Ok I give in…Scottish Independence is a dead duck

After a period of time and much reflection, I have decided after many many years to give up on Scottish independence…..we had our chance and we blew it…
Subsequently I am giving up any further interest in politics too.
I just find it all just pointless now….going around in ever diminishing circles with no end in sight.

It’s all a bit rather pointless is it not? A bit like peeing into the wind?
I think we maybe need to face hard facts.
No matter what reasoned argument is made,there will always be those who simply refuse to listen or to even entertain the thought of independence.
The Queen and country mob,the protestant religious bigots,those who only recognise the colour blue,and a huge mass of fearties .
We will forever remain part of greater England, simply because too many believe we are too wee ,too poor,and too stupid…And guess what? They would be right..
As long as the majority persist in their gullibility,and buy what the media tell them…nothing will ever change,will it?

And just look at the state of the YES campaign now…All squabbling over which party gets the 2nd vote In the next Holyrood election.
The SNP is Bad, Rise are risible,The Greens belong in a Greengrocers, and the SSP….Simply so PATHETIC.

There are murmurs of a possible second referendum, but at some indeterminate date in time, and only when the SNP decide when that will be.
Its done..Kaput, kerplunked… so forget it.

Such is what the daily rags and the British Bungling Corporation would have us believe..

Well guess what….

I can tell porkies too!!

Me give up on Scottish Independence….. On yer Bike!

But seriously….those playing party politics and seeking advantage for their party need to think again…and start cooperating with each other behind the scenes…because it is not about party…Its about our country! So get a grip and stop the sniping…It just plays into the British establishments hands.

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Cewejimmy…..The Haggis Emigration

The Haggis Emigration

The Haggis have all gone to Australia
They are packing their bags as we speak
And Nessie’s away to Lake Windermere
She’s said to be leaving next week

The Wind is all leaving Scotland
and its going away for 40 odd years
The Oil which was out in the North Sea
In 2007 disappeared

The Kegs of all the Scotch Whisky we stored up
Have all been hit by a terrible blight
So no drams will be found in any Scots town
and no longer will our Summer nights be light

It’s the End of the World as we knew it
Even the Wee Frees are going to Mass
Predictions abound and Construe it
and were all bound for Starvation alas!

Scots will Weep on the Streets and Beg at English feet
Please can you let us back in?
They had warned us we’d suffer If we found another
Independence is such a terrible sin!

The Tides stopped we cried,as we rubbed our eyes
Our fish have all fled to the South
All our Mountains and Glens will never see folk again
Never more will the Tourists come about!

Our Banks have all broke, our economy’s choked
All our shops have been shut in our streets
Our people all died, and no fried mars bars have I
and my Giros not due till next week!

Such Disasters been found since we lost the pound
and there’s no-one to show us the way
We’ve no pride nor ambition since we got prohibition
and we can only get drunk twice a day

Rod Macfarlane

To find out what became of the Haggis, and to relive the Independence campaign to date , read this new book, you may find that these pesky haggis are a somewhat resilient bunch :)

and we can only get drunk twice a day

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The House of Lies

Today on BBC Radio4, when the Rt Honourable Sir Malcolm Bruce was defending the Lying former Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael, he defended him using the following words.. Asked whether it would be acceptable for an MP who had not told the truth to remain in office, he replied:
“If you are suggesting that every MP who has never quite told the truth or indeed told a brazen lie – including ministers, including Cabinet ministers, including prime ministers – we would clear out the House of Commons very fast, I would suggest.”
“The answer is that lots of people have told lies and you know that to be perfectly true..”

Possibly the most truthful thing any Unionist has ever said about Westminster, but what a terrible reflection of the representation the people of the British Isles gets from the British Establishment.

That second referendum on Scottish Independence is already coming closer by the day.

