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Scots Bastards

Watching and reading and listening to the British media and press in recent times has been nothing but sheer entertainment in a perverse sort of way.. Is there nothing they will hesitate to say about Scots and Scots National MPs … Continue reading

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Polls with a pinch of Salt.

After the seismic events over the weekend when Better Together did their impression of committing hari kari by suicidally blowing their own scare stories on currency and ship building out of the water, by utilizing what the Americans described as … Continue reading

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Going Up the Poll

I noticed yet another poll being commissioned on peoples views on Independence, and what way they were likely to vote come the day. This time the poll was commissioned by the Mail on Sunday and the polling carried out by … Continue reading

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The Unpersuaded

I know its been a lot of fun and a whole lot of theatre and Drama and Hot Air, but today I decided to leave the fantasy land of Trump and the fiction and speculation over Murdoch aside and actually … Continue reading

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