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Now comes the Winter of our Discontent

From the Nightmares of Summer to the Winter of our discontent. How short a time it seems since early summer, and how much has happened since. To begin with we had the vote and the announcement in the Scottish Parliament … Continue reading

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Article 50 and time to leave

Today the British government finally got round to issuing their white paper on leaving the EU. Having wasted a half hour of my life reading its 77 pages, I discovered that it told us absolutely nothing new whatsoever what their … Continue reading

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Indyref2: The Positive Reasons to Remain with the UK post Brexit.


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I will keep this short and sweet. Given all the uncertainty over Brexit just now, and with the possibility of another Scottish Independence referendum in the not too distant future. Let us look at that ballot paper, but let us … Continue reading

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Scottish Government to adopt Tory Policy.

On the eve of the SNP conference the startling revelation that the Scottish Government is ready to apply key Tory policies has been made by a trusted authoritative source. The senior insider has relayed the startling revelation ” Despite serious … Continue reading

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Do You Agree?

Do you Agree: That .. You shall see the NHS increasingly privatised, and the best of service for those who can afford it, with non paying parts, closed down and fewer local hospitals. That we should continue spending billions maintaining … Continue reading

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