Freedom held hostage by the State

As a follow on to ” An Alien in a Strange Land”, I continue the story here.

To recap, after having a perfectly normal and civilized conversation in the driveway of the Brittania Hotel in Stockport with three people from Kurdistan, we were approached by a large African gentleman who insisted that we remove ourselves to the back of the hotel. When I questioned his right to instruct me to tell me where and when and with whom I could speak to, he informed me that he was the Assistant Manager.

Now why an Assistant hotel manager was telling me, that I a paying guest of the hotel, speaking to other people from the hotel, should have to move from a public area outside the hotel, where other guests were also having quiet chats in the May sunshine, without being disturbed in such a fashion, certainly got my dander up!

How dare he to assume that he had the right to deny me my rights to free speech with other human beings. How dare he assume to tell me, where and when I could have such normal communication. How dare he attempt to curb my freedom of expression and movement. How dare he try to deny the basic humanity of people connecting with other people. HOW DARE HE!

What happened next startled me even more… He effectively sheperded my new friends into the hotel, and they went without a whisper.
I was left arguing with him as I followed along, demanding answers, but receiving no response.
They were all shepherded into rooms in the ground floor of the hotel, and my path was blocked by another gentleman of African appearance.
He told me that I could not speak to them, it was not allowed.
Why was it not allowed? He would not tell me.

I then demanded of him, who the hell he thought he was that could deny me my basic rights? He told me he was the Manager, and that what is the end of the matter, ands he turned his back on me, leaving me standing in the hallway all by myself with the Assistant Manager standing over me.

What sort of crazy mental Hotel was this?

There was no point in me hanging about, so I about turned and headed back the way I had come. Only then to met near the Hotel foyer by another gentleman accompanied by a security guard.
He informed that a complaint had been made, that these gentlemen and I were creating a nuisance and making a noise! He also told me, that should I persist in making a fuss, then I would be asked to leave! He further told me that I was not to speak to these people…
Round 3 of me making the same argument, and asking who he was?
He told me that he was the Manager.

Hold on a minute, that chap I just spoke to said he was the manager!

No, I am the hotel manager, he is their manager.

He is their manager? What manager is that?
Serco Manager was the response.

Ok, enough, I am off to my room.

By the time I got to my room, I was absolutely fizzing, and I could not settle.
Who is this Serco? What is going on here?
I soon found out who Serco were, and I established that these Kurds were asylum seekers, and that Serco is outsourced by the Home office to look after housing asylum seekers.

After not settling for a while, I decided to take myself a walk, and as luck would have it, there on the other side of the road was these Kurds now taking a walk into town.
I was across the road in a flash..

As I approached, they kept on walking, and I spoke to the chap i was speaking to before, I wont give his name for fairly obvious reasons.
By now, they had been well spooked, and they were joined by another 5 of their party, but would not speak to me.
However, I persisted, these guards of theirs may be able to hold their tongues, they were sure as hell not going to hold mine!
So as we walked, I talked… We are away from the hotel now, we are in a public road, you are away from your minders.
What freedom do you have now? You have no freedom, possibly even less than you had before. You are effectively being denied your human rights, and I for one will not stand for this!
I will speak out, and nobody is going to stop me. I will investigate further, and I will bring this into the public domain, but I will not mention who you are, nor your friends names. People need to know what is going on, and I will speak out for you!

We had some further conversation at this point, and others joined in..
By this time, I decided I had walked far enough, and I took my leave.
As I was going, he shook hands with me, and thanked me, and all his friends camee round and one by one did the same.
Basic humanity and contact restored.

