The Dirt and the Spirit of Independence

I have often been asked why I don’t go for political selection? The answer apart from the daily workings of political life is tedious in the extreme, is that your life ceases to be your own.
Those that do take to the political arena are faced with a life which is always under scrutiny, and every detail of your past dug into by political opponents and journalists keen to find any piece of dirt or slander that they can pin on you.
There is nothing surer to tell us that a new Independence referendum is in the offing than when allegations and downright lies start being flung about, and they are falling upon us like a hail storm at the moment.

Over the course of the past few days we have seen Mhairi Black singled out for seemingly living it up on her travel expenses. The lie that she has been travelling business class rather than economy like the rest of us poor punters on her flights to and from London, has been spread and regurgitated by all and sundry, including Labour and Tory MSPs.
The fact that she doesn’t either personally book her flights or that there is no such thing as business class for domestic flights is a total irrelevance. As long as the slur sticks then with the chattering classes, job done!

This was rapidly followed up with the genuine news that Natalie McGarry, the suspended SNP MP who is now Independent has been formerly charged with financial irregularities from her involvement with Women for Independence and with some SNP regional group.
A lot of people have as such concluded before the case comes to court that she must be guilty as charged and have been making hay with it.
Who knows whatever happened to presumption of innocence until proven guilty in this country?
I neither know nor can say whether she is guilty as charged or not, and neither does anyone else until judgement in court has been reached. But in the meantime it is all grist to the mill in the political slurry.

And then there is the case of Michelle Thompson MP, who has been suspended by the SNP since allegations were made against her over possible mortgage dealings in a practice she was involved with prior to entering parliament as an MP.
Given the length of time that she has been suspended and no police action against her, it has been suggested recently that she be allowed back into the SNP group. I suspect this will now be put on hold given recently adverse publicity against others.

And now today, we find the Daily Record doing a hatchet piece on Chris Law MP. Not only did they report that Chris had been Interviewed by police in Dundee yesterday in relation to an allegation of financial irregularity with regards to his own personal “Spirit of Independence” campaign during the Independence referendum but they also managed within their gutter press piece to include Natalie McGarry and Michelle Thompson in it, along with aspersions on Chris’s personal life.

Daily record

“POLICE are investigating a third SNP MP over financial dealings.

Dundee West MP Chris Law was detained and questioned in his home city yesterday.

The investigation is focused on Law’s Spirit of Independence referendum campaign, where he toured Scotland in a refurbished Green Goddess fire engine in the run-up to the 2014 vote.

Another of the SNP’s huge new intake of MPs, Natalie McGarry, was charged with embezzlement 
less than 24 hours before Law was questioned.

And Edinburgh Western MP Michelle Thomson is still suspended from the party as police investigate property deals carried out for her by a solicitor struck off for misconduct.”

“Law was not charged with any offences yesterday.

Police said: “A 46-year-old man was detained and has been released pending further inquiries.

“Investigations are continuing.”

A source close to Law told us: “Chris attended the police station on Wednesday morning and provided information in relation to a matter under investigation.

“He has agreed to provide the police with further information and is confident the matter will be resolved.””

Law briefly returned to his home in the west end of Dundee last night.

But he turned his 4×4 in the drive, spinning his wheels, and drove off again as our reporter tried to get him to stop and speak.”

How dare he not speak to your reporter! 

A woman had arrived seconds before him in a green vintage sports car.

Yes….what of it? He has a partner, and what does what she drives make a difference to the price of bread?

When we arrived, there was a brass plate next to the doorbell which said “Law” and “mortgage services”. It was later removed.”

Chris was in financial services prior to entering parliament, and given this sudden press interest he probably decided to make it somewhat more difficult for your journo pals to identify his house!”And why separate the brass plate name, unless to emphasise FINANCIAL to suggest IRREGULARITY? It read ” Law mortgage services” 

“An Aston Martin racing car with the number 007 was parked beside the house. The 46-year-old MP is a “petrolhead” and vintage bike and car enthusiast.”

Yes….What of it? 

Law has said he set up Spirit of Independence to reach voters who said they were not getting enough information about the campaign.

He travelled around Scotland in his blue-painted fire engine and claimed to have handed out two tons of leaflets and raised £30,000.

Law is a colourful character who got a social anthropology degree, trained as a chef, organised 
motorbike tours in the Himalayas and worked as a financial adviser before entering Parliament.

He, McGarry and Thomson were all elected in the incredible SNP “surge” after the referendum, which saw the party claim 56 of Scotland’s 59 Westminster seats.

But the SNP Westminster group has been beset by scandals since, and the inquiry involving Law is another headache for party leader Nicola Sturgeon.

