Indyref2…..Why it may not happen

“Talking up indyref2 is irresponsible economic vandalism. Our country is divided enough – don’t divide us again First Minister”, says Kezia Dugdale.

UK Govt is saying only a party majority win in a Holyrood election earns a mandate.
“Theresa May does not believe that there is a mandate for a second referendum on Scottish independence.”

“The majority of folk don’t want another vote, the majority of people in Scotland don’t want independence, and the SNP should take this off the table.”, says Ruth Davidson.

Such were the statements made after the Scottish Government officially laid down the consultation for a new Independence Bill yesterday.

The reactions above were entirely expected from the usual suspects…with rather a note of panic about them despite the seeming bullishness.

From Kezia and the Shadow Scottish Secretary who isn’t a Scot, from Labour a clear indication that they were jumping straight into bed with the Tories again…They really are Better Together it seems.
If there is any economic vandalism and irresponsible division they are pointing in the wrong place…It wasn’t the Scottish Government nor the majority of the people of Scotland that have caused this rupture!

As for Theresa May saying that the Scottish Government didn’t have a mandate? Oh yes Theresa they have… There was a clear promise made during the first Independence Referendum to the Scottish people that only by remaining with the UK would Scotland remain in the EU. That promise along with many others are broken.
Plus the SNP clearly had it written in their manifesto this year that a second Independence referendum could be called if there was a material change in circumstance to what had been promised…not only that, but they specifically put what that material circumstance might be, removing Scotland from the EU against the will of the Scottish people.

The BBC got in on the act last night, when their presenter on Scotland 2016 postulated that the SNP didn’t have a mandate because the SNP didn’t have a majority in the Scottish Parliament…Sorry that wont wash either, all there has to be is a majority vote in Parliament when the Bill is presented, and the Greens have already supported it. So a majority it will be.

As for Ruth Davidsons comments… Sorry Ruthie, but the only opinion poll that counts is the one your party weren’t elected on!

Even so, despite all this posturing there is reason to consider that Indy2 may not happen, at least for a lot longer than folks think.

Why so?
What the Scottish Government did yesterday was draw back the trigger of the gun and point it right at Westminsters head!
For all Theresa Mays huffing and puffing it is her Westminster House which is in danger of being blown down.
Saying that she didn’t think that the Scottish Government didn’t have a mandate is not the same as saying that they can’t have a referendum. To actually try and forbid one would have the effect of a constitutional crisis , guarantee a referendum, and almost certainly guarantee independence. No way, No how is there a snowballs chance in hell will she go there.

What I think may happen is somewhat closer to the following I think..

Theresa May and her Brexit Government have backed themselves into a hard place with no easy way out.
On one hand she is trying to out Maggie , Maggie Thatcher.
Her whole non mandated position is under threat before she has even begun.
On one hand she has her imbecilic hard Brexiters in her cabinet.
She has an increasingly hostile to foreigners English electorate which she has encouraged and fostered.
On  the other hand she has the other half of the English electorate and Tory MPs who are Europhiles and not at all happy they aren’t given a say and who are challenging her and her government.
She also has an EU who are not about to roll over for her and who has the ace hand.

And to top it all, she has a Scottish Government threatening her with another Scottish Independence referendum she will be very worried about losing. The idea that she gets remembered as being the Prime Minister who finished David Camerons job of losing Scotland will not sit well with her at all.

Under these circumstances, what are her options? How can she get out of this pincer movement anywhere near in one piece?

Well she has one thing in her favour….I really don’t get the impression that Nicola Sturgeon really wants that second referendum quite yet either.
I take what Nicola has been saying very seriously, and I very much believe her when she says that she is examining all options that would keep Scotland in the UK and In the Single Market. She is prepared to use Indyref2, but only as a last resort when all else has failed.

A couple of months ago I heard a previously very senior person in the Scottish Government(I am not saying who) had been saying that they didn’t think that there would be another Independence referendum. They were of the opinion that it simply wasn’t on the cards.
Knowing very well who this person is, and knowing that they played a very active part in the Independence referendum of 2014, and knowing them to be very astute and pragmatic, I was stunned. I just couldn’t work out for the life of me why they were saying such a thing…It just didn’t add up!
At the time I just wrote this off, surely this couldn’t be right? Had they taken leave of their senses?
Well maybe not?

What I perceive may be happening behind government scenes at a very high level, is at the moment gamesmanship… It is a high stakes game of poker of the highest order.

All these supposed non talks that the Scottish government is having in Europe will be setting the scene between 2 players at the table, the EU and the Scottish Government…but they are not really having talks you understand, just tea and coffee…Aye right!

Theresa May wasn’t really having any talks with EU politicians on the matter yesterday either…not allowed they say, not until Article 50 is confirmed….Believe that if you like.