Note: Alistair Carmichael is an anagram of “Ach its clear Im a liar”

The House of Lies

We will lie,lie and lie again
If at first we’re not believed
We will lie,lie and lie again
until the gullible are deceived

You can’t say that word within the house
It’s the worst thing you can say
You’ll get thrown out,for saying “you lie”
but we’ll carry on lying anyway

We will lie to go to war
We will say the economies fine
the honourable member is mistook
and we spin another lying line

The Mother of all Parliaments
Is the Father of all Lies
Spin and Smear and Dirty tricks
We represent you, that too’s a lie

Nation speaks to Nation
yet we will lie to you
but get caught out, what you talking about?
we were mistaken,we tell you true

Lie.and Lie,and lie again
If at first we don’t succeed
“To tell the truth, this is a lie ”
The real truth is money, power and greed. …

Rod Macfarlane

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Should he stay, or shall he go?

Today sees another chapter in the Jim Murphy mini drama, with  Labours Scottish executive meeting to decide his fate.

Jim has been clinging on like a limpet to the position of Leader of  the local Labour Scottish branch office, despite no longer holding any elected position, having lost his Westminster seat in the General election.

Labour could choose to take the tory route of elevating him to the House of Lords to attempt to give him some form of dubious unelected political legitimacy, but of course they wont do that, they would be an even bigger laughing stock than they already are.

I have nothing to support my suspicion, but I suspect that Labour got exactly what they wanted when they gave him his role, namely that they would be rid of him.
As the voices mounting from the Unions in recent days, demanding his resignation, have got ever louder, Jim and his buddy McTernan have desperately tried to quell opposition, but seemingly to little avail.

A letter has been doing the rounds seeking support for him from MSP’s, not MPs, they only have one of those left.
Nicola Sturgeon on hearing this, asked “where can I sign”?

Far be it for me to suggest that he goes, I hope he stays and gives us some more fun next year in Holyrood election.

But in the meantime, lets hear it for his new theme song…

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Cometh the Day, Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Woman

In a few hours time the polling booths will open all across the land, and men and women everywhere will turn out to vote and put their X on the ballot paper to vote for their chosen candidate and party to represent their voice.

This General election has been like no other seen In Scotland throughout all our years as part of the political union.
For the first time ever, all eyes across Britain look towards Scotland, and they wait as much as we do ourselves to see what we have decided.
The future of the next Westminster government may well hinge on our decision.

The polls have been suggesting for quite some time that something remarkable is about to happen, they suggest a massive lead for the SNP, with Labours previously taken for granted cache of votes having dissipated faster than snow off a dyke in a heat wave.

Whether they are right or not, we will all have to wait and see. But what we can guess reliably at I think, is that the SNP representation will certainly be far in excess of their current 6 Mps.

Labour have been badly damaged, and the irony is, that they have by in large been responsible for their own dilemma through their own attitudes and inaction.
Labour has taken Scotland for granted for far too long, and they have talked down Scotland and our people one time too many.

Last years referendum, when Labour turned their backs on so many of their countrymen and women and jumped into bed with the Torys and LibDems with absolute glee has been the ultimate sickener to those who had continued to support them, even when they knew in their hearts that this new Labour was no longer the party of their parents and grandparents and of the ordinary worker.

This version, this poor pale reflection of the party of Hardie, Maxton, Bevan and Benn, had long departed and for all its mouthing of past glories, was no longer the party of social justice, but the party of the English shires, The City of London, and the yuppy class.

Oh yes, this Labour could make all the right social justice noise, but unfortunately their action and inaction when it came to delivering, instead contributed to the acceleration of growth in the rich/poor division. In the 13 years of Blair and Brown, that gulf in society grew far more than it ever had under Thatcher.

In the meantime, through their iron grip of councils and seats in places like Glasgow, for 50 years,they presided over some of the poorest and unhealthy blackspots in the UK, and they did absolutely nothing about it, they left the people to struggle and rot and die an early death.
Yet the misplaced faith and hopes of those they represented and who voted for them for historical reasons still clung on, hoping and praying that under labour somehow things would and could get better.

The three years leading up to the referendum were a real game changer, suddenly all those who had been hopeless and apathetic started to listen and learn, and then they became engaged with politics.
When they became engaged, they learned more and more, they found they had a voice, they found that they could speak out and others would listen.

Scotland in that time, became the most politically educated country Europe, if not the world.

When the referendum was lost, the expectation of many was that Scotland would go back in its box, and the people would go back to being passive voting fodder.
How wrong could anyone be?