Part 3 to follow in the next few days… What I discovered next

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An Alien in a strange land

Imagine for one moment, that you are having a perfectly normal conversation with 3 strangers you have never met before. There is nothing controversial being said,there is no argument or raising of voices above normal conversation level. It is all very peaceful and you are outside a hotel where you happen to be staying for the moment.
Imagine then, that some stranger approaches your small group, and then proceeds to tell you that you are to move, that it is not acceptable for you to have your conversation where you are, that you must move to the back of the hotel, to the hotels car park.
Imagine further, that when you object to being forced to move, that they then tell you that you are not allowed to speak to your new friends, and proceed to herd them back into the hotel.
You have just had your basic human rights torn up. The rights to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of movement,the right to liberty,the right to freedom of assembly and association,the very basic right of being free to have normal human interaction with others.

I think you might just be a tad upset.
But imagine now, instead of outside a hotel, you were in your own front garden inside your garden gate, and the same thing happened, some stranger just walks up and tells you that you cannot have your conversation, and to move to the back of your house.
You wouldn’t just be a tad upset, you would be absolutely outraged!

Well one day last week, that is just what happened to me outside the Britannia hotel in Stockport. (ironic that it should be named the Britannia hotel)

I happened to be living in this hotel for a week, and on one fine sunny morning last week, I was sitting outside the hotel in its driveway on a wall, having a cup of cofee and a small cigar, just taking in the sunshine.
I noticed three chaps sitting on the grass opposite me in the hotel grounds, and I don’t know what it was, but there was something different about them, almost as if they were out of place in some way.
I sat and observed them for a little while, sitting there just having a normal conversation among themselves, taking note of their body language, and how they expressed themselves to each other.
My curiosity got the better of me, and seeing as there was nothing better to do, I strolled over and started chatting to them.

” Hi, how are you, my name is Rod, are you enjoying having some nice weather for a change too?”
It is from this point on, that things start to get interesting.

It turned out that only one of them had a good grasp of the English language , and the conversation that followed mostly went through him, with him interpreting what the other two were saying to me when they wanted to interact with the conversation.

I asked them how they enjoyed living in the country, jokingly saying that I was a stranger in the country too (England)
“It is fine, we feel safe here, at least we can live our lives without fear, and nobody carries guns”
“Where do you come from?”, I asked. Kurdistan was the reply.

My jocular reference had him intrigued, ” If you are not English, where do you come from?”
” Scotland” I replied with a smile. ” I am only visiting England for a week”

“But surely”, he said…. ” you are the same people” “You share the same language, this is the same country, you have the same culture, you have the same politics”.

“Well actually not quite”, I said.

I then went on to explain that there were as many differences as there was commonality between us, that not all was the same.

We may share the same language, but the English we use is not exactly the same, Scots has the same root, and many of our words in common usage would not be understood without explanation to someone from England unless they lived among us, and that we also had other languages and dialects, such as Gaelic, Lallans and Doric. .
I explained that Scotland had its own Law, Education,and Health,and parliament.
There were also different political systems at play, even though we were all lumped together with the other British countries at Westminster.

We had a discussion of how things were for them in their own country, and we spoke of Independence.
They told us how very disappointed that they were that Scotland had not voted to be Independent.
“We were watching, the whole world was watching, and every people who wanted Independence were hoping that you would do it! You had the chance to do something we have not been able to do, to achieve Independence by democratic means, not by violence and having to fight for it, and You turned it down!  Why? ”

He could not comprehend that the Scots should be handed the chance of being Independent on a plate, and refused to take it! How could this possibly be?

The conversation and exchange of views, and the education continued for a while,and we all found it most Interesting, learning about each other, finding out things we did not know….. and then it all went pear shaped!

We were interrupted by a large African gentleman, who told us to move.
When I questioned not only his right to make such an instruction, but asked who he was, he told me that he was the Assistant Manager.

Part 2 to follow

What happened next, had me more angry and outraged than I have been for many a long year.


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Labour produces visionary manifesto

W e have been kept waiting, with many not holding their breath for an Inspiring and Visionary Labour Manifesto …
Today against all odds , Labour finally achieved the sort of thinking that they are capable of.

With trumpets and no lack of fanfare, they fully deserve all the plaudits they are about to receive.

