Simply to Say

In this uncertain world that we live in, for all It’s worry, happiness, joy, fears and troubles.
One thing that I would like to leave behind me, including my love for my country, and the desire for its Independence, which I may never see.
For all the challenges it may face, and for my compatriots who I love.
If should it be, that i never see the day. Or should it be, that it may come to pass, and I not get to see it. I along with my forebears, who have longed all our lives to see a Scotland that is independent and free, shall be there with you all in spirit, and with all our childrens children. ~
We shall Be with you!

Simply to Say

Its a funny thing….One spends ones life without a care when young..
But come that point in time, as one approaches the 3 score and 10, that we are seemingly allotted.
One starts to think about life much more seriously, and how much time left that we may have.
Particularly so, after a major scare….such as cancer, heart attack, or dementia, or a stroke in my instance..
The clock is ticking down, and we know it!

We examine our life, the ups and downs, the mistakes we perceive we may have made..
the losses we have endured, and those gone before us.
We consider, all that we have left to do, the things we may become, those that matter to us above all else.
And we hope and we pray, for one more day.. that we can tell those that we love, how much they mean to us, have meant to us, and always will mean to us.
That maybe, just maybe, we have enough time left to make amends, or to leave something that will help carry those we love on, when we are no longer here. To tell them how much they matter,and have meant to us, and to who’s memory they can hold onto when their life gets too tough.
To be the mother, the father, the brother, the sister, the friend,to our people,and our country of Scotland,and to tell them that we will always be there for them in spirit. And who in their darkest hour will still help them come through it all..

Simply to say…

I Love you xx

Rod Macfarlane


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All Under One Banner

All under one Banner x

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Naming and Shaming

Oscar Wilde wrote:
“In old days men had the rack. Now they have the Press. That is an improvement certainly. But still it is very bad, and wrong, and demoralizing. Somebody — was it Burke? — called journalism the fourth estate. That was true at the time no doubt. But at the present moment it is the only estate. It has eaten up the other three. The Lords Temporal say nothing, the Lords Spiritual have nothing to say, and the House of Commons has nothing to say and says it. We are dominated by Journalism”

How much more so is that relevant today?
We blame Religion, the State, Big Business, for so much of our Ills
To a large degree on very many proportions we are right to do so, and yet somehow the pervasiveness of the 4th Estate overrides all. In that of the press and media, we are told we must keep quiet, we must not complain, and we must accept that they are simply doing their job of holding these other 3 Estates to account.
But are they? Are they really holding these other Estates to account, or is there something else happening entirely?
Is it not the case that these 4 Estates are all working to their own ends to the mutual benefit of all of them?

Big Business and Finance, tells governments what they want.
The governments comply, because money makes the world go round, and they get their kickbacks from it. ( Look at the roles Blair, Brown and other prime ministers have had with big business after they are finished. Prominent MPs and Lords at the heads of Company boards and other establishments)

The Press Barons and Media control how these desires of their patrons are portrayed to the masses.

All one needs to do is look at the Levinson enquiry, and how it lifted the lid on the relationships between Murdoch and his editors with Prime Ministers and Opposition Leaders to see what goes on.
When you look at how much of that press and media is in Scottish hands, we find that it is all owned elsewhere, with only the National and Sunday Herald attempting to portray a distinctive Scottish voice( The Daily Herald, takes the opposite perspective). The owners playing both sides?
The Press and Media, are hugely important, their part on behalf of their masters, is to be the King Makers. Those who make and pass legislation by which we all must live by.
So much so, that the power of the press and what we see and hear on our tv screens, influences how we the masses perceive things, and how we form our opinions.

The Barons employ the editors, the editors instruct the journalist, and if the journalist knows what is good for them, in order to put their bread on the table, must comply.
There is no written instruction, but If they know what is good for them, and know how the game is played, they must comply. If not…they will soon be out of a job!
Iain McWhirter fell foul of this for a time with the BBC, for daring to criticise them!
Does anyone know where Isobel Fraser is these days? Paul Mason jumped ship and is now agitating!

The Press and Media influences and in a sense controls how people think.
They will promote what they are told to promote, they will not report any major events which goes against the message, so you don’t hear of it, and they will distract by using and creating fads, such as pokemon GO, Strictly, or Britains got talent, Best British Bake off, and lets laugh at these no use unemployed and their drunken behaviour shows!
Keep the masses amused and distracted, and on message!
The worst possible thing is the Internet, and freedom of expression to challenge!
How dare these awful Cybernats, or (Insert a name) dare challenge us!

