland should we care to listen? There is much more to it of course, but for those who actually take the time to … Continue reading

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Power to the People

I spoke in my previous article ‘The Lion is Rampant’, about the absolute Sovereignty of the people of Scotland. We Scots introduced the concept of popular sovereignty to the world in 1320. We spoke then also of Liberty and Independence. … Continue reading

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