Scottish Brexit Minister is meeting today with Westminster Brexit minister again…but of course Theresa May says Scotland will only be consulted…It is Her Government alone that will do the negotiating…. So what is Mike Russell and Davies talking about? The result of the 2.45 at haydock on Saturday? Aye of course.

Does anyone remember “Yes Minister”…something like that without the comedy.

My guess at this moment in time is the Theresa May and her goverment will negotiate a Switzerland type option…neither in the EU, or EFTA, but a sepearate arrangement which allows for some access to the Single Market at a cost, but with it more controls over immigration with special privileges for EU citizens. This will be a halfway house to meeting the demands of both the Europhiles and Eurosceptics within her party and she can say that she has delivered for the most xenophobic little UKIP Englander both exit from the EU and Immigration control

Meanwhile to allow things to run more smoothly with this halfway house, she comes to agreement with the Irish Republic which allows for the border to remain open with Northern Ireland so as to not disturb their peace process.
Scotland will do something like a reverse Greenland and remain either in the EU or in EFTA , I suspect the latter. The Fishing and Agricultural rights will revert from the EU to Scotland in that case, plus any other areas the EU currently presides over.
And to finish it off nicely …. something like what the VOW was originally supposed to mean and the Scots MPs come home, and agreements are set up over joint defence and currency etc … In effect Independence in all but name through the back door…

It will be interesting times for sure….

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Nearly Time to Go

After almost exactly 5 years since I began this blog. 5 years that have seen me make almost 500 posts and reached 101,000 visitors and quarter of a million views, it is almost time for it to go.
It has been quite some journey these past 5 years since I began it in 2011. We have seen changes which I never thought I would see in my lifetime, with much more to come I am sure.

I will be ending this blog on 31st December 2016. Auld Acquaintance will still be here for those that wish to have a read of the many topics I have covered over its lifespan.

Life is full of changes, and change is not something we should be frightened of. Our lives are full of points of transition, and transition is necessary to enable us all to move on.
The one change I would dearly have loved to have seen happen back on the 18th of September 2014 unfortunately didn’t take place, it wasn’t its time then.
The lies and the fearfulness of change had been successfully installed in too many Scots by the Better Together campaign, but with hindsight we can all see the lies now for what they were…Lies.
But no matter how resistant to change people are, particularly some of the older generation which I am close to being included in now, change still happens irregardless.
The days of an Independent Scotland draw ever closer, and no matter how much those that oppose Independence may howl, the day will come. I hope to still be alive to see it happen.

But irrespective of what happens, or when it happens, it is time for me to make my own changes, and leaving Auld Acquaintance as a footprint of my passing is one of those changes.
So come New Year, I will not be here writing this blog.

Please don’t take these comments negatively, I am quite upbeat about my own decision and comfortable with leaving it behind me. The blog has served my purpose, and I have had my say.
There will still be a few pieces to write in it before I shut up shop, so I am not done with it quite yet. I am merely giving advanced notice of my intent.

So what brings me to this juncture at this point? What are my reasons for my decision?

Fairly straightforward really.

As possibly some of you might know I suffered a Stroke in July, and while It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it might have been, it was enough for me to make some reappraisals in my life, particularly after an arse of a consultant cheerfully informed me after the event that I would be dead in the next 5 years!
Now he may be a prophet of doom or he might not be, particularly as from all the results that came back from brain scans and heart tests, nothing was showing up as being particularly wrong. I do have peripheral arterial disease though, and that is not a good thing, and will require some lifestyle changes if I am to prevent his own project fear from being accurate.

That in itself was not enough to influence my decision over this blog however, but it was in some way party to it.

Due to the effects that my stroke had, and the type of work I was relying on to live, I have not properly worked over these past few months, just doing much lighter voluntary work for 2 days a week, which does not allow me to really survive financially as I am for much longer, so something has got to give.
It means basically that I have to find work which is not so physically demanding, and which will provide me with a reasonable standard of living which will pay my rent and keep a roof over my head, and provide me with reasonable sustenance.

Having the time to write this blog is not a main priority, and most of my concentration will be taken up simply trying to come up with something of some description which I am suited to doing….What that is? I have no idea, but I had best get my skates on!

So my search begins, so change must occur, and hopefully that change will be a positive one, rather than the opposite.

Nearly time for me to go…….But not quite yet!

All the Best


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I am a Scots Nationalist

I am Scottish and proud to be Scottish. I believe in Scotland and in my fellow Scots wherever they may happen to be in the world. I am also a Scottish Nationalist, or should I say a Scottish Internationalist? The Nationalism that represents me is that of the inclusive and welcoming Scots tradition which stretches back into the annals of our history.
My friends who are fellow Scots come in all shapes and sizes, genders , colours, and religions,many have brought with them the cultures and traditions of their homelands to enrich the modern day Scotland that we know today.
Those that I count as dear friends include and have always included fellow Scots who have come from India, Pakistan, China, Hungary,Germany, Poland, Australia,Canada, Ireland and England and from more places besides.
I would not be the person that I am today without the influence of these fellow Scots throughout my life, and I am the better for having had them there.