I have managed to get a copy of Labours visionary, revised and permanent policies.
Remarkable in it’s originality, and coherence, and laden with their fully costed and deliverable promises… It is indeed a thing of rarity and beauty, with not one word of SNP Bad in it.

I include it here below….prepare to be astounded at their ingenuity in their positivist doctrine for the Scottish people.


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Indyref2 the new Culloden

Looking back into the annals of History, time and time again, we see the perceived victors as being the ones who kept to organisation and unity, while spreading and engendering discord amongst the vanquished.
“United we stand, divided we fall”

Looking back to the time of Culloden and the 2nd Jacobite rebellion, At what seemed to be the point of success,on the outskirts of London. The Jacobites squabbled and fell out amongst themselves and went home. This allowed the British to regroup and eventually slaughter the Jacobites at Culloden.
Lets not get caught up with the politics of the time, which was no Scotland v England thing, but rather the dubious inheritance of monarchy mixed with religion, with many Scots Clans fighting on the Governments side against the Jacobite Clans.
Scotland was utterly divided by this point in time, and the result of all this Scots squabbling led to the banning of the Gaelic language, the Kilt, and the pipes as a result.

To this day in Scotland, there are still those fighting over religious adherence, and the monarchy dispute between William of Orange and the Stewarts, many not even realising that the Scots people were all cannon fodder for the established order.

The first and second Jacobite rebellions both took place within 40 years of the Acts of Union in 1707, the first of them a mere 8 years after.
When we look back at the horrors created by the dissolving of the Clan system, and the many Clan chiefs who stole their own peoples land off them, and became Lords of the British establishment, while helping to oversee atrocities against their own people, we can see clearly how the established order worked, and continues to work. It works through division.

So what on earth has this all to do with a possible Indyref2 you might ask?

Lets look back on our most recent time line and see how it shapes up?

The British establishment, with all its corruption, has been at Its weakest ever in Scotland since 1707, when the people had no vote.

The YES referendum was within a whisker of succeeding in 2014, despite the best efforts of the British government, their Labour and LibDem lackies,and the united unionist press and media. They were being crushed by an ethusiastic and popular peoples movement using Social Media and street presence to garner confidence and engagement amongst the people.
History will show that the British Establishments lies and Vows and empty promises, succeeded in winning the battle, but in doing so suffered unexpected casualities.
Far from YES being defeated, the opposite happened, and people joined the SNP in their droves, resulting in the almost complete wipe out of Tories, Labour and LibDems in the 2015 General election.

Further results of the YES campaign, also led to an Increase of membership for the Scottish Green party, some modicum of extra support for both the SSP and Tommy Sheridans Solidarity, and the eventual creation of a new party rising from the Radical Independence campaign, which amalgamated with the SSP to create RISE.

With Independence supporters all in good fettle entering into this years 2016 Scottish Government elections and the SNP again showing highly in the polls, with even projections that they may gain the vast majority of constituency seats all appeared to be going well and looking good for another SNP majority government in Holyrood, and all seemed well in the YES side too.

It is at this point, that things started to go somewhat amiss…
Some stirring up of conjecture, by the Labour supporting Electoral Reform Society,( who have said this about the Tory supporting David Torrance, “David Torrance brings his usual strong ….. incisive and clear writing combined with the balanced and unbiased journalism we have come to expect from his work. “) Nuff said!!
rewording a report from Prof John Curtis, and reproduced in the Herald, giving thr impression that it would be advisable to ditch the SNP for the List ballot, in favour of the Greens, Rise and Solidarity….All hell has broken loose!

What was a fairly together YES alliance of sorts, has been ripped assunder… with more and more vitriolic attacks on each other on Social media by the respective party supporters, and cheered on by the likes of Bella Caledonia, who seem to have it particularly in for the SNP, and are doing nothing to stop trolling on their facebook group page…

A combination of the less educated, the gullible, and the partisan on all sides are threatening the possibility of not having a majority SNP Scottish Government, and as such putting an end to Indy2 before it even getting off the ground!
The animosity and vitriol and trolling on all sides is alarming and counter productive in the extreme!