But look closer….and what you will see…. Is the tools of Authority, and Control, and Divide and Rule!

Watch closely….and at times of election and referendums….. The Broadcasters and Press will announce ” And this is the important issue which is at the forefront of peoples minds” and whatever they decide that is, they will make it the main debating point, with sub debating issues of their choice to discuss, over and over again. Thus we are presented with TV debating programmes, ALL going on about their chosen topics, with selected audience of their choice ( All equally balanced of course, with panels which are ALL equally balanced too. As if!! ) .

If they should name and shame a politician for bad behaviour, it is because their partners in crime in government have decided they should be fed to the wolves for some reason….. Why do you think we have government Whips?

Or take the War on Terror of the Bush/Blair era.
Look at the structure of that, and how it was reported.

Recently through a Freedom of Information request in the States, further Intelligence information was released over Iraq…. In short, It showed that the primary reason for war, was not war on terror, but rather a war over Oil, and in other reports, showed massive disagreements between American and British companies on how these spoils of war should be divided up! There never were weapons of mass destruction, and there never was an Al Quedia presence in Iraq, and 911 was never the reason for the war on terror as Iraq had nothing to do with that!
But from that, we now reap what was sown, ISIS, ISIL or whatever you want to call them, would never have existed without Iraq and Afghanistan.

Which takes us to the last of the 4 Estates… Religion

The Church
Once upon a time, back in the mists of time, long before governments, Big Business, and the Media, the 1st Estate was Religion. It was the prime mover when primitive people were scared for their souls, and what would happen to them in the afterlife.
Religious belief was the one thing people would fight over above all else.
Those who were in power over the Church/Synagogue/Mosque/Numerous Pagan religions, held ultimate power and authority over peoples lives. It is here that politics, science,and journalism evolved. They were all inseparable.
To be the head of the religion, was to control everything in peoples lives, and beyond.

Today of course, the Church has no such power. No longer is the Emperor of Rome on equal parity to the prime religion, or indeed subject to it.
Those that know their history will also know that it was Emperor Constantine who chose that small Christian Sect to be the religion of the Empire, and thus exercise his power by having a single State religion over all the other numerous pagan religions of the time. The purpose of having a unifying State religion was to have ultimate power over the masses.

Nowadays Christianity does not have such a hold in the Western world, it is by in large separated from State, apart from the Church of England whose Bishops sit in the British House of Lords, with the Queen as its head. However, despite this loss of influence, prime ministers and American presidents will still refer to it, and claim to be Christian. Bush did, Blair did, Thatcher did, Trump does!
Weakened as Christianity is now, in comparison to what it was, it still is a force to be reckoned with. The Pope, and other Christian denominational leaders still have a significant audience, even if not so much in an increasingly secular Britain.
Many atrocities and evils have been carried out in the Churches name, and indeed by the Church. Far exceeding anything that Muslim cults such as ISIS are doing today.

However, the vast vast majority of Christians, Jews, Muslims are horrified by the actions of minuscule groups carrying out perversions in their name, but their voices are not heard, because the press do not deem it worthy to report on them. It does not suit the agenda.
There have been Muslim marches in this country denouncing ISIS and all who carry out these atrocities. The vast majority of Christians denounce the Westboro church and their disgraceful behaviour at funerals of those who are homosexual.And Jews in Israel and beyond condemn Israeli state killing and using indiscriminate phosphorus bombing of the Palestinians.

Religion instead has become for the governments and power brokers who thrive on selling arms and finance, and the media, the go to blame, and creation of fear and division for the indoctrinated and the ignorant.

Open Your Eyes
Have a close look at what you are seeing and hearing, and what is being promoted, by whom and to what end?

On Brexit: How hard did the Tories really fight to remain in Europe?
What was the primary emphasis of the reporting? Immigration.
May…who was barely heard of during the campaign, but supposedly a soft remain,creates the most right wing conservative cabinet ever, putting the most tory right wingers in charge of exit strategy, and trade!
Cameron…was for the off anyway…almost skipped out of no.10 while singing a little ditty to himself…
We have been warned that Brexit means a huge drop in the standard of living, and all austerity will be blamed on Brexit now. The poor are about to get much poorer!