The wealth and the richness of Scotland is not only in our Countries bountiful natural resources but in our people and all who have come to help our country greater and to call Scotland home.
It is with a feeling of sadness that I look Southwards to our neighbours today and see and hear from the British government words of exclusion and xenophobia. It is with outrage that I see these repulsive expressions promoted in the writings of the British media and press, and it is with anger that I view the results on the streets.
Where ordinary people have been openly attacked because they appear different.
Where ordinary people have been beaten up, where ordinary people have been verbally harassed and abused.
Where people due to their colour are viewed with suspicion, where people because of their sexuality are abused, where people with physical deformity or mental health problems are treated as less than human. Where people who are struggling to survive due to lack of work are automatically classified as spongers, where the homeless have their makeshift tents taken from them and destroyed by some local councils in the South.
I want no part of a State which legislates and passes Laws which set out to victimise the poor, to worsen the lives and cause greater distress to the disabled ,chronically Ill,and the infirm and elderly. I want no part the same State which at the same time encourages and does nothing about Corporations and the Richest raiding ordinary working peoples pension pots, whilst enriching themselves by  avoiding their fair share of taxes and allows for the slave labour of zero hour contracts.
I want no part in a State which has allowed up to 25% of the populations children to lack in food, basic warmth and clothing.
This is Not my land, this is not a State I wish to live in, All of this is Not in my Name!

Thus it is that I stand as a Scot and as a Scottish Nationalist, not as a member of any political party, not of the SNP or anyone else, but as a Scot who believes in Independence for Scotland. A Scot who believes with all my heart that we can be a better Nation.
I am not a flag waving Scot, you wont find me singing patriotic songs of years gone by, you wont find me singing Flower of Scotland anymore. I am not against the English people but I am against the British government.
I am also against Scots Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Democrat politicians who would rather feather their own nests than actively stand against the abuses which they have allowed their parties to allow in Westminster, with barely ever a whisper to denounce the worst of these abuses.
I am against those Scots who glorify in every perceived Scottish failure and crow when they see fellow Scots taken in by their rhetoric to deny Scotland an Independent voice.
I am against those who would promote party political tribalism of any description that puts party before Country.
I am against those who would encourage Sectarianism and Bigotry and more closely ally themselves to the backwards politics of our Irish neighbours history. The politics of the bye gone days of yore do not belong in a modern day Scotland any more than the politics of the Jacobites. These days are past now, and in the past they must remain.

The arguments of our politicians are too often narrow and divisive, placing party and ideology first before Scotland and its people.
Whether they be Nationalist, Socialist, Conservative or Liberal, too often party comes first, and too often with many of them they bow to the orders of the politics of our neighbours and behave more like Scottish Serfs to the British Imperial cause.

Labour is supposed to be rooted in the concept of an International Labour movement, yet they behave like anything but. When you have great Socialists such as Corbyn is now promoted as being in some of their circles, we find that he is in support of Exit from the EU to separate us from our neighbours, yet in support of Irish unification and Palestinian State, but against an Independent Scotland.
When the language of Labour turned from Hardie to being enthusiastic Unionists I do not know. Trying to out Union the Conservative and Unionist party and take on their clothes during the Blair years and getting rid of the voice of the working people for robes of the House of Lords has never been a good thing.

The actions of the Conservative and Unionist party has been evident for all of us to see, and it is not a pretty thing to observe. Yet Scottish Conservatives did once stand more for the Scottish people than they do today, and the encouragement of business and Industry was to be commended. Where once a Conservative Secretary of State for Scotland had clout and would stand up against the worst excesses which a Tory Prime Minister would endeavour to impose on Scotland, we now have a Tory Secretary of state who is regarded by the Conservative government as being nothing more than a glorified Tea Boy to be called upon at their whistle.  With the Scottish Tory leader as nothing better than a sycophantic comedy warm up act for Big T.

The Liberals have so much damaged themselves with their hopping into bed with the Torys and the Lying of their former Scottish Secretary that they have almost become an irrelevance.

The Greens, Rise and SSP all have their ideological causes which often see them promoting these above all else.

The SNP can not be excluded either, far too often while rising in popularity to achieve government are not willing enough to include those who would share common ground with them and insist that everything should be their way or no way. An example of this was the extortionate pricing they placed for having fringe events and stands at their recent conference whilst insisting that an alternative fringe event across the river should not have any SNP politician attend. Their idea of a National Conversation recently was to send out a tick box questionnaire with no option available for Scots to make comment on.

