Vote Tory get Labour,Vote Labour get Tory,Vote Libdem get stuffed.

Vote Tory get Labour,Vote Labour get Tory,Vote Libdem get stuffed,Vote SNP KICK ASS!

It is all systems go when it comes to panic stations amongst Westminsters Unionist parties, all because of one wee Scottish lassie who is frightening the wits out of them.

Nicola Sturgeon has really come of age since she was elevated to the leadership of the SNP. Those of us here in Scotland who have paid attention to Scottish politics well knew that she was a very capable woman and politician, but even some of us have been taken slightly aback at how much she has matured as a politician and stepped up a few gears since she took the leadership of her party. There is nobody who couldn’t fail to be impressed at the ease and competence of her performance during the leaders debates, but more so her handling of the SNP manifesto launch and hostile media.

Where other leaders have run a mile from any contact with the real public and avoided real questions from the press in their stage managed launches and events, Nicola sturgeon has taken the opposite way of actively engaging with everyone. She seems to have almost taken on super woman status, appearing all over the place seemingly at the same time.

No wonder that even some of her ideologically opposed right wing media opponents are treating her with a degree of awe and respect.

However impressive Nicolas performances have been, what scares her opponents more is that her party and supporters are proving to be extremely able and competent in their own right, and the polls suggesting that a political tartan army is sweeping all before it and getting ready to march on the bastion of upper class English/Britishness, Westminster.

An organised untamed Scottish voice in Westminster terrifies them out of their wits and threatens the core of their sense of entitlement.
As such they and their media mouthpieces are on full war footing. I don’t use that war reference lightly either, as this is the terminology they have been increasingly using.

As they wheel out their elder Big Guns, Blair,Brown, Major, Ashdown, they increasingly get more hysterical and more threatening.
Language such as ” Real and Present Danger” “Insurgents” “Ransom Demands” and even references to the Balkan conflict have been used.

What is causing such alarm? Why the fear factor approaching hatred of those North of their border who they not so long ago pleaded to stay with them? We are Better Together they said, and some even believed them.
The answer quite simply is that the Old Firm of Westminster governments are suddenly under extreme threat from the allegedly lesser makeshift parties who are only supposed to be participating in the Westminster Cup in order to make it look like it is a real democratic competition are endangering the whole event by exposing how rigged it all really is.

They are quite happy to put up with their own little insurgents UKIP because they know they are really part of their wee club of right wing tories, and are too off the wall to ever be taken really seriously as a threat.
It is the Greens, Plaid Cymru and most fearsome of the lot, the Wildlings from the frozen North, the SNP who are making them shake in their boots by alerting the populace of these islands to their fakery and deception.

The only people who gain from their collective Austerity is them and their rich backers in the Spiders Web of politics, media and finance that is Westminster, London and the South East of England.
These political parties and politicians are up to their eyes in positions and interests in Finance, Corporate Bodies, Private Health Care, and the Media.
Austerity suits them all very well, they can rake in the profits while others suffer.

To put this very simply:  The Banks broke, they bailed out the Banks, the Bankers get bonuses, the poor get foodbanks.
Austerity has been visited on those who did not cause it, and the poor, the workers, the middle classes do not deserve it.
The real threat is that these diddy parties as they have been portrayed by them are threatening a very British revolution by shouting…..” Look the Empire has no clothes”
Make the real perpetrators pay!

Hence why they are worried sick that the polls are predicting the Labour part of their club is getting thrashed by the SNP.
Hence why the virulent attacks on the SNP in the Media.
Hence why they are all shouting for Scots to use tactical voting to keep the SNP out.
Labour are shouting vote Tory or Lib Dem in areas they don’t feel they can contest, The Tories are suggesting to their supporters vote Labour, the Lib Dems are pleading for anyone to vote for them.

But if the polls are correct, and the SNP vote hits 50% or above….there is very little or nothing they can achieve by such negative politics, because 50% or above trumps them all, even if they could actually manage to get their act together, which is extremely unlikely….The one thing these westminster parties have proved is that they couldn’t run a ménage

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Deficits and Black Holes

Much has been spouted by Labour and their Unionist cronies about Scotland seeking to have FFA…Full Fiscal Autonomy. They say it is a terribly bad thing….Very Very Very Bad thing…..Scotland just could not cope and we would all be in the gutter if it were implemented..

To back this up they have their figures from their tame in house economists(Fortune Tellers) saying that if implemented this year Scotland would have a £7.6Billion deficit….