Labour from having high 5’s with Torys on referendum night suddenly discovered that those they expected to vote for them without question, had not only questions, but a huge chunk walked with their feet. Some to the Greens, some SSP, a lot to the SNP, some to no party at all, but still politically aware and active.

Labour who hadn’t had to engage with the people for years, had no answer.

Meanwhile.. The SNP who had for a good few years been the real slightly left of center party in Scotland suddenly ballooned in membership to quadruple its size.

In place of Salmond came Sturgeon.

Where Alex had been seen as a rather marmite figure, either love him or dislike him, Nicola had no such baggage.
But what we could not have anticipated, was that she would suddenly appear to grow in confidence and stature far more than we would have thought.
What was very clear almost immediately was that she was not going to be in Salmonds shadow. She was and Is her very own woman and leader in her own right.
It is also very clear that she has her own distinct vision of what she wants for herself, her family, her people,the Country, and her party.

The most striking thing is her honesty, and willingness to engage with the people, something other party leaders seem to have forgotten, if they ever knew it in the first place?

Nicola doesn’t just talk, she listens. Once she has listened, she acts. No mealy mouthed platitudes from this lady. She does so with grace, and she does so with patience.
More than anything else, it is very clear, her people come first, scotland comes first.

It is for this reason, that women have become far more engaged with politics, it is no longer in Scotland a male dominated pass time. All of this can only be a good thing.
Instead of part of the population being engaged, the whole population is enthused.

We have hope where once fear ruled. We have aspiration where once lived despair. We have belief in ourselves where once was cringe.

We for the first time in 300 years… look forward rather than back.

Cometh the day, cometh the hour, cometh the woman.

And right at her back, and at her side…. her people, Us, We the people of Scotland..

Look out Westminster…..The Scots really are coming this time, and this time we wont stop at Derby!

However you vote in the next day… vote for positivity, for for your future and your childrens future, vote for what you believe, not for what you don’t believe.

I am voting SNP, I hope you will join me.

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Labour and their Socialist Lie

Yesterday in a last ditch attempt to reverse the direction of the Scottish polls, Labour wheeled out Big Gordy Brown to give one of his tub thumping speeches. He is widely claimed to have been partially responsible for thwarting the tide of the YES campaign through his last minute intervention and the VOW.
So they tried to pull the same trick twice by having him address and invited Labour audience and the media in Glasgow yesterday.
Both him and Fumbilymubily Murphy took center stage with comic transvestite Eddie Izzard in support.

Brown concluded his speech by saying the following :

“If you want to vote for social justice there is no other party, the Conservative Party don’t support social justice do they?”Every vote counts and it has to be a Labour vote. I find it perverse logic for the SNP to say you can have a Labour government without voting for Labour candidates.”
He also claimed “We can achieve more in a few short minutes with Labour ministers and a Labour cabinet than we could ever achieve in five long years under the Conservatives, with all the SNP MPs in opposition.”

and he finished his speech with an impassioned plea to Scots voters to join Labour on “the mountaintop of social justice”.

Well lets examine Labours voting record in Westminster shall we?
Lets see just how Brown, and Murphy stack up with their Socialist credentials.


He has voted moderately for equal gay rights, smoking ban, hunting banand a mixture of for and against same sex marriage. He has never voted on any Law to promote equality and human rights.

Much the same as Brown, only he has voted on some human rights and equality laws.
He voted against applying laws against work related discrimination to mariners.

He voted against requiring public bodies to publish objectives in relation to their duties to promote equality.
He absented himself for a vote on the Enterprise and Regularity reform bill- on discrimination against Caste
He was absent for a vote on Care Bill-Human Rights Act to apply to all providers of social care.

Foreign Policy and Defence

Gordon Brown:
voted for use of UK forces in combat operations overseas.
Voted Very Strongly for the Iraq War.
Voted Against an Investigation into the Iraq War.
Voted for upgrading Trident

Jim Murphy:
Same as Brown.


Voted moderately against reducing housing benefit for social tenants (bedroom Tax)

Voted moderately for raising welfare benefits in line with prices.

Voted Strongly for paying higher benefits for those unable to work due to illness or disability.