So for me Scots Nationalism is not for political party or Ideology, all of that should be secondary to speaking out for Scotland and its people.
The very idea that Scots should be culled into voting against Scottish Independence because of their political party and petty political tribal wars is ridiculous.
Why on earth should Scottish Conservatives continue to support a Union which is increasingly against their business interests and reducing their market place I do not know.
Why on earth does Labour who is supposed to support workers, the unemployed and trade unions continue to support a Union which trashes workers rights, endeavours to remove human rights, and excludes their International brotherhood instead of supporting their own people to create a better Scotland. Voting against the “awful” SNP just out of malice is not doing either them or the people they are supposed to represent any favours. Instead of increasingly carp from the sidelines, they should be positively engaging where they can.
Instead of jumping into bed with the Tories for a Union that no longer works and is detrimental to the people of Scotland, and instead of their turf war with the SNP where often they should be agreeing, they should be going all out to create a Better Scotland, not hoping like Darling did to ditch his Socialist principles for an ermine coat.

As for the Liberals …. for a party that supposedly stands for referendums, for peoples choice, what are you playing at? You wont even give your party in Scotland a vote on the issue of whether or not to support Independence, you just tow the Unionist line. hardly very Liberal or Democratic of you.

Well you wont find me on any political platform, nor pontificating on your tv screens, nor adhering to any political dogma like a passive sheepie, nor will I jump to any dog whistle. I am Scottish, I am an Independent Scot, and I hold to my own views.

All of that I am against, but what do I stand for?
We have the opportunity now to live in the days of a Better Nation.
We have the ability, the resources and the people to make Scotland be a Country that we can all be proud of, wherever our personal roots may lie, whatever culture we spring from.
All it takes is to have the courage of our convictions to make it so.
We are Not too poor, too weak nor too stupid as some would have us believe. We are collectively far greater than that.
All it takes is to have confidence and belief in ourselves. Together we can be collectively much greater than our individual parts.
We led the world once, we enlightened the world in the Scots enlightenment, we have travelled the world and made the places we visited much the better for our participation. We can do so again! Collectively we can make it happen, but only if we believe in ourselves first.

There is room in an Independent Scotland for all of us, whether we be black, white, coloured, green or blue. Whether we be able or differently abled, whether we be gay, straight or transgendered, whether we be nationalist, socialist, conservative or liberal,whether we be religious or of no religion at all. Wherever our roots sprung from, no matter who we are, we can all make an Independent Scotland to be proud of, and we can stand on our own two feet and look the world in the eye….and we can all declare the we are Scottish and we are proud to be so.

We can all help to make Scotland an example once more for the World to learn from.
Not to stand alone but to take our rightful place on the Google Map.
We once could do so, we once did do so, we can do so again, and make Scotland a great place to live and to belong to.

I am a Scot, I come from Scotland, and I am Scottish….. We can All be proud to say that!

The future lies before us, the present we can make better, and the past is what has shaped us. Let us go forward with confidence, Let us believe in ourselves, and let us make Scotland a better place for all.

The Haggis Return

The Haggis returned with their bagpipes
Playing Scotland the Brave as they came
They had travelled the world with their party
And Auld lang Syne was their native refrain

With them came back all the old exiles too
With their children from all the world o’er
They all had flung wide from the Spey and the Clyde
But to Scotia they came back once more

The Carnegies and Bells, The Livingstones too
Taking Alba wherever they went
Engineering, Exploring, teaching the Earth what to do
The World had flourished by their every intent

In America they wrote of free Liberty
declaring Independence by the words of Arbroath
A Glenn orbited the Earth,Armstrong stepped on the Moon
Scots blood running with freedom in both

from China to Russia and African planes
The Indies, South America to the Caribbean Main
Australasia to the Arctic, they all left their mark
But Independent Caledonia forever calls them back

We don’t need the Oil, and we need not the Wind
We don’t need our Whisky to make it again
Take all we have, let all our Assets be sold
For our Spirit of Invention Is where lies our Gold

We can survive in the jungle, we can go where none’s gone
Our Adventurous Roaming is what makes us live on
You can chain us and bind us but our Spirit is Free
Our Music, Our Culture and our Scots dynasty

So take All your Tridents from our Holy Loch
Take your avaricious Warmongering,and the lives it has lost
We will take back our children,our old infirm in our care
A Mans a Man for A’ that,with the Earth ours to share

When we are freed from the shackles of all our self Doubt
When we grab our own Freedom the Best comes about
When we Trust in ourselves and all we can do
The World turns to Scotland,and Scotland means You!

Rod Macfarlane


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The Times They are a Changin(with SNP Warning)

Being offered the choice between a Hard Brexit and a Soft Brexit is like being being given the choice between whether you want constipation or diarrhoea  . Neither option is either desirable or wanted.
Yet this is exactly what Scots are being offered or told that we must accept, despite the fact that we have already taken our Anti Yoon SNP tablets in an attempt to avoid such terminal discomforts.

Yet here we are… having given the SNP our mandate to have another Independence referendum, in the event of Westminster dragging us out of the EU against our wishes.