They call this a Black Hole in Scotlands finances. Oh woe is us if the SNP get their own way by getting Full Fiscal Autonomy… Yet not so very long ago…..Back in the Bad Old Days of the Independence referendum, did these parties not pledge,nay Vow, that Scotland would have super duper devo max if we voted against Independence?

Did they not shout this from the roof tops and pledge their souls in the Daily Record whilst crossing their hearts and hope to die if they tell a porky pie on this?

Gordy Brown, the Saviour of the Union and all the rest as reported on the BBC Regional news were offering the closest thing to Independence….Home Rule.. We had their solemn oath and promise on it.. Davie Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed the Nerd ALL signed up to it..

What happened to that Vow? Oh yes…We got the Smith Commission…and the Vow got shredded to bits…

We who voted YES knew this would happen, so no great surprise.. But what of the promise….

Welll…..We all know to trust it eh? Home Rule….Super Duper Max, FFA….. Aww forget it they say….its really a very bad thing…You will be bust, we cannot possibly let that happen to you…

We don’t want you to have a £7.6 Billion deficit….A horrible Black Hole which you will disappear into never to be seen again.. What of the UK Deficit …..Much more than 10 times that of Scotland….Oh no….you have never had it so good….the UK is the most vibrant economy in the Galaxy now. Balls…Ed Balls.

Look at it this way…. Every country runs a deficit….It is like you and I running and maintaining a credit card…..Funny that we are not already all in the gutter by now?

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The Headless Chickens come home to roost

chick  10995484_908670485866771_5250794093011656992_n

Why did the chicken cross the road? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Why is a bird in the hand better than two in the bush? All very important questions for somebody I am sure, but would you make them the main important issues to debate in a general election campaign? I guess most of you would not,and yet this or the equivalent is what the major Westminster parties appear to be doing and squabbling about.

Full Fiscal Autonomy, Fiscal responsibility, Fiscal rectitude, uncosted spending promises,and who is going to cut harder than the other in the race to austerity.
the parties are full of it, the newspapers and broadcast media are full of it, and yet all it is as far as the general population is concerned, is a whole load of chicken shit.

To the ordinary man and woman in the street, all this cackling and clucking makes as much sense to them as a bunch of egg heads expounding on quantum physics.
It all makes for fine theater for political anoraks, but means precisely nothing to the lives of ordinary people.

The politicians and economists and media are all squawking away to themselves in their own little political bubble, while the rest of the populace looks on in abject puzzlement.

Real issues which affect real people are by in large ignored or spoken of in such a way as to be almost meaningless.
This may be why of course that Nigel Farage and his racist inward looking cronies have made any sort of impact with those South of the border, namely that at least they appear to be speaking something akin to the real language that people use.
Despite however obnoxious much of what Farage and company come out with, I suppose we do have something to thank them for. No matter whether or not it was completely unforeseen and not their intent, they have tapped into the people down South in a very basic sense, and the result has been that suddenly the cosy Westminster elite have had their feathers well and truly ruffled and it has contributed to a very quiet and genteel British revolution in politics, where no longer is it a two party three horse race hoovering up the votes and taking them for granted. The advent of multi party politics is now with us.

In Scotland we have seen our own revolution take shape, but in an entirely different form.
The two year long Independence debate has woken up and engaged the Scottish electorate like never before, but it didn’t stop there.
Suddenly, having got a taste for political engagement, and liking the taste of it, the Scots of all shades and shapes and gender have shrugged off their previous political apathy and found that they have a voice, and that voice is no longer that of our political masters, but the voice of the people, no matter on what side of the Independence debate they stood on.
Having found that voice, the Scots are no longer prepared to be put back into the box only to be brought out to put an X in the paper, without asking any questions,as mere voting fodder.

It is for this one reason alone that the complacent Labour party who ruled the roost for so long in Scotland find themselves facing a tartan tsunami.

The polls may or may not be accurate, that we wont know for sure until May 7th, but what we do know from them for sure, is that no longer can they or any of their unionist Westminster brethren count on monkeys voting for red, blue or yellow rosettes.
The Conservatives are almost all but extinct, the Liberal Democrats have thrown away their car keys and heading on the road to oblivion even faster due to their involvement in a toxic coalition, and Labour are like wingless Dodos dropping like a stone to the earth below.