Terrorist Attacks…
A whole spate of them, with more promised… Immediately an Incident occurs, without a pause it is immediately reported as ISIS connected, despite it being clear that most recently have involved disturbed young males….with no evident connection.
What does this do? It makes immigrants and non British targets for fear and hatred. Deflecting the real issues of what is happening to poor people in their lives..

Scottish government/Scotland.
Continuously under attack….anything positive given a negative slant.
Anything negative…blown out of all proportion for an extended period.
Positive news, not reported at all often.

Named Persons Scheme
Immediately widely trashed and misreported… even an extended version completely different in flavour on the BBC 6’oclock news, which was at odds with Reporting Scotland tone and reporting.
Immediately targeted by Scots Tories as a Supreme Court blocking the scheme and at odds with Human rights, despite Torys nationally wanting rid of the ECHR.
Labour trashing it too….despite supporting it as a bill, only the tories abstained.
Newspapers and the usual suspect  journalists misreporting the judges findings and calling it totalitarian!
When basically it had been sent back for tweaking, and is simply delayed.

Have a look at this totalitarian scheme here!

It is sadly caring and benign.

But what the BBC and Press never reported was who was bringing this action and what their motives were, and ask yourself why this has not been highlighted?
The question being…. Why ever not?

The Christian Institute

The Christian Institute (CI) is an evangelical Christian group operating in the United Kingdom. The CI promotes a conservative Christian viewpoint, founded on a belief in Biblical inerrancy.[1][2] The CI is a registered charity.[2] The group does not report numbers of staff or volunteers with only the Director, Colin Hart, listed as a representative.[3]

While the CI has campaigned on issues including gambling, abortion and euthanasia, it is most notable for its campaigns against homosexuality. The CI sought to retain Section 28[4] and a higher age of consent for homosexuals, and opposed the Civil Partnership Act, the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 and legislation allowing gay couples to adopt.[5] It has opposed measures to prevent gay people being discriminated against in the provision of services and goods.[6] The Civil Partnership Act 2004, the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 and the Equality Act 2010 were ultimately enacted by Parliament.

The Christian Institute’s activities resulted in censure by The Charity Commission in 2001, for breaching rules limiting overt political campaigning by charities, by “publishing a 100-page report, Homosexuality and Young People (1998), which argued against reforming anti-homosexual law with no reference at all to a Christian view.”[7]

In 2004, the CI funded a full-page newspaper advertisement in The Times in support of a controversial amendment to the Civil Partnership Bill.[8] The amendment attempted to include within the scope of the Bill siblings who had lived together for longer than 12 years.[9] The amendment was ultimately rejected in both Houses of Parliament. In response to the advertisement, Members of Parliament questioned the CI’s overt political campaigning in light of its charitable status


Christian Action Research and Education (CARE) is a Christian advocacy group based in the United Kingdom.

Opposition to homosexuality, abortion and prostitution

Labour Party insiders credited CARE with significant influence in support of Section 28 regarding education and homosexuality.[7][11] CARE has received media criticism for its stance on abortion and homosexuality and was accused in 2000 by MP Ben Bradshaw of being “a bunch of homophobic bigots”.[12][13] CARE has also been criticised for their opposition to abortion and gay rights by The Guardian which reported that the organisation sponsored a conference claiming homosexuality could be cured.[14]

CARE have funded the network of CareConfidential crisis pregnancy centres in the UK, some of which came under criticism in an investigation by The Daily Telegraph when counsellors were filmed undercover claiming abortions would increase chances of breast cancer and could predispose women to becoming child sexual abusers.[15]
The Family Research Counsel

The Family Research Council describes the beginnings of the crisis pregnancy center movement in a 2009 report. In 1968, the first network of centers was established by Birthright, in Canada. Alternatives to Abortion, today known as Heartbeat International, was founded in 1971. Christian Action Council founded its first center in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1980. Christian Action Council eventually would become Care Net.[24] Others cite Robert Pearson as the founder of the first CPC. After abortion was legalized in Hawaii in 1967, he started a crisis pregnancy center in Honolulu to fight it.[25]