The SNP put it as such in their manifesto prior to this years Holyrood elections “‘The Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum…if there is a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014, such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will”

Now that is pretty clear isn’t it?
The circumstances have arisen, we are being taken out of the EU against our will, and thus the mandate for the SNP government is absolutely clear. Thus the SNP have every right to call another Independence Referendum, the terms of 2014 have been breached.
We were categorically told that If Scotland voted YES we would be kicked out of the EU and the only way to be sure of preventing this from happening was if we voted to remain with the UK.
We were miss sold a material component of the contract, thus the contract becomes null and void. The product or service is returned or put right, and we either walk away from the deal or we renegotiate it. What we do not do is carry on with the contract without any resolution, and more particularly so if the service or product is likely to cause us damage.
In this case..We want our money back! Indeed we should be asking for compensation.

Let me put it this way..
The service sold to us was as follows:

Remain in the Union Club: which will provide the following benefits and insure against the probable pitfalls of the inferior service which is being offered of Independence.

Your status of being an equal and valued partner in the club will be protected.
Your status in the world will be enhanced through the clubs representation in the executive bodies top tables of all the world organisations. In particular the EU league with all its added benefits. Should you choose the inferior independence option you will lose all such benefits and kicked out of the league. You can insure against such catastrophe by signing up with the UK Gold card membership.

Gilt edged Executive Card and Signed Certificate called “The Vow” reproduced for you on the finest second hand newsprint available.
The “Vow” Executive Card provides for you nearly all the benefits of the Inferior Independence product, falling just short of full Independence itself.
It has been guaranteed by the highly trusted very Highest Brown standard which has been countersigned by all the YOON C.E.O’s  of the Internationally acclaimed Westminster rUK Plc.
All the full benefits of this Card will be set in motion to be implemented in their entirety within 6months of the contract being signed, otherwise Big Gordy will go absolutely mental Apeshit and Malkie everyone in Westminster Ltd.
YOU CAN TRUST IN THE VOW…And That’s a Vow…..(fingers crossed behind the back)

Other projects will be fully protected under this scheme include the following..
The protection and investment in renewable energy (nope!)
carbon capture programmes (nope!)                                                                                  protection of pensions (nope!)
protection of jobs in HMRC (nope!)
ensure Scottish shipyards got orders for 13 frigates (nope!)
and prevent tax cuts for businesses (nope!).

Help your neighbour feel good bonuses will be included…
Stay in the UK to prevent decades of Conservative rule; stay and help Labour  and we’ll fight the Conservatives together.
If you choose the Inferior Independence model you will be responsible for condemning your poor English and Welsh neighbours to decades of Tory austerity..Don’t do will feel utterly guilty and responsible for their plight!

Remember….The Independence model threatens your benefits hugely from EU infrastructure projects, from EU tourism, from EU research funding and from EU nationals: while the catastrophic removal from the EU will do massive damage to your economy.
Be Safe and sign up with us! We will prevent such catastrophes from occurring.

Further dangers are associated with the inferior Independence model:
Your elderly will lose their currently generous pensions and will have to sign up for foodbanks.
Major Business will leave causing mass unemployment, resulting in huge damage to your bank account and send your overdraft into bankruptcy and you wont have a bean to your name.
The Independence model is highly toxic and unreliable full of all sorts of unseen and unknown faults. Our far superior product preserves you from all such calamities.
Your monopoly Jock money will be utterly worthless, even more mickey mouse than at present.
Nothing you have is of any value, even that back sticky stuff is utterly worthless and running out.
You will be imprisoned behind a Big wall and nobody will want to know you.
And lastly…You wont be allowed the dodgy Independence product anyway!

Be Safe..Be Better…Be Together.. With Us

Sign here: ……..

There can be absolutely no doubt….We were sold the biggest Con job of all time. These Red,Yellow and Blue Tories certainly managed to put the Con into Conservative!

A contract such as this….(and this is exactly what you were signing when you put your X in the box), would be laughed out of court if we were talking about a contract for a service provision. In no way could the contract be held as being safe. Particularly so with the imminent dangerous faults in it. Products have been recalled for much less…Eat your heart out Samsung 7.

So Yes…The SNP government have every right to claim that they have a mandate to call another Independence referendum. There has been far more than one material change of circumstance occurred.

As soon as Article 50 is signed to begin the process of bringing us out of the EU against the will of the Scottish people, they may begin the process of naming the date of the next Independence referendum.
But the question I ask myself is this…
Given that the Vow was ripped to shreds, and the Smith Commission watered it down even further. Given that Scottish MPs cannot any longer take full part of the decisions of the House of Commons due to EVEL, while English MPs can vote on Scots issues without hindrance and vote down everything Scots MPs vote for on Scottish matters, surely the conditions of the Acts of Union have been breached!
Material Breaches have already occurred, so they could call a new Independence referendum Immediately.

I am sure that the SNP have their reasons for not calling one immediately, namely the concern that they may not be in a position to win it yet. So I can understand their caution in the matter, a further loss would be fatal.