I had previously posited that In order to make some minimal gain, that those of a mind to do so, in regions that had a perticultarly strong Green support, that it would be worth voting Green on the List, but voting Rise or Solidarity with projected 1% support across all areas was self defeating and possibly destructive from a YES perspective.
That however, would depend on a degree of coordination and cooperation between parties to achieve a positive outcome… It is clear that no such cooperation exists, and thus it is extremely foolish to consider tactical voting. Rather it is better to simply vote for what you want, and who you want, and leave the rest up to the combined will of the people.

As things stand, If people persist on damaging their own Independence supporting sides for tribal political gain, we risk creating so much animosity and ill will, that the enthusiasm and willingness of the YES campaign cannot be reproduced.
Bearing in mind also, that not all those who are trolling without compunction on sites such as Bella Caledonia, may be doing so because they support Independence, but rather are for the British State! It is an ideal vehicle to take the negativity of others and encourage them to disruptive ends….

And thus at worst… An Independence movement divided, and warring with itself becomes ineffectual, and YES2 becomes our new Culloden!


BELOW: My posting on leaving said Bella Caledonia…..and a classic case of the trolling that is going on there and in other Indy pages!

I have decided to leave this group..I am utterly disgusted with the behaviour and attitudes of some so called supporters of Independence on here.. Whatever good will was built up during Indyref…a number of you are destroying it, and this can only bode ill for any further working towards Indyref2 …. Common ground has been replaced by bitterness, recrimination and tribalism …
If this is an example of what might happen should we gain Independence…I think I would rather emigrate!

Martin Hamilton
Martin Hamilton Most pro indy groups are full of trolls, whose only aim is to disrupt and prevent genuine discussion. Don’t let the likes of them force you out of the group.

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Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson Agreed Martin, I think the admins should be more proactive in Bella.

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Scott T Quinn
Scott T Quinn Right or wrong begone from my sight as I have no respect for “I’m leaving this group” posts.

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Billy Girvan
Billy Girvan Social media. It’s great eh?

Andy Eagle
Andy Eagle Just to let you know, although people make postings here that express opinions other than my own, I will not be going off in a huff or have a song and dance about it.

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Niall Reid
Niall Reid Och dry yer eyes princess, it’s a political page hence differences of opinion! But hey, hang around and look the posts in response to your hissy fit…….

Niall Reid's photo.
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Kenneth Diamond
Brian Lynch
Brian Lynch
Brian Lynch
David Bannister
David Bannister Good luck.

David Dempster
Brian Lynch
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Bill Longmuir
Bill Longmuir What is wrong with some people? Someone disagrees with you so you leave in a huff? Utterly pathetic! Few have had as much abuse as me but as it usually comes from clowns I laugh and carry on. Some folk really need to grow a thicker shin

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Heather Stirling
Heather Stirling The comments in this thread say it all, what a shower of trolling twats

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Scott T Quinn
Scott T Quinn It’s not perfect but saying you’re off is just a whine at the end of the day. As for disagreements, that’s politics.

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John H Owens
John H Owens Keep INDY2 alive, after divide and conquer, they then turn on themselves, sit back and watch it happen. Never leave our dream of Scottish Independence.

Rona Louise
Rona Louise I agree with Heather. Just no need to wade in with offensive memes, making an arse of the guy. He’s right! Many of us would like to see a new way of doing things, more grown up, and constructive. However, this latest election, mud slinging from every See More

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James Dunn
James Dunn Bye then .. No need for the moan moan moan just like a unionist

Scott T Quinn
Scott T Quinn I agree a lot of the simple meme posts are just garbage.

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Rona Louise
Rona Louise Well you kicked it all off really with the dismissive message Scott. If you don’t care about another member leaving, then don’t comment.