While CPCs often look like abortion clinics and are intentionally located near them,[4][26] most are not legally licensed as medical clinics and do not offer medical services.[27] However, CPCs often offer free pregnancy tests, often over-the-counter ones; additionally, there is a trend toward CPCs obtaining medical clinic status, largely so that more CPCs may offer sonograms in an attempt to convince women to carry their pregnancies to term.[5][23][28][29] They may also provide screening for sexually transmitted infections, adoption referrals, religious counseling, financial assistance, prenatal services, child-rearing resources and other services.[5][6][7]

Peer counselors are typically covered by mandated reporting laws with regard to statutory rape, and they are encouraged to ask about the age of the woman and the biological father.[30] While some centers refer clients for contraception, most do not and the service may be limited to married women.[31][32] Others may offer Bible study sessions and peer counseling for women who have recently had abortions.[2]

CPCs have been criticized for misleading advertising, for the dissemination of inaccurate medical information, for religious proselytism, and for subjecting clients to graphic videos


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A Material Change of Circumstance

It seems just like yesterday when Nicola Sturgeon told all and sundry that the SNP and Scottish Government would not be pushing for a second Scottish Independence referendum in the foreseeable future, and that would only transpire if there was a material change of circumstance, and that there was a clear and sustained demand for it from the majority of Scots, somewhere around the 60% mark.

There were a number of good reasons for such an approach, namely that fighting a 2nd Independence referendum campaign and losing would be disastrous. It would ensure that it would be decades or longer before it could be raised again.
The second being voter exhaustion, namely from successive campaigns coming hard on each others heels. We have had a 2 year Indy ref campaign and vote,EU elections,Westminster election,holyrood election and EU referendum,to be followed shortly by council elections.
The third being that the SNP and the Scottish government needed time to analyse the Indy referendum just past, and learn the lessons from it, and devise a strategy for when the next Indy referendum came into being.

I don’t have confirmation of this, but I suspect from what I have gleaned in the pipeline that such a move was unlikely to take place until after 2020.
What neither Nicola Sturgeon or the SNP could have predicted and taken into account was the madness and mayhem that Westminster has inflicted upon itself and everyone else in the past couple of months.. Such insanity and self implosion after the Brexit vote could never have been predicted and planned for.
All of this has given Nicola sturgeon and the Scottish Government an unprecedented opportunity and I suspect a massive headache. No room now for the gradualist long term approach, that comfort blanket has been removed. Plans will have to be brought forward, diplomacy will have to be stepped up,
Whatever they had planned for the Summer campaign which was designed to be the start of a longer drive and process towards another Indy referendum will have to be ripped up, re planned, re written, and for that they need some more time.

The last thing that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP can afford to do is fire the starting gun too soon. They have to be seen to genuinely make every attempt to try and find a solution to the Brexit situation within the present structures, which means playing along with the British government until eventually all avenues have been seen to have been explored and found wanting.
Westminster will do as it has always done, kick the whole issue around in the long grass for as long as they possibly can, which means we may have to wait a while for them to set Article 50 into motion, and until that happens, there will be no call from the Scottish government for Indyref2.
In the meantime, Nicola and the SNP are hoping that Labour Scottish branch will sort out their own internal conflict, at least sufficiently enough for them to hopefully see some sense for once and support Independence this time.
It has been noted that The Tory branch assistant leader Jackson Carlaw has written to Kezia asking her and her party to join with the Tories again in BetterTogether2 when Scots Independence referendum does come…. If Kezia and co have the collective brains of an earthworm, they will dismiss that out of hand or they can call in the undertakers!

As for a material change of circumstance? One needs only look through the BetterTogether back catalogue of broken vows, promises and lies. With more to follow.

In the meantime… we the people of Scotland need not wait while the political games are playing out.
We do not need to wait on the start of a partys political campaign.
To be Independent, we must be Independent of mind, and look beyond the political box and the establishments rules.
Where Social Movements mass and the people gather, governments quake!
Fire up the structures of the YES campaign, get the meetings going in every hamlet, village and town.
polish up the badges, have saltires flying in every street throughout the land,have the marches, get the speakers, the musicians, the writers,artists and the poets all contributing. And aim to have 1 million Scots gathering throughout the land.
Take to Social media, take to the streets, talk to everyone…and tell them the time is now.
Dont waste your time arguing with those who refuse to listen,cut them off, talk to those who will hear you out.
There will be those whose whole purpose is to deflect you, to distract you and take up your time in order to waste it… don’t give them breathing space.

We need wait no longer, our time is now, get to it!