However what does concern me is their language recently.
The promise of an Imminent Bill for a Scottish Independence referendum may send the party faithful into raptures, but it is only in itself setting out the details for calling a referendum, it does not promise It will be implemented! Nor does it name a date for doing so.

The language while understandably cautious given that neither they or anyone know what measures are planned by Westminster, nor the full potential impact of whatever they intend, hard brexit or soft brexit. Hard brexit which would mean taking us out of the single market entirely would certainly trigger a Scottish Independence referendum.
A soft brexit would in some shape or form allow access to the EU single market while taking us out of the EU, and with it my concern at the SNP language.
This concentration by Nicola Sturgeon on access to the single market rather than the EU, and Angus Robertsons comments as the newly elected deputy leader of the SNP on Sunday politics today are a concern. When pressed by Gordon Brewer on whether the Independence referendum threat would be withdrawn,Robertson said in effect that if the conditions were met and access to the single market were guaranteed then there would be no need for one and it would be withdrawn.

Let me remind you again of the wording in the SNP manifesto….

‘The Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum…if there is a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014, such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will”

It clearly says the EU, not the single market which is but a part of the EU.
So I ask…..What are they playing at?

So let me make something perfectly clear to the SNP leadership, as you threaten Westminster with an Independence referendum should they be intransigent and not pay heed to the majority will of the Scottish people to remain in the EU, the SNP will also be under threat if they back out of Independence for a lesser backdoor deal with Westminster. Even moderates like myself will be turning their backs on them for reneging on Independence!

Fine words are all good and well, but they are worthless without the action to go with them.

As for those Unionists who claim that somehow Scots having decided by majority to remain in the UK back in 2014 by voting in the referendum and therefore were not entitled to have another one can pull the other leg. What must be understood is that Scots were not signing up to throw away their right to self determination. If Scots want another referendum we shall have one. It may be sooner than the once in a generation opportunity it was thought to be, but then again we were not to know the full extent of the pack of lies that we were sold back then! We know now.

Another Scottish Independence referendum we shall surely have, and God help anyone that tries to stop us exercising our democratic sovereign rights.

As Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, and in celebration of the achievements of a further 2 Scots to add to our long list of Nobel Prize winners too.
A nod to Bob and a reminder to those who would seek to prevent change for their own selfish ends.

The Times They Are a-Changin’
Come gather ’round people where ever you roam
And admit that the waters around you have grown
And accept it that soon you’ll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone,
For the times they are a’ changin’!
Come writers and critics who prophesy with your pen
And keep your eyes wide the chance won’t come again
And don’t speak too soon for the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who that it’s namin’
For the loser now will be later to win
For the times they are a’ changin’!
Come senators, congressmen please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled
There’s a battle outside and it’s ragin’
It’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls
For the times they are a’ changin’!
Come mothers and fathers throughout the land
And don’t criticize what you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command
Your old road is rapidly agin’
Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand
For the times they are a’ changin’!
The line it is drawn the curse it is cast
The slow one now will later be fast
As the present now will later be past
The order is rapidly fadin’
And the first one now will later be last
For the times they are a’ changin’!
 Bob Dylan


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Fear Factor 10

Well there we have it, the SNP conference is at an end for another year.
Unless you were actually there,which I wasn’t, (not being a member) , then you would have been very lucky to actually know much of what was being debated. Unlike the Labour and Tory conferences which got extensive coverage by the BBC on a daily basis, the SNP were restricted to the news bulletins and a tiny 2 hour slot on the last day.
Therefore the main talking points by the media focussed on Nicola Sturgeons opening and closing speeches, and a couple of speeches in between.
It is easy therefore for the public at large to think that all the SNP talked about was Brexit and the next Independence referendum.
So much for being the 3rd largest party at Westminster. Even so, the content of Nicola Sturgeons speeches were quite enough by themselves to create a mini uproar among the British state media and the Union supporters.

The mere thought of Scotland having another Independence referendum is enough to get them coming out in cold sweats and minor panic attacks.
Although Nicola Sturgeon didn’t come out and definitely say that there would be another Independence referendum, the implication of one, born out by the statement that a referendum bill was being immediately progressed with in the Scottish parliament was quite enough to set the alarm bells ringing. It was the very last thing that they wanted to hear.

From the perspective of those that do want another Independence referendum, this was good news.
However certain things have to be noted. No guarantee of another referendum has been made, merely that one is being prepared for.
At present Nicola is giving Westminster a warning shot across the Britannia bows,either properly engage and include us, listen to the voice of the Scottish people to remain in the EU and act accordingly to enable us, or suffer the consequences!
Given that all the language and signals coming from the Tory government suggests that such demands will be ignored, and given that they seem hell bent on taking us out of the single market, an Independence referendum is almost a stick on certainty.
The only real question is When?
This seems to be a question which is exercising a lot of Independence supporters.
Within the SNP there is differing opinions, as Nicola Sturgeon alluded to. Some are pressing for one as soon as possible, some are pressing her to hold off. As she said, she hears the arguments and understands them, but she will be the one who decides when.
In the wider YES community opinions are even more diverse. Some want it now, some are more content to wait and see what develops, and a minority of vocal voices are shouting for UDI.