Glasgow East MP McGarry was charged on Tuesday after a 10-month police investigation into tens of thousands of pounds allegedly missing from Women for Independence, a campaign group she helped found.”

And finally we get to the real nub of this scandal piece….To link all 3 to Financial Irregularities….In effect SNP are crooks!
By lesser Implication, The SNP do not do due diligence in whom they select for MPs.

Now to the facts:

Of all of these highlighted over the past week in articles by the Express and Record, Black,McGarry, Thompson and Law, None have been convicted of anything!
McGarrys case goes to court, but nothing has as yet been proven against her.
Black has already and very quickly cleared of the garbage said about her.
No proceedings have been raised against Thompson after over a year, and might I suggest that by this stage, none will be.
As for Chris Law, not only was his campaign during the Independence referendum off his own back as a private individual not connected to the SNP, but he financed it himself along with thousands of private individual contributions willingly given to help him.

We have heard very little with regards to the actual criminality of the person who as part of Kezias team got convicted for misappropriation of Labour funds.
It has also gone extremely quiet over the many Tory MPS accused of irregularities during the last general election.

With the Tories in a guddle over Brexit and their own infighting, and Labour in an eternal conflict of death, and with an Independence referendum in the offing, we can expect the unionist media and press to be in full flow attacking the SNP.

SNP BAD! will be ramped up even further, and given that it has already reached this stage, we know that Independence is coming!



The Spirit of Independence is on the road
We’ve fixed her up and given her a new coat
She once seemed done and past it
All her best days left long behind
But now look at her in her majesty
Bringing The Spirit of Independence to our minds

In her youth she saved so many
No danger of disaster would she fear
She doused the Fires of Fear out
when her waters would dry our tears
But somehow we all forgot her
except for those staunch and faithful few
As she laid to rest and rot
while our spirit of Independence grew mildew

But you cannot take away what’s in your soul
though you may bury it so deep in a black hole
You may convince yourself you’re worthless
Or let others keep you tied in velvet chains
But buried beneath the lies and fears
lies the spirit of Independence in your veins

The centuries may come and pass us by
Succeeding generations all buying the Big Lie
Were too poor, too weak, too stupid
A region cleared for human herds of sheep
but something near forgotten now is stirring
The Spirit of Independence lies so deep

So we’ve dressed her up in finery
And she proudly takes the road
She is coming to our communities
And her Saltire it flies bold
Her pride of worth, is our worth of pride
She calls now believe in me
For the Spirit of Independence shall set us Free!

Rod Macfarlane



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No You Can’t have another referendum

Car crash Dugdale in her speech to the Labour conference stated absolutely clearly (at least for a few hours) that under no circumstance would she or the Scottish Labour branch support a second Scottish Independence referendum.
Later she was asked in an Interview if she would consider supporting one if it turned out that it would be in Scotlands best interests to become independent if Brexit proved to be damaging to Scottish Interests. She still maintained her position that she would still oppose it.

A few days ago it was reported that when asked, that a spokesman for Theresa May had said that Nicola Sturgeon did not have a mandate to call another Independence referendum.
“Asked if the Prime Minister regarded the FM’s position on the possibility of holding another independence referendum as a serious option or an idle threat, her deputy spokesman replied: “The Government does not believe there is a mandate for a second referendum.”

We know that Jeremy Corbyn is implacably opposed to Scottish Independence, so too is the Lib Dem leadership and obviously UKIP.

So if Nicola Sturgeon has no mandate to call another independence referendum, it sort of begs the question why these Westminster parties and their Scottish branches are so exercised by it?
Indeed if there were a mandate, then why should they be at all concerned about another independence referendum? After all they and the polls keep telling us that the appetite for YES is stagnant and the majority of Scots are still in favour of remaining in the Union.

Well for one thing, the effects of Brexit still haven’t kicked in yet, but It will, and when it does it will only have a negative impact on peoples lives.
Instead of less than 30% support at the start of the last campaign, the starting base for Yes this time is currently at 47%. A mere 4% more and Independence is in the bag.
Worried? You bet they are!

Some Union supporters try to make the false argument that the Scottish Governement does not have a mandate because a referendum was not in the SNP manifesto. This is entirely false.
The SNP’s 2016 Scottish parliamentary election manifesto stated: “We believe the Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum if there is clear and sustained evidence that independence has become the preferred option of a majority of the Scottish people, or if there is a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014 such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will.”

It is therefore crystal clear that as soon as article 5o is implemented by Westminster these exact circumstances in the manifesto will have been met. The will of the Scottish people on remaining in the EU is expressed conclusively in the 62% who voted to remain in the EU referendum.