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Niall Reid
Niall Reid Heather, if someone comes to the page with one of these whiney ‘I’m leaving because your all dicks posts’ what we going to do, say ‘awww, there there, did the bad man disagree with you, now, I’m sure if you say sorry we can all play nice’ Naw, we tell them like it is, grow a set and either leave like they said they would or suck it up and stop being such a fekking drama queen!

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Susan Lyons
Susan Lyons It’s an election! People want to win. Everyone thinks their party is the best and wants the best for their own party or candidate. It’ll pass

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Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson Hilarious, the irony of some of the responses of this blog given the subject matter is astounding! Round of applause to all.

Kean McDinnon
Gregor Jamieson
Gregor Jamieson Each to their own I say. You have quite a distinctive name. Strange that this is the only post I’ve noticed it on.

This is not an admin controlled site, it’s an admin monitored site. Subjects change as do moods. If ppl REALLY bother you then block them. If they abuse you then report them. If they post things that you don’t like then just man the hell up and debate your own point. See More

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Michael G Annis
Michael G Annis Oh dear someone believing all the pish you come across on the Internet. If you are sensitive then FB/twitter is not the place for you unless of course you feel the need to tell everyone how sensitive you are. Poor soul😀😀😀

Michael G Annis
Peter Mccreadie
Peter Mccreadie It we were all to emigrate because of disagreements, there would be no one fuckin’ left. Unless, however, folk were to leave their country and emigrate to here because they had disagreements where they came from……………😊

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2nd Vote Russian Roulette

On social media there is a constant carping and clamoring going on, about where folks should place their vote on the regional list.
There is a constant mantra from SNP supporters for SNP 1&2 …Both votes SNP
Meanwhile Greens and Rise are like fledglings in a nest with their beaks wide open calling under the SNP big bird, to be fed our second vote.

The arguments have ranged back and forth over who deserves that precious 2nd vote most.
SNP supporters claim that it has to be the SNP that gets it, as a sort of insurance policy to ensure that if the constituency vote is not enough, then the 2nd vote will give a better chance to get over the finishing line for a majority government.
They also support this claim by saying that a vote for the Greens or Rise on the 2nd vote would play into the unionist parties hands, as neither the Greens nor Rise have enough support.

On the other side of the coin, we have the Greens and Rise claiming that a second vote for the SNP would be a wasted vote, if as expected the SNP follow up on their recent Westminster result, and bag most of the constituency’s. If that were to happen, they claim that the SNP second vote would bag very little extra seats for the SNP, and Instead boost the unionist parties. If on the other hand you gave your second vote to either Green or Rise, it would provide an alternative Indie voice to represent us in parliament and insure an Indy majority.

So who is right , and who is wrong, and where should we place that precious 2nd vote?

My own Instinct has always been to vote for who you want to vote for, and to do the same with your second vote. In my opinion tactical voting is a minefield, and nobody can accurately predict what will happen with it.

But I have had a chance to take a closer look at how this voting system works, and have come up with the following:

If we take the polling predictions from the most recent YouGov poll out today on the 12th of April as our example, and bearing in mind that the other polls have been providing similar predictions but with marginal variations from poll to poll.
We can take this as the current level of support the parties appear to be achieving in percentage of the overall vote.

The YouGov poll suggests the following:

Constituency ballot :

SNP 50% (+1)
Labour 21% (+2)
Conservatives 18% (-1)
Liberal Democrats 5% (-1)
Greens 3% (-1)
UKIP 2% (-1)

Regional list ballot :

SNP 45% (+2)
Labour 19% (+2)
Conservatives 18% (-1)
Greens 8% (n/c)
Liberal Democrats 5% (n/c)
UKIP 3% (-1)
Rise 1% (n/c)

As you can see… the SNP share is holding up very well at close to or marginally above their share in the last Holyrood election.