One thing I have noticed in recent times is the upsurge in Unionist supporting presence on social media, and since the brexit vote and now after the SNP conference with Nicola Sturgeons announcement, it is going into meltdown. Some groups have been preparing for this for quite some time, the Broken Record billboard from Scotland In Union was very noticeable at the SNP conference, and they have some serious financial backing behind them. Interestingly enough they established themselves with Company House back as far as November 2014.
If Better Together named themselves project fear, you can bet that lessons have been learned on their side too from the last referendum, and the New Project Fear will be a lot more organised on the internet than the last time. I note that Scotland In Union are using Nation Builder softwear similar to the SNP now.
Given also that the Fear and Negativity factor has proved to be successful for them and the biased media in winning 2 referendums now, it is entirely evident that this will be their modus operandi this time too, only ramped up to Fear Factor 10 because they will be fighting for their lives!
To date they have been using the same old arguments that they used last time but with minor alterations and I anticipate that they will continue in such a vein.
First off they will challenge the legitimacy of the Scottish government to even call a referendum.
They will suggest that doing trade with the EU prevents trade with the rUK.
They will continually disrespectfully name call.
They will bring up borders and access.
They will call the Scottish economy a basket case
They will get on the currency bandwagon
They will point to oils poor recent performance
And of course they will jump on anything that the Independence side may do which they can attack.
Expect it all in spades!

Whilst the polls may suggest that the Independence side is now starting off at around 48% ,you may notice some very odd figures punted by the media. Currently the media is saying that support for Independence has slipped to 39% with 47% against. Instead of quoting with the Dont Knows taken out, they are leaving them in, giving this lower figure they are punting. I don’t trust polls and treat them with a pile of salt,they are a tool nothing more. With different polling figures from using different methods from different organisations, often it is a case of comparing apples with oranges.
While the Bookies on the other hand  currently have independence at odds on favourite, the last thing we can expect is a rerun of the last campaign. This time will be shorter but much more brutal!

We cannot allow for uncertainty among us nor division. This time we have to take the fight to them If we want to win this.
Independence wont just fall into our laps, we will have to give it all we have to make it happen!

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Scottish Government to adopt Tory Policy.

On the eve of the SNP conference the startling revelation that the Scottish Government is ready to apply key Tory policies has been made by a trusted authoritative source.
The senior insider has relayed the startling revelation ” Despite serious attempts to engage positively with Theresa Mays government we have been rebuffed at every avenue and this has left Nicola Sturgeon with no option but to call for a fresh Scottish referendum”

He went on to say that he expected the referendum to be called for no later than the Autumn of 2018.
He reports the following Major changes have been considered and will be made to the referendum procedures and to who is allowed to vote in it.

The Scottish Parliament will take full oversight of the referendum with the EU invited to send representatives to ensure proper procedures are followed.
Major changes will be made on the right to postal votes.
Only those who can provide evidence of permanent residency and medical certification of incapacity will be allowed a postal vote.
All those with permanent residence in Scotland will be allowed, but proof of identification will be required at polling stations.
EU citizens with permanent residence will be allowed to vote.
16-18 year olds will retain their right to vote as per last referendum.
Those that have residence elsewhere outwith Scotland will have to provide proof that their primary residence is in Scotland. Those that have residences listed as holiday homes for council tax purposes will not be able to vote from that address.
English students who are only here on a temporary basis to get the benefit of our generous higher education fees will not be allowed to vote from their term time addresses.
There will be for a first time an age limit cut off, and those that are 65plus who voted No at the last referendum will be excluded on the basis that they should not be making negative long term decisions which will impact on their children and grandchildrens future.(Loud blasts of Bob Dylans “The Times they are a changin” will be made as wake up calls every morning in senior communal accommodation.

This is in line with Tory policy at Westminster where certain citizens are to be asked to be listed by companies if they come from outwith the UK. Where the reduction of seats in non Tory areas are to the Conservatives benefit at the following General elections. Where Westminster denied all EU citizens residing in the UK the ability to vote in the EU referendum.

“It is only right and proper that if they can get away with such exclusion and gerrymandering to achieve their ends, that we can do the same thing to get what we want”
” The time is coming for Scottish Independence and rid us from unrepresentative Tory rule for good, and that time is now!”

In line with direction which current Tory/UKIP policy is taking, all Tories will be made to wear identifying blue stars on their chest, and all faux BBC English will be discouraged, and classes will have to be attended to learn how to speak proper Scots.
Phrases such as ” Haud yer wheesht ya wee bauchle” will be encouraged.