The Golden Eagle of the SNP is flying high in the sky and Westminster is in its sights.
But they can not afford any complacency either. At this moment in time, because they are talking the language of ordinary people, and focusing on social justice, and combating the great Austerity Lie, they have support both from outwith their own party,and by a hugely increased membership, who see them as Scotlands best bet to speak out for us.
But they must be seen to follow through once they get to London, otherwise they to will face a backlash. It is a great responsibility they have on their shoulders, but it is one I am sure they will relish.

While the Westminster system sees Red Ed and Blue Cam squabbling over who will rule the roost. The egg man Jim Murphy has been sacrificed for Sunday dinner with his feathers plucked by Labour in London, the pretense of there being an autonomous entity called Scottish Labour has been well and truly been debunked.
For all Jims squawking and strutting about like banty rooster, he has found that he is not cock of the walk but well down the pecking order, and his goose has been well and truly cooked…

So too has Labour in Scotland, the chickens have all come home to roost, and at last it is the real people of Scotland who no longer have all their eggs in a Labour basket who have something to crow about, and will ruffle Westminsters feathers by sending a battalion of SNP MPs south in a matter of a few weeks time.

Scotland may not have achieved Independence in the referendum, yet somehow out of it, we are already looking at a very different country…..and it feels good!

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It is becoming absolutely clear that Labour in Scotland are in full scale panic mode.
It is no big surprise that they are having a melt down, and no big surprise that the media are not at all keen to report it.
With the mass increase in the SNPs membership since the referendum, and with previous labour supporters finally seeing the Labour party for what it is,and what it really stands for, jumping ship. Labours stranglehold over deprived communities, and their continued empty promises to the people, are shown up for what they were worth…Nothing, just a cushy life for the favoured Labour few, with a Lordship for some.

The polls in recent times have shown the SNPs lead holding rock solid, and increasing in many constituencies which were once labour strongholds… None of this bodes well for Labour MPs used to the cushy life, they may find themselves joining the dole queue come May 8th.

Of course the BBC and the media in general in Scotland will do their utmost to prevent such a meltdown taking place. They will spin negative stories about the SNP and their prospective candidates, and governance for all they are worth. They will also downplay or not report any good news or results the SNP may have.
In contrast, they will give their opponents, whether they be Labour, Conservative or LibDem, as much air time and print coverage which they can manage, particularly where the SNP is being trashed.
We know this in advance, and we see it happening already, expect more of it, much more!

Lord Ashcrofts poll of Scottish constuenties sent a shiver down their spines, with the poll showing massive swings to SNP in mostly Labour areas which voted YES in the referendum.. Do not be taken in by this… Expect in the near future Ashcroft to do polls in constituencies which mostly voted NO, and these results will not be as mind boggling.
There will unlikely be a Labour wipe out when it comes to the election, but they will be significantly reigned in, and may lose a considerable number of seats to the SNP.
If the SNP can achieve 20 plus seats they will be doing very well.

This may seem all well and good, but do not be lulled into a false sense of security. Making no bones about it, every seat will be a hard fought battle, and the dirty tricks we all saw taking place in the lead up to the referendum will pale into comparison to what is likely to take place now. Labour in Scotland is now like a cornered wounded rat….and they will fight dirty and for all they worth to hold onto their positions of privilege. The recruitment of McDougall from Better Together, and McTernan tells us all we need to know about how they intend to fight this campaign…negative and dirty!

They have no policy but one….”Attack the SNP”…they have sold all they ever stood for long ago, and now they have nothing left but that.

How they do this does not matter, anything goes. Who they tie up with in the process does not matter, these parties have no interest in what their people want, they just want what they want for themselves, power…end of.

In order to achieve this, they have already set plans in motion… they will vote Tory or Lib Dem where either will stand a chance of winning against the SNP candidate…

See Below….


In order to prevent them in scuppering democracy, for the Westminster election, and for maximum voice for Scotland we who supported YES during the referendum would be well advised to vote SNP, irrespective of whether we agree with them on everything or not.
Greens, SSP and Others should then put every effort into strengthening for the Holyrood election next year…

I am all for a YES Alliance, but unfortunately the parties of YES could not come to a formal agreement for the Westminster election, but we can do that for them
I say this as not being either an SNP member or supporter.

We have a battle on our hands, lets get to it!