If we were then to take these figures and apply them across the board to the vote itself (which of course will not happen,as there will be variations from region to region on how the voting goes) but purely as an example of how the transferable vote would impact on the 2nd vote for the parties, if we gave all our 2nd votes to the SNP or if the majority of SNP voters gave their 2nd vote to the Greens,as the next biggest Indy party.

Say for instance you are in a region where the SNP won 7 out of the 9 constituency 1st votes, and Labour and Tory had 1 each. And there were 7 regional places up for grabs in the 2nd ballot.

If all SNP voters went SNP 1&2 …
Once the transferable votes had been applied, what you would end up with for that region with SNP having 45% of the regional vote would be the following.
You would end up with 1 SNP regional msp , 2 Labour,2 Conservative,1 Green, and 1 Lib Dem.

Why is this you might ask? SNP had 43% of the regional ballot after all, how come they only end up with 1 Regional msp?

The reason being, that the SNP with 50% of the constituency vote have 77% of the constituency representation , and so to rectify the balance, the calculation for the 2nd ballot has a slight bias in favour of the other parties in the transferable vote calculations.

Now…lets see what happens, if SNP supporters in this example gave their 2nd vote to Greens.. And lets reverse the percentages of SNP and Greens accordingly in the regional vote, so that the Greens now have 43% and the SNP have 8% ….what happens?

The answer is not a lot really…but perhaps of significance

The Greens would now have 2 regional msps, Labour and the Conservatives would remain the same with 2 each,The SNP would still have 1…..But…The Lib Dems would have none!

In effect, we would have gained 1 more Indy voice, and 1 less unionist voice in this region. Take that right across the board for every region in Scotland, and we are looking at a whole different picture in parliament.

So given that Rise are polling only 1%, if I was going to play tactical voting Russian roulette, I would vote Green with my second vote, and encourage everybody so inclined to do the same. I would not encourage splitting the 2nd vote between Green and Rise, because we split the Indie vote…It has to be Green for the above example to work!

I would like at this point to make absolutely clear that I am not an SNP supporter, nor a Green supporter.. So I am not giving this example for the purpose of favouring them.

I am just trying to educate how the system can work, and give some understanding of what is going on.

Personally ….I suggest you follow your heart, but use your mind too. Vote how you want to vote…


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Losing the will to live

I belatedly watched the #scotdebates on STV tonight…..and my conclusion and summary of it are as follows: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

I was getting so bored I was dozing off.

What I did manage to glean out of it was this:

Willie Rennie: was as usual totally unconvincing, but that is the state LibDems have been for a long while now…They are just not at all convincing, and It is hard to believe them on anything.

Ruth Davidson: Typical Tory fest, with the added news that they would benefit the Rich, with Tax cuts, while Indirectly taxing everyone else to pay for it. Graduate tuition fees of £6,000 and £8 prescription charge

Kezia Dugdale: still doesn’t understand Labours own tax policy, but Labour would make everyone Including pensioners pay more tax, but unlike the Lib Dems who also want to raise tax, Labour can’t decide all that they want to spend it on.
That plus having a rammy fest every time Nicola Sturgeon spoke….She is good at shouting loudly and Interrupting for no good purpose, other than to stop people hearing what Nicola has to say.

Nicola Sturgeon: a reasonable performance, but no more than that, no more than that was required. she basically highlighted that the SNP would continue with it’s softly softly cautious approach. Though she did confirm that Indy2 would be spoken about in the manifesto.

Patrick Harvey: The usual common sense approach  from him, although the Greens too would be wanting to raise tax levels much higher than the others, but focusing on the high earners, and reducing low earner tax

On Indy2…the usual suspects came out with their once in a generation/lifetime referendum. However Nicola pointed out that it would only occur if there was a sustained will of the Scottish people for it.
Kezia said Labour would still vote NO, and she didn’t regret them being the Tory bedfellows in it. She further more stated that Labour would still vote against, even if there was a settled will of the Scottish people proven to want it. In effect honestly confirming that Labour put their own interests first and to hell with what the people think.