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Why YES Is Not SNP

Now that headline ” Why YES Is Not SNP” may immediately get some some peoples backs up!
Bear with me though. I am not having a go at the SNP, I am simply saying things as I see them.
Seemingly the SNP have now 120,000 members, and that is phenomenal. Arguably considering the population of the British Isles and the proportion of the electorate in each of its constituent parts, it makes the SNP the most supported party in Britain, with a higher percentage of its constituent country than the UK as a whole. Given that the other major British parties stand for election throughout the UK and the SNP only stand in Scotland.

But while the SNP are the major driving force for Scottish Independence, and the main chance that objective can be achieved, they are not alone in that objective. There are many others who are not SNP members, who may not even support the parties policies who are equally as determined for Scottish Independence. There are just as many others, if not considerably more, who have never aligned themselves to a political party, and never will. But they too are in their hearts very much for Scottish Independence. Some of these want it, desire it, and wish for it, but have yet to be convinced that an Independent Scotland can and could and will survive in this big bad world.

There are many who would want it, but many who are still not convinced, and their reasons for not being convinced are manifold. The arguments over currency, over borders, over a multitude of things the nae sayers will come up with, are mostly immaterial to them. What they want to know when It really comes down to it, is if their standard of living will be effected. They really, much as lots would like to say so, are not terribly concerned about how their children or grandchildren will fare. That is brutal but it is true.. What concerns them most, and they do love their children and grandchildren, is not how they will survive, but how they will live.
How will Scottish Independence change my life, and I hate change!
How will I be better off?
How will I be able to sustain the standard of living I have grown accustomed to, If they are comfortable or well off.
How will I maintain my business?
What will happen to my pension?
I am struggling as it is, so will I be able to live at all?

The YES movement Is HUGE! .
Far beyond even what the SNP can reach, from all strata of society.
Unfortunately, Party politics come into play, and we saw it large during the past Holyrood election…Different parts of what was the old YES movement turning on each other!
All down to Party politics! SNP v Green v RISE, v Anyone but party.
That was not about Independence, that was Party politics.

The YES movement or Alliance , has never truly gone away… It has remained, just been waiting Its chance to rise again… ALL Together!

The YES movement and alliance goes well beyond party politics.. It is the Hope, the WILL, the Desire, the Wish, the Dream, of ALL those who would wish their Country to be a better place, to create the space and Country they want to live in, and to hand on.

Not Left, Not Right, Not Business, Not Socialist, Not Nationalist, Not Green,But ALL of these, where We can live, be socially just, can Aspire, can educate, can have knowledge that ALL can achieve and flourish… Can MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS

YES is far more than political party, far more than SNP, far more than the EU.
YES is the Country you can Be.
You are the Country, and YOU can choose how YOU and I want to BE!

YES does not mean SNP, YES means You! And YES means US

We can shape Our Country however we want it to be

But to nick a phrase from Brexit….

YOU Take back Control
But Rather WE can take Control of Ourselves… YOU, ME, WE

In or out of the EU
Royalty or Not
Trident or Not
Austerity or Not

That and a multitude of other things are your choice

It Is YOUR choice, OUR choice…………. Are you willing to Choose for YOU…and Be Who You can Be, In a Country that YOU Make,WE Make? For it will be Yours, for Good or for Ill, It is what YOU make of it, What WE make of it, Nobody Else!


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When NO means Never

We have a new prime minister who seems to be channeling her internal Maggie Thatcher, or so that is how she seems to have begun.
First of all on her announcement of being the new PM , her initial address outside Downing street had a feel of Maggies twisted plagiarism of the Thomas Aquinas speech.

Her first actions were to take a machete to the old Tory cabinet, and in a manner which could be described as both decisive or ruthless, she shaped her first cabinet as being the most right wing cabinet in Tory history.

She proclaimed … “brexit means brexit” …. whatever the word brexit means, as it is not a word to be found in the dictionary as yet. But we all knew what she meant alright, as she confirmed that despite her supposedly being on the soft remain side during the EU referendum, she was definitely now firmly in the exit camp…and what is more, she intended that to mean for the whole of the UK, with no exceptions!

When May met Sturgeon, she was more than happy to say that of course Scotland would be welcome to be part of the Brexit negotiations, but there is no doubt that what she means by that, is that we can have an input in leaving, not as Nicola Sturgeon might wish, to find a way where rUK can exit and Scotland remain…. That is never going to happen… Not on Mays watch. One out All out!