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The Vow

What’s a Vow, a Pledge, a Promise, what’s it worth?
You can promise us the stars and all this earth
You can pledge you will deliver what you say
and vow that you will keep your word forever and a day

But a politicians vow is better called a bribe
what is promised to you now is but a lie
Vote for me, and I’ll give you what you dream
then as soon as I’m elected, It’s never been

The vow is but an illusion and pretense
the promise made, now simply makes no sense
Conned once more by a pledge that you aspire
When all they really wanted was their desire

Daylight dawns on election day, and the sheep go to the fold
and place their mark against Blue or Red, and do what they were told
The winners and the losers in this game
When you look upon their faces, they all just look the same

Red or Blue or Yellow on their rosette
Horses of a different colour on which you bet
The theatre and their speeches of the election play
Then you wake up to the government, and again its groundhog day

Nothing ever changes, time stands still
Like pigs feeding at the trough, they have their swill
their narrators in the media make a noise
The job is done, now settle down, and be good girls and boys.

Rod Macfarlane

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In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king, and so it would appear to be, or have been, when Gordon Brown came up with grand wheeze called the “Vow”, and persuaded a significant proportion of the Scottish electorate that this elixir was the answer to all their ills, and remaining hogtied to Westminster was in theirs and Scotlands best interests.
The “Vow” was promoted as being Super Duper Devo Max Plus, or Home Rule, or near Federalism by Brown, his media mouth pieces, the BBC and the Daily Record. It was of course non of these things. Instead it was a worthless scrap of paper on the Daily Records front page, purportedly signed by all the major Westminster party leaders and prime minister.
For those with eyes that could see, they saw it for what it was, a pile of junk which promised nothing, and would deliver even less. The Empire had no clothes.

Look carefully at its wording once more….and see what it promises in the cold light of day.


lets put this another way…

Now that Gordon Brown has been brought out again with Labour struggling in the polls with the “Vow 11″ …an even better version of the original which promises more or less exactly what the first “Vow” promised with a couple of wee tweaks…..If you buy that rubbish again…well there really is no hope for you.

As George W Bush once famously misquoted. ‘Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.’

or lets put it graphically in another way..


Make no mistake, after the referendum, many people had their eyes opened to the worthlessness of that Vow.. The Smith commission set about watering down expectations, then Westminster watered these expectations down even further, to leave much of the meager rations unworkable.
Meanwhile Scots in their droves joined the SNP, the Greens and the SSP, with the vast majority tripling the SNPs membership.
The winners became the losers, and the supposed losers became the winners.

As we gear up to the Westminster General election in 90 days time, the polls have been remarkably consistent in showing a massive swing to the SNP from Labour in Scotland.
The Tory peer Lord Ashcrofts poll has merely confirmed graphically what these other polls have been suggesting.

The panic is now evident in Westminster, the duality of Labour and Tory governments is now seriously under threat like never before..The people have woken up, and they are are rising.
In England the Tories are under fire from UKIP, Labour and the LibDems are being contested by the Greens.
In Scotland, the SNP are threatening to whitewash Labour.

But do not be complacent.. make no mistake, and keep your eyes and ears wide open, read between the lines so that you can spot the spin and the lies, not just from Labour and the Tories, but from their media mouthpieces.
The Tories tell everyone that an SNP win in Scotland means the SNP propping up a lame duck Labour government.
Labour spout that an SNP win ushers in a Tory government, and only voting Labour can stop it.
Both claims are utter drivel, the SNP will not enter a coalition with Labour, but they will exact as much as possible for Scotland from them, on a vote by vote basis.
Voting SNP will neither help nor hinder the Tories winning a majority, nor will voting Labour in Scotland…we have seen a maximum number of Labour Mps elected in Scotland many times, and that has not prevented a Tory win, namely because England has a far . greater number of MPs than Scotland.

In every occasion that Labour have had an opposition, they have been worse than useless in supporting the working poor. They either have supported the Tories or abstained on things like the bedroom tax, austerity,welfare cuts, or trident. Their interests are not for Scotland nor their constituents but for their own personal gain.

If the referendum should have taught you anything, it is this… These two parties are Janus faced, two sides of the same coin. They would both rather that the other was in power rather than have their cosy stitch up compromised.

The Red Tories and the Blue Tories will pledge, promise and vow anything to retain power, and forget about their promises as soon as they are re elected as government and opposition.

Their tame establishment media puppets and political chatterboxes will do everything to remain in their favour, and will spin whatever they are told without question.

You have a voice, use it!

Why should you been continually punished for their lies and excess, and watch the rich cream off the top, while you get sold down the river, and this applies to all, not just the poor.

Do not believe the supposed polls either, these things change faster than the prevailing wind…If you want change…engage and use your voice, and don’t get sucked in.