Stuff what the people vote for

That’s all I can be bothered with… Goodnight ZZZZZZZZZZ

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You WILL do as we tell you

Back in the days of the 1970’s when I was a mere teenager, it was common knowledge which newspapers promoted certain parties. The Express was a Tory paper, the Record was a Labour paper , and these 2 papers carried the bulk of Scottish readership between them.
My mum always bought the Express, and on a Sunday, she would buy the Sunday Mail and Sunday Post..
I never knew her to make a political utterance in her life, so I have no idea how she voted at elections, although she did have a soft spot for the Tory MP for Cathcart, Teddy Taylor, so maybe there was a clue there, but I really couldn’t say.

On television the BBC was well regarded, and promoted as the bastion of fairness and impartiality. If the BBC reported it, then it was taken as gospel that it was true.
Such were my days of naivety and innocence.

Some things have changed since these days of my youth, but not all that much, the Express is still Tory, The Record is still Labour, but their circulation has plummeted since these heady days of the 70’s.
Into the mix now are the Daily Mail , The Telegraph, The Sun, the Guardian and the Times,and we can all be sure of their political allegiances too.
All of them, are owned and run from London,and all of them irrespective of whether they are left leaning or right leaning,or Liberal leaning, are unionist leaning.
The only paper which will give a Scottish perspective is the relatively new National.
Of the regional dailys, the Herald, the Scotsman, and the Press and Journal, they will all follow the unionist line.

So with that knowledge, anyone who supports Independence can be sure to read these tomes with a large pinch of salt when it comes to their political utterances.
Likewise with our tv media, the BBC is not the British Broadcasting Corporation for nothing, it reports and slants from a Westminster perspective, and BBC Scotland is effectively run from London. Given the Labour connections in BBC Scotlands news, it is hardly surprising if they slant from that perspective.
STV appears in general to be slightly fairer in its news reporting but perhaps this is because they don’t have the licence fee to fall back on and depend on advertising.

Recent examples of misreporting or non reporting are the stories on Scottish steel works and Alastair Carmichael getting a back hander from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust.
The saving of the Motherwell plants by the Scottish government was initially broken by the Sunday Post, but in breaking the story, they never spoke to a Scottish government source, but rather to a Tory, in effect downplaying the Scottish governments involvement.

It took a further 2 days before Reporting Scotland deigned to report this huge story, but they did so in such a fashion that blink and you would have missed it, they skated over it at such speed and with such brevity. Anything to avoid giving the Scottish government huge credit.
You would think that the rest of the print media would have been all over this story, but you would think wrong.

The other huge story involved the revelation on Buzzfeed that Alastair Carmichael had been awarded £34,000 towards his court fees by the JRR Trust. The story became even bigger when it was discovered that this trust was effectively a Lib Dem front, with its trustees nearly all holding prominent positions In the LibDems.
So where was this story? Buried, not mentioned in any of the mainstream press other than the National, and not a single peep from either BBC or STV on it. It is almost as if it never happened.
Even when the JRR trust came out with a ludicrous statement, including the information that they were awarding Carmichael a further £16,000, bringing the amount up to £50,000, still media silence.
Had this involved a SNP MP who had been caught wilfully lying to the electorate, they would have been outraged, and it would carry on as a major story for weeks or months.

But now we are into the purdah period, the press knowing that the government can no longer comment are deliberately misleading over the Motherwell deal, making out that the Scottish Government will have to fork out 20 million of our money to clean up the steel works.. This is not at all true according to a government spokesman, but they cannot make a direct statement on it until after the election.

Now onto the campaigning… We were informed by Brian Taylor on the night of the first debate, that the main issue of this election will be tax.
And of course the BBC can select from their invited audiences what questions they choose to take, and what questions they wont.
Why is this election going to be about tax? Because the unionist parties want to make it about tax, because they think that they can attