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STV Voting made Simple

The Council elections use STV, Single Transferable vote. Which means that you get to select your preferences in order of preference…From the most preferred at No.1 to your Least preferred as last preference. You don’t need to use up all … Continue reading

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The Road to Referendum Hits Dead End.

STV’s much anticipated programme, Road to Referendum, hit an unexpected road block tonight, with STV completely off our screens for an extended period of time. This meant that many Scots looking forward to the first episode of three, were left … Continue reading

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Worth the watching?

It seems that STV are increasingly the best place to watch for news, debate and programming leading up to the referendum. They have now announced a mini series charting Scotlands road to the referendum, beginning on June 4th. STV– Road … Continue reading

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No….I am not talking about the broadcasting station when I say STV. I am talking about the Single Transferable Vote system used in the Scottish Council elections. When voting, you vote in order of Preference according to the candidates. … Continue reading

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