Of course in good Scottish Daily Express, Daily Mail garbage fashion….I made that all up, and the authoritative source was myself, this senior insider is most definitely now in his senior years, and I am Inside the hoose…. But hey…never let real facts get in the way of biased opinion… The Headline is All!!

Sore Elbow and all that.

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The Hard Brexit Exit

As we await the beginnings of the hard brexit exit that the Tories seem hell bent on pursuing with the Article 50 sign off in around late March according to Theresa May.
I have been taking some time to consider what it all appears to mean, and to reflect both on the Indyref campaign of 2014, and looking forward to a new one once the Article 50 is put in place.
What do we actually know? What lessons are to be learned? How do we approach a new campaign once it begins?

What do we actually know? Well very little so far, nothing has been openly discussed, either by the Tories who seem to be completely divided over what it all means and what they actually want from it, or for that matter what do the SNP and the Scottish government want to do about it?

Much as many on the Independence side are getting agitated and want the SNP to call the next Independence referendum right now, I doubt very much that this is what the SNP have in mind. They are being cautious and they are biding their time, waiting like us all to see what the Tories are going to do next, and waiting to see how things are going to proceed. I think that this is a sensible approach, as it is only by knowing how this brexit is going to proceed, and what sort of impact it will really have, can arguments be properly made.

Soon enough there will be enough ammunition to really get stuck into it. Once the impact really starts to be felt no matter what the press and media might say, the actual evidence of what happens in peoples lives will tell its own story.
On that basis I feel that it will probably be around the autumn of next year that an Independence referendum will be called.

In the meantime the Tories and Indeed Labour have been giving us a sense from their party conferences of what is important to them.

In Labours case they spent the majority of their party conference taking about themselves. When they weren’t talking about themselves or when ace button presser Kezia Dugdale wasn’t making a fool of herself, they were talking about grammar schools and the English NHS…the only relevance to Scotland was when Kezia spent most of her time talking about the SNP. As for Brexit…well they just told the Tories to hurry up and get on with it. Then they went back to fighting each other again while proclaiming unity.

The Tories? Well Brexit means Brexit of course, and not only Brexit but hard Brexit, or Breakfast as a Welsh Tory called it. We were told it means getting shot of these rotten EU Laws in a piecemeal fashion. Such rotten laws as the Human Rights Law and anything else of value which was not Tory values.

We were told that foreigners are not welcome, and the ones who remained doing important jobs like Doctors could only stay until we had trained enough to kick them out. We were told by Mein Kampff Rudd that companies would have to make lists of their foreign workers or else get punished. They spoke about Grammar schools, and Ruth Davidson played the part of Mays Scottish Court Jester, with funny jokes about Scots thieving everything that wasn’t nailed down. Oh how they loved Ruthie…
Ruthie got so carried away with all the adulation that she said she was going to be First Minister of Scotlandshire. As for anything about Scotland…Well only May saying that she was going to malkie those divisive nationalists, and Ruthie cheering and saying SNP Bad Bad Bad…

In fact the Tories barely mentioned Labour apart from laughing at them, otherwise they saw Labour as an irrelevance.
As for either party actually coming up with any plans or policies that might be at all relevant to Scotland..forget it! Labour refused to even debate Brexit, and refused to debate trident.. Useless.


What does all this mean to me then?
As we look forward to when the next independence referendum takes place, I think that it would be a mistake to make it all about the EU.

While Brexit will make the material circumstance required by the SNP in their manifesto, and while 62% of those who voted decided to vote to remain, It is merely the trigger in my opinion, not the whole argument. To base the next indyref around the EU would be a mistake although it will play a significant part.

The reason I voted to remain was not because I am particularly fond of the EU, but rather as a brake on Westminster Tories. While we are part of the UK and the UK is in the EU, the EU stops the worst excesses of what Westminster inflicts upon us.
I also voted to remain, knowing full well if the rest of the UK voted Leave and Scotland voted to remain,then we would have the material circumstance required to trigger another Independence referendum.

It is not I think that Scots are all that fond of the EU, we barely ever bother to attend EU elections, and mostly haven’t a scooby what the MEPs get up to. We have probably learned a little more recently, but to base our independence arguments on that alone or even the effects of Brexit, bad as they are going to be would be foolish.

What we did not do enough of last time was to talk of what our aspirations for Scotland are. Nor did we take the battle to the unionists…the SNP and the old YES campaigners were playing it all nicey nicey….rather than ripping into all the garbage of the Better Together mob and the dire state of the Union. Not this time I hope!

Instead of allowing them to regurgitate the same old disproved arguments of the past, which they will do. We need to dictate the debate ourselves, and instead of being always on the defensive, go on the attack. If we want this…we are going to have to go all out for it.

We need to create a vision, think of how things can be better, not just some sort of continuation of the same. Admit we don’t have all the answers yet, nor can we be expected to, but inspire folks to think of what can be, how we can do better.

Brexit breaks it… Indy fixes it.

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