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When Polls don’t work

I am always sceptical about polls, and for very good reasons. They can be fun, they can be informative to an extent, but are open to manipulation depending on what questions are asked, who they are asked of, and how … Continue reading

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Unionists are Not Unionists

It may seem a strange thing to say, but unionists are not unionists. Whatever they may be, or whatever they think they are, what they are decidedly not is Unionist. Many residents of Scotland when asked how they identify themselves, … Continue reading

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The Anti Democracy Parties

It strikes me that there is more at stake for the anti independence parties of Labour,Conservative and Liberal Democrats than the matter of Independence itself. Not only are they against the intrinsic right of the people of Scotland to have … Continue reading

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Christmas Present

As we fast approach another Christmas day, I will probably be taking a wee break over the the next couple of weeks, until the beginning of the New Year. I may add something periodically, but I will be absent for … Continue reading

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