Has Never voted on making local councils more responsible for helping those in financial need afford their council tax

Voted moderately against reduction in spending on welfare benefits.

Same as Brown.



Voted against raising the threshold at where people start to pay income tax
Voted a mixture of for and against raising VAT
Voted against higher tax for alcoholic drinks
Voted against lower taxes on fuel for motor vehicles
Voted moderately for increasing tax rate for those earning in excess of 150,000
Voted a mixture of for and against raising a Bankers Bonus Tax
Voted moderately for a Mansion Tax

He was absent for opposition day votes on …
Bank Bonus Tax,Jobs,Homes,VAT,Apprenticeships

Jobs and Growth

Bankers Bonuses,Jobs Guarantee,Reducing VAT,

Economic Growth and Employment

Bank Bonuses,Make Investment sooner

Absent for vote on Queens Speech  which included, Jobs,Bankers Bonus Tax, VAT CUT,

Absent: Housing
Absent: House building,Bankers Bonus Tax,

Same as Brown except.. he wasn’t absent most of the time and
Voted very Strongly for automatic enrollment in occupational pension schemes
Voted for Mansion Tax and Bankers Bonus Tax



Voted against reducing the rate of corporation tax
Has Never voted on measures to reduce Tax Avoidance
Voted a mixture of for and against stronger tax incentives for companies to invest.

He was absent for…
March 2013 Budget

Finance Bill

Absent for vote on International Tax Transparency for multi nationals

Absent from opposition day vote on Reducing Tax Avoidance

Voted against reducing the rate of corporation tax

Voted Strongly against measures to reduce Tax Avoidance

He voted against intorducing a general anti abuse rule to tackle abusive tax avoidance, voted against raising the basic income tax rate allowance for poorer workers.


Voted moderately for restricting service provision to private patients from the NHS

Voted against GP buy services on behalf of patients from NHS

Voted strongly against Foundation Hospitals

Voted for Smoking ban

Same as Brown



Voted for and against greater autonomy for schools

Voted strongly against raising Englands Undergraduation fee to 9000 per year
Voted a mix of for and against academy schools
Voted a mix of for and against university tuition fees

Murphy: Same as Brown mostly, except Murphy voted For university tuition fees


Voted a mixture of for and against stricter asylum system

Voted for ministers to intervene in Inquests

Voted Strongly for Introducing ID Cards

He has never voted on requiring the mass retention of information about communications

Voted very strongly for a stricter asylum system

Voted very strongly for ministers to intervene in Inquests

Voted very strongly for introducing ID Cards

all of their full voting records can be found on theyworkforyou.com

So now lets have a look at Gordon Browns claims on Labour being the party of social justice

Their records tell a slightly different story..not least that Brown absented himslf for vast chunks of the last parliament and abrogated his responsibilities as an MP to his constituents..

Brown never voted once on laws to promote equality and human rights.
He voted strongly to pull us into an illegal Iraq war and voted just as hard against any investigation into it.
He voted for the replacement of Trident
He voted against raising the threshold at which people start to pay income tax, so in effect is not for supporting the poorest of workers.
He voted against lowering tax on fuel for motor vehicles, making us all pay more for getting around and driving the cost of food and goods and transport up…The poor are the ones who suffer more from this.

He has never voted on measures to reduce tax avoidance….Why not?

He voted strongly for introducing ID Cards…. aspects of a police authoritarian state here. Certainly not socialist and against civil liberties.

Murphy like Brown voted for the Iraq War and voted strongly against any investigation into it.
Murphy too also supports replacing Trident with a new nuclear deterrent.
Like Brown he is also against lowering fuel tax.
He too has voted strongly against measures to reduce Tax Avoidance….I wonder why Jim?
Unlike Brown, Murphy voted very strongly for foundation hospitals…best check his outside Interests methinks.
Murphy like Brown voted to increase university tuition fees… lots of room for youngsters to aspire to better themselves chaps? Then be shackled with huge debts when they leave university.

Something tells me that Labour are not being strictly truthful about their Social Justice and Socialist credentials….What say you?

Do you really trust Labour to represent your Interests when you vote tomorrow?

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How Now Brown Vow?