Theresa May and the rest of Westminster may howl as much as they like, the Will of the Scottish people is Sovereign.

Which brings us in conclusion to a rather Interesting question.
Perhaps there is no need for a referendum at all?

In the extremely unlikely event that Westminster attempts to block another Scottish referendum, there would arguably be nothing that they could do to prevent Scotland walking away in any case.
A Universal Declaration of Independence would only be in the last resort, and is an extremely fraught and dangerous road to go down and not advisable.

However, just as an exercise lets look at that possibility.

If as has been argued in an Aberdeen university senior law lecturer the Conservative government in Westminster decided to apply the results of Brexit after the article 50 negotiations had been concluded, without ratifying by an Act of Parliament after bringing it to the house for debate and approval, which appears to be what they intend.
They will have blown wide open simply scrapping the unifying Act of union of 1707,and Scotland could simply walk away from it all perfectly legally.
A precedent would be set by their actions over the EU Article 50 which would equally apply to the UK Acts of union.
All of this is of course open to legal debate and challenge, but interesting none the less.

Scotland would simply walk away from it all.

The upshot of all this is. We shall have our Independence referendum and there is damn all they can do to stop us. No wonder they are howling!


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Labour Resignations and New Party

And  the never ending saga of Labour goes on.
Word has reached us this evening from a BBC source that the BBC are in possession of a letter which is embargoed until 7.45am in the morning of Labour resignations and the forming of a new party.
So much for unity in this dysfunctional Labour party, so much for Labour caring about anything anyone or anything else other than their own squabbles.
It is also rumoured that Corbyn is having another attempt with Labours National Executive tomorrow morning to put the brakes on the much heralded non autonomous autonomous Scottish branch from having a representative on Labours National Executive.
The Labour NEC have also chosen in their infinite wisdom that there will be no debate on trident nor of Brexit..What does that tell you about their primary motivations?
Whether these reports of defections turn out to be true or not,whatever people think of Corbyn, and he is more socialist than his parliamentary labour party colleagues, he is no friend of Scottish Independence and is as unionist as the rest of them.

One thing that the Brexit vote has taught us here in Scotland is that our views as a populace are not valued, and we are not equal partners in the Union, nor shall we ever be.
Another thing it has taught us is that these parties, whether Red, Pink or Yellow or Blue of the British parties, is that none of them give a tuppence for Scotland, and they barely even give a tuppence for the British electorate either. We are all here to serve them, and to act as foot soldiers when they require us to. Ultimately and primarily they are only in it for themselves and their own limited interests, and they have no care what their actions or inactions will cause for the populace. As long as their interests are served anything goes.
Quite frankly this is intolerable, and quite frankly we should no longer be waiting for anyone else to decide for us what we should be doing about this situation.
It is time and long past it, that the people of Scotland said this is it, we have had enough of your false promises and vows. We have had enough of your useless posturing, and we have had enough of being taken for granted.
Never mind waiting for being told by anybody what to do. It is time for us to take matters into our own hands and demand our Independence. Enough is enough and they have had their chips!


*** The first


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Eton Mess and Labour Crumble

Eton mess is a traditional English Dessert consisting of a mixture of strawberries, broken meringue, and whipped heavy cream.Or alternatively the dogs breakfast David Camerons Tories left us with, but instead of broken meringue they used Brexit.
Theresa Mays version give us such luminaries as Boris Johnson, Fox and Davies as the chefs to really make an even bigger mess.
With Theresa May as head Chef it all goes really pear shaped in the Great British Brexit Bake Off as she doesn’t even know the recipe for making Brexit work and Insists that the SNP helped come up with the recipe.
Now one would think with this sort of culinary mayhem going on that Labour would have taken every opportunity to cook the books themselves. Unfortunately for them, instead of coming up with a better recipe, they have come up with a dish called Labour Crumble instead.

The past few weeks and months since Brexit with the Torys all stabbing each other in the back with their own blood letting, Instead of holding them to account Labour have been going into a mosh pit instead. The Labour MPs all lining up to stab their Caesar Jeremy Corbyn in the back. With Corbyn proclaiming Et tu Brutes the blundering plotters elected an even more unelectable challenger in Owen Smith .

Meanwhile up in their Scottish Regional branch office, their local office branch manager Kezia Dugdale was spinning on her heels faster than a contestant in Strictly come dancing.
One moment she was saying that Corbyn was the bees knees who would lead labour Moses like to the promised land, then the next she was saying that he was a chimp who had lost all his bananas. Then she was saying Owen was her man, then she wasn’t.
Corbyn finally won the leadership ballot of the Labour members who were still not purged and he called for unity, so Dugdale said yes lets have unity and we can win this, but Jezza is still unelectable, I really stand by that.