Which leads us to Mays first Prime Ministers Questions….her put down of Jeremy Corbyn was classic Maggie….so much so, that with her mannerisms and lowering of voice…..I had the horror feeling of Maggie come back from the dead and taking demonic possession of May.

And of course….the Trident debate..
When asked by the SNPs George Keravan if she would authorise the use of this terrible weapon of mass destruction to kill 100,000 Innocent men, women, and children? without a seconds pause….she shot back “Yes” . No ifs no buts, no thought, no hesitation…..simply and decisively “YES”
Now…that is seriously scary, and shows how utterly ruthless and homicidal this PM is prepared to be.
To compound that worry….Labour are no opposition whatsoever, and are more intent on their own internal squabbles as they rip what was left of their soul out of the party .
70% of the Labour MPs voted against their own leader and sided with May and the Tories, leaving the SNP to be the main party of opposition to this government.

And then came the announcement that the 13 frigate orders which had been promised at the time of the Scottish Indy referendum, which had been reduced to 8 after it, were now going to be postponed indefinitely.

STRIKE 1… Indefinite Tory Rule
STRIKE3.. Trident Renewal
STRIKE4 …. Shipbuilding orders

How much material change of circumstance is required before Scotland decides enough is enough and we go our own way?

According to May and her government… not only does Brexit mean Brexit, but Scotland has had its say on Independence, and that issue is decided and done with. She is a One Nation Tory…and her idea of being One Nation is to hold onto ALL that she has got, with Scotland not a country but part of her Nation.
Scottish Independence?  No means NO, and No means Never.

I have got news for her…. We intend to make her NO mean YES, and YES means Forever

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Rule Britannia OK

You have had your say, and you chose to remain part of the UK, so that is it settled then, you are not getting another referendum, and we will not allow you to have one. So suck it up suckers! You will have to abide by what the British majority decide,as you are just another region like Yorkshire or Gloucestershire. The rule of parliament prevails.

Scotland voted that we should all be Better Together, and so it is that we have agreed to have a  Tory government, the say of the majority was for Brexit,so we shall leave Europe.We have agreed to Nuclear Weapons at any cost,the loss of shipbuilding,the loss of Steel works,the loss of HMRC jobs. We have agreed to ditch carbon capture, to our governments policy of Austerity,ATOS, Foodbanks,Sanctions and the Bedroom Tax and English votes for English laws…. What part of Better Together don’t we understand?

Even should we ever want another referendum on Independence again, we shall not have one, as the power to grant one is solely in the power of the Westminster government to provide.

We should stop our complaining and griping now, and be grateful for what Westminster allows us to do. After all it is only by Westminsters good grace that we are not all living in caves, such is our poverty. Without Britains beneficence we would all be beggars without a pot, as it is they that subsidise us and make up for the permanent state of debt we are in.

It is the least that we can do but host weapons of mass destruction for all our protection, in gratitude to Westminster providing such defense for our realm.

We should be overcome with appreciation that the Conservative government should so selflessly take on the burden and responsibility of government for the foreseeable future, and stepping up to the plate while that rabble called the Labour party make themselves unelectable to everyone, and save us from these nationalists who would surely lead us all down the road to a shortbread dictatorship

So hats off, and three cheers, hip hip hooray, Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory, the new Jerusalem. and Keep out the Gypsies, Frogs and the Huns .

Imagine for one moment that all of the above was true? We could be facing an emigration of Scots akin to the Highland clearances, or the many who left during the 70’s and 80’s as Thatchers tory government set about destroying our industries, replacing jobs with dole qeues

Yet this is the picture that is constantly painted by the British press and media about us, and regurgitated by self loathing unionist Scots.

When we voted back in 2014, many who voted no believed the lies and promises of Better Together.
Some believed the scare stories on pensions, some the scare stories of getting kicked out of Europe, some the scare stories about loss of promised ship building orders. Some even believed the VOW and it’s promise of near Federalisation.

One by one, and at rapid pace, all the lies and promises have proved to be false, and the scare of uncertainty has turned into certain uncertainty at the hands of the union.

We shall have another Indyref, and this time, their lies, false promises and threats, will be seen by the majority of Scots for what they are, and the theme tune of Jackanory will be heard all over the land before we finally take our leave of this disunited kingdom.

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