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Mandates for Dummies

Well what a week it has been… May comes to Glasgow and meets with  Nicola Sturgeon in a wee hotel room, says nothing of any significance and sods off to do photo opportunities with the polis and then off to … Continue reading

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Lentils and Watermelons

Anyone would be forgiven for thinking that Lentils and Watermelons are utterly dreadful if they watched the meltdown in the Scottish parliament yesterday by ace Tory troll Murdo Fraser MSP. Murdo was fair doing his dinger at Patrick Harvey and … Continue reading

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2nd Vote Russian Roulette

On social media there is a constant carping and clamoring going on, about where folks should place their vote on the regional list. There is a constant mantra from SNP supporters for SNP 1&2 …Both votes SNP Meanwhile Greens and … Continue reading

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Christmas Present

As we fast approach another Christmas day, I will probably be taking a wee break over the the next couple of weeks, until the beginning of the New Year. I may add something periodically, but I will be absent for … Continue reading

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Labour Death Wishes

Last year Labours Scottish Secretary, Matgaret Curran, wished Alex Salmond dead, or at least welcomed the prospect of a messy ending for him, when she said the following in an interview with the Holyrood Magazine, that she wouldn’t look for … Continue reading

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