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It is becoming absolutely clear that Labour in Scotland are in full scale panic mode. It is no big surprise that they are having a melt down, and no big surprise that the media are not at all keen to … Continue reading

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The Blame Game

I am knackered, Bushed, Exhausted, Drained, Burned Out….You name it….I am absolutely gubbed! I have given 3 years of my life to write and fight for Scotland to regain it’s Independence.. Why did I do so? Well not for me.. … Continue reading

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Until the Rocks will melt with the Sun

Its funny how time passes, the more you wait for something, the longer time seems to take. Yet the moment that event passes, time seems to fly at the speed of light. So soon, we are approaching 4 weeks since … Continue reading

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YES Alliance (In Unity lies strength)

Who won and who lost? That is a question we might all ask of the Independence referendum? By all accounts the ballot result showed that the negative and fear mongering NO campaign had overcome the positivity of the YES for … Continue reading

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