With less than 48 hours to go before the polling booths open, Labour have yet once more wheeled out Gordon Brown to make one of his barnstorming speeches, in a repeat of Better Togethers referendum conclusion where Brown made the VOW that if Sc0tland rejected independence we would be guaranteed something better, the best of both worlds he said. The Vow which he would personally guarantee would give Scots Home Rule

““Labour since Keir Hardie has been the Party of Home Rule for Scotland within the United Kingdom so the plan for a stronger Scottish Parliament we seek agreement on is for nothing else than a modern form of Scottish Home Rule within the United Kingdom.”

We all can see how that VOW made on a Daily Record page worked out.

But hey…..Labour think …. We fooled them once with that wheeze, lets roll out Gordy again.

So there was Brown and Murphy today hosting an Invited audience and of course the press pack to sock it to Scots once again.

Here is a summary of what he had to say this time..

Brown urged Yes voters from last year’s independence referendum to “come to Labour” if they want to see change delivered.

Oh Yeh sure!! YES voters voting like Turkeys for Labour and hoping for Christmas.

He warned Scots that if they back the SNP at the ballot box they “make it more likely that the Tories are the largest party on Thursday and David Cameron is there on Friday”. “You could have 59 SNP MPs but you would probably have a Conservative government.

Sorry Gordy…..we Scots are far too politically savvy now to fall for that old Labour chestnut.
We Know fine well that it is the party who can claim the support of a majority in the House of Commons, not necessarily the party with the most seats, that gets to form the government. So it doesn’t matter if the Torys get to be the largest party if they dont have a majority. So a majority of SNP MPs does not mean your lie that we are going to have a Tory government.

“We can achieve more in a few short minutes with Labour ministers and a Labour cabinet than we could ever achieve in five long years under the Conservatives, with all the SNP MPs in opposition.”

Oh yehh sure sure Gordy..go get your medicine man.
13 Years of your government saw Boom and BUST….which we are still paying for.
It saw your raids on pensions. It saw the beginnings of privatisation of the NHS, It saw the mechanism for the bedroom tax, It saw light touch financial regulation, It saw an increase in the divide between rich and poor.. It saw new criminal offenses being made for every day of your term.
Is this what you mean by achieving more in minutes?

“The reason why we can’t do a deal with SNP is not expediency, it’s on principle. We can not have a deal, or a compromise, or a tie-in with a party that doesn’t share the principles of solidarity.”

Goodness knows what on earth he means by this? Solidarity with whom? The Labour party, or the poor and deprived and disadvantaged and disabled who Labour sold down the swannie to the likes of ATOS..
Gordy the nutter wants to provide free transport to foodbanks, and create more foodbanks rather than get rid of the need for them.
Tell the deprived areas of Glasgow and the housing schemes how their lives were bettered by 50 years of Labour rule in their constituency…. You left these people to rot Gordy.

he told voters: “If you want to vote for social justice there is no other party, the Conservative Party don’t support social justice do they?”Every vote counts and it has to be a Labour vote. I find it perverse logic for the SNP to say you can have a Labour government without voting for Labour candidates.”

and he finished his speech with an impassioned plea to Scots voters to join Labour on “the mountaintop of social justice”.

The mountain top of deeper cuts than the conservatives more like. New Labour wouldn’t recognise social justice if it jumped up and licked their face… They are a party who have gone so far from their roots, that they only recognise these words from a bygone age, but have no idea what they mean, and care even less. All they care about is their own entitlement and preserving what they regard as theirs.

With the clock ticking rapidly down on them, all they know to do is stage mock riots where they invite every numptie they can think of. Or they wheel out tame celebrities who will gladly accept the extra public exposure, such as the transvestite comedian Eddie Izzard… although he knows nothing of scottish politics. He is in a sense a very apt choice to represent Labour.
Labour have cross dressed their policies so much they can barely be told apart from the conservatives.

People of Scotland….. It is now time we stopped listening to the ways of the past.
Instead it is time for us to make a real change and real difference…and the rest of Britain knows it. this whole election, for the first time in the Unions history, hangs on what Scotland decides..

Lets make it really work for us..
and leave the dinasaurs of yesterday to their own devices, while we invent a new wheel.

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