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The Blame Game

I am knackered, Bushed, Exhausted, Drained, Burned Out….You name it….I am absolutely gubbed!
I have given 3 years of my life to write and fight for Scotland to regain it’s Independence..
Why did I do so? Well not for me.. I have lived most of my life now, and I do not expect to live all that much longer.. If I make it to 62, I will have done better than than the male expectancy in some parts of Glasgow!
My mother died at 62, and only saw two years of her pension after grafting and scrubbing away for all her life.
So I have no real expectations for myself…Not because of where I live, but rather the lifestyle that I have led.. I smoke too much and have never really looked after myself…that is my choice,and there is a price to pay some day, and I can’t blame anyone else when my choices come home to roost.
That is reality, that is here and now, and no matter what, it has all been up to me.

Sometimes..there is nobody to blame but ourselves, and we should not go looking for scapegoats, yet this is what happens all too often!

In some ways I have an Idealistic view of Scots and of Scotland, and I guess I always have been that way, and part of me always will be that way.

In general I love my Country, I love my people, and I am proud to belong here.
Scots are in general the very best people in the world in my book,and In general we are very much loved the whole world over. I should know, I have covered the globe and when I have said where I come from, the reaction has been nothing but welcoming and good.
But lets not beat about the bush here, we have our fair share of indulgent bastards of all classes too! (sorry about the language, but its the best way I can express it)

When you look at the two campaigns and compare them, you see the divisions very clearly.
YES was a bloomin Disaster! NO was an absolute Disgrace! And Disgrace was what we have been left with.

If you have read Auld Acquaintance at all, you will see that I very early on had a load of criticism about how they were running it, and to be honest, If It were not for the grassroots taking control we would have been absolutely gubbed!
It is to the vast credit of all the local YES groups and other parties led by the people that we came as close as we did. The positive smiley faced uncritical face of the official campaign HQ was a load of garbage…. We should have had a public media voice which was tearing into all the garbage fear mongering shit that we were being fed, while at the same time really pointing out the very many positives we had to offer, and why we could and would be so much better off by being Independent..
Instead….We had a media entirely against us,without challenge.. We were fed utter dross, and barely whimpered..
Where we should have been hitting them with full barrels, we hung back..

It was left to those of us on Social Media and Blogs to try and get the message across…
Wings and Newsnet and Bella were the most read and shared….But be honest…How many of the millions out there even heard of me or read what I said? Not that many.
I know that I rebuffed most of the main arguments, but I also know that at best I got 1500 views for an article.

I was often sat listening to constructed debates on Tv….almost screaming at politicians on our side to up their game…to really mix things up, to not be constrained by the repetitive questions which simply were a regurgitation of Better Together crap!
Far too often….They played the game set out to them, not actually grabbing the ball and running with it..
If you play by the oppositions rules….You get stuffed… And We were…Well and Truly.

So what now?

Well on the morning of the 19th while being deflated, I thought to myself….NO….I will not accept this! This aint over.
All the energy of the local YES campaigns, RIC, Women for Independence etc, can not just die like this!
Scotland is not the Scotland of 3 years ago…We are Alive, We are Engaged, We are Aware!
No way can we just curl up and die… NO WAY!

Others like myself obviously thought the same way that day, and the 45 were born.
I thought..  Great!!!
Here we have something to hold onto.
But almost as soon as I joined, I left….

Why? Because there was an almost immediate attack on pensioners, who were perceived as being those who denied us our Independence.
No thoughts of the lies told to many of them that their pensions would be at risk! Many pensioners don’t have the resources to the Internet that we have. Many rely on word of mouth and the BBC and the newspapers! Plus many were told out and out lies, not counteracted until far too late.
In any case ….Many pensioners still voted YES!

I then thought about it, and decided the 45 were not for me.
If we are to gain Independence…We need far more than 45% , and much like we might feel justified as the shit hits the fan over war, fracking, nuclear dumping and broken worthless vows…
Making others feel like crap because they got taken in aint going to help us!

I have seen all sorts of blame games going on, and they are not pretty! Not even worthy of the Scotland I know..

Yes …We may be grieving now, but if we get our act together….not for long!

On that day…. 19th September 2014…. YES Alliance was born…

Come and join us….

Next time….

In fact NOW

We begin again…. YES survives… and we will win..

Take the positives, learn the lessons, and join together…


YES WE CAN! And WE WILL! In Alliance …Parties, People, and Nation. #YES Alliance

Don’t Blame…..Get Even and Win!

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