In among all these going ons, we were told yet again for the 4th time in 3 years that the Scottish Labour branch office would REALLY be autonomous, but their sole Scottish MP Ian Murray took exception to this, we are automatons he said!
We are automatons in charge of all local and national policies, and we can make our decisions differently from Labour in London, only we must vote in Westminster how they say even if we say differently.
Precisely, he was right, they are automatons.

So here we are today, The Tories still desperately looking for the meaning of life in the meaning of Brexit. The Scottish Tories and Murdo Fraser demanding that the SNP explain Brexit to them and tell them what Brexit means. May saying that it is all the SNPs fault as they are equally responsible for Brexit.
Labour with Corbyn still leader search for new ways to destruct their crumble, and Kezia blames SNP for all Labour Ills.

As for the LibDems? Willie Rennie is looking for his plastic duck.



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The Disenfranchised

In the run up prior to the Scottish Independence referendum in 2014 a huge attempt was made by YES supporters, In particular Radical Independence, to make sure that everyone was registered to vote. Huge efforts were made by canvassers in the Council schemes up and down the country and in the streets to ensure that nobody missed out on the chance to vote in the biggest vote Scotland had ever seen. The homeless and the disenfranchised were encouraged and helped to resister to vote. Huge numbers made it back onto the electoral register by the deadline day.

These efforts will unfortunately have to be made again prior to another Scottish Independence referendum in order to make sure that nobody misses out.

The reason for this is crystal clear. If another Scottish Independence referendum were to take place tomorrow, thousands of these people who had been enfranchised have since 2015 been disenfranchised again!

I have no figures for how many were removed off the Scottish electoral register in 2015, but the figure UK wide was in the region of 770,000 in February of this year. So lets take a proportionate 10th of that for Scotland, which would mean that around 77,000 Scots had been removed from the register by that time. That figure has very probably risen since.

Given that most of those that have fallen off the register are most likely to be among the poorer of society, and given that the largest proportion of the Income bands to support YES are in the lower Income brackets, it will be imperative to ensure that similar efforts are once again made to allow everyone their rightful say to vote when the next referendum comes along.
If projections are correct, this will be a much quicker time scale than the last referendum,and could be upon us as early as 2018.

We will not have the same length of debate, nor shall we have as much time to get organised. So get ready to have your skates on folks.. The NO side are already up and running in the press and media….We need to make sure that we too are prepared, and the talking and persuasion starts now!




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WARNING: Stormy Weather Ahead

First of all, before I proceed, I would like to make it clear that what follows is from my own particular Individual and Independent perspective. I am neither a member nor supporter of any given political party or movement, simply a supporter of Scottish Independence.

By all accounts the Westminster government are set to action Article 50 around January/February next year. This will be the starting gun to Britains Brexit from the EU.
It will also be what triggers the second Scottish Independence referendum when it becomes clear that Scotland is to be sidelined and exit from the European Single Market is in the offing.
But let us forget Brexit for a moment, we will come back to that later.
What else follows in the coming year will be decisive with regards to Scottish Independence and to the whole shape of Scottish politics.

In May 2017 we see the Scottish Council elections taking place, and If the Indyref2 date has been decided by then and the campaign for Independence has begun, we could be conceivably looking at the unionists best way of disrupting it, and we may even see serious conflicts among YES party political supporters, which would only play into the hands of those who are against independence.

The British Empire and State were past masters of conquering by the tactics of division. Divide to Rule being their motto. The British State still uses that well worn tactic today, and they will utilise all the infighting among Scots to achieve their aims.

We only need look back to the recent Holyrood election to see how corrosive and divisive that was among pro Independence parties. We also see as the result of some of the tribalistic party conflicts over the second vote how easily previous YES unity was binned and torn asunder.

If Indeed the new Independence Referendum has begun prior to May next year, we must be careful to avoid all party political rancour among Independence supporters otherwise the new YES campaign will be seriously and perhaps terminally disrupted. Which indeed would suit the Yoons right down to the ground and play right into their hands.

Everyone that is an Independence supporter must put Independence before Party!
Country before Club so to speak.

Make no mistake about it, divisive tactics will be used by the other side, using every means possible, without being assisted by our own side.
It can be no accident that even this early on we see an increase of activity on social media by new accounts purporting to be pro Scots Independence coming out with very divisive and abusive comments. We have enough hot heads of our own to deal with on social media being downright unpleasant to those on the same side who espouse different views without adding in the trolls to egg them on.
Using words such as traitor, quisling etc is not going to win any argument, and is not going to change anyones mind, in fact using abusive words to someone you disgree with will only entrench their views. It is self defeating.

Given that the YES side won conclusively in the cyber debate, expect the Brits to have learned from this, and expect more of an online presence of negativity from them.
Particularly noting that the Intelligence services are recruiting up to 2000 new recruits exclusively for the Internet! Scottish independence is a major threat to the British State, expect everything!

With regards to the Council elections… The Pro Indy vote needs to get out in force.
Council elections are historically low turn outs, we need to make sure that we have a huge drive to make sure the pro Indy vote gets out, as every vote will be needed.

By the nature of the system for allocating seats in Council elections, we need to ensure that none of your choice preferences go to Unionist parties. It has been seen recently in Council by elections how the Unionist side is playing it. Tory votes are going to labour in second preference and Labour votes for Tory in second preference, ensuring that they gang up to keep the SNP out, even where the SNP have the most 1st preference votes. In order for the SNP to be assured of the win, they need 51% of 1st preference votes, and that is a huge order for any party!

What we do not want to see is the Indy sides all having a go at each other letting the Unionists in! So be smart.

The Councils are the last bastion of Unionism in Scotland….We need to win them!

In saying all that…. The SNP in turn need to realise that while they are the major party of Independence, they are not the YES campaign, but part of it. There is another section of society which holds far more YES votes than they have. That is all those like myself who are not party members and who vote for Independence.

For the new YES to be effective, everyone must be included, not just the party political bods…but everyone!

There are difficult waters ahead….let us make sure that we are in the best shape possible to steer through them all safely and successfully to our destination of Independence.

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The Bottom Line

Newspapers and Online media all use headlines which are supposed to convey whatever the article happens to be about.
On the newspaper stands across the country on any given day, you will find racks of newspapers with their front page headlines shouting out at you.
If you look at BBC news or Sky news or on politics programmes, in recent years they have taken to having a whole section devoted to what the newspapers are reporting on the day, and they will show you a full range of what the stories are supposed to be about.
It is a case of the news reporting the news, or what they consider passes as news.

In the tv programmes they will then have a couple of specifically invited so called analysts, fairly often these being newspaper editors or journalists who comment on the headlines, and more often than not these headlines will carry something very similar to what their own newspaper is reporting about.

So what we have is actually circular news reporting, all saying the same thing only with slightly different headlines, all reported as news by the TV media.
So it is, how the news is manipulated to convey an agreed establishment view.
Over 90% of the Scottish press is owned and reflects ownership based in England, or of Scottish Conservative roots.
The BBC is the British establishments voice, as confirmed recently by the Conservative government confirming that the BBCs role was to engender and proclaim Britishness.

While the Scottish press has been losing readership faster than Usain Bolt running away from an angry cheetah, the message must still go out. So it is that the TV media promote the guff in their headlines.

Now they can get away with influencing peoples views and perceptions for as long as folks are lazy and don’t bother looking into things for themselves. Unfortunately too many folk are too lazy to read past the headline and simply accept without question that the headline is a true reflection of what has been said.

Well it is long past time that folk stopped being lazy about what they read, otherwise a perverted news will have them sheared like sheep and put in their pen.

Instead of simply reading the headline….go straight to next to the bottom line, then you will get a more accurate perception of what is being said and reported.

The Headline will say one thing, and fairly often the bottom line will enforce that by the way of commentary, but the paragraph before that will give a more accurate picture.

Take for example what I wrote yesterday, and the Headline I used.
“The SNP need to stop going on about Independence”
Now if you had bothered actually reading what I wrote, you would have realised I was song something entirely different.
My bottom line was :

“When Article 50 is triggered, possibly early next year, it is at that point that the Tories and Labour and LibDem leadership can with some justification start shouting about the SNP going on about Independence because by then their collective fears will have come true and Scotland will again be having another referendum.

Perhaps by then the Scottish Tories will have figured out what Brexit is, and wont need to ask the SNP what it is.

Perhaps by then…All of Scotland will have decided that enough is enough in this broken union, and leave the British Separatists to cut themselves off from the rest of the World while Scotland gets back on.”

Fortunately for me, most people did read what I wrote in its entirety, but still I got complaints from people who had obviously only read the headline..

So in conclusion, I will stick to my Headline this time, and the Bottom Line is…

Read everything, take nothing for granted, and do not rely on BBC presenters who have a habit of interviewing themselves and then calling it news…

The Headline may read…There is no appetite for Scottish Independence
But  for the majority of Scots has surely to be… Independence is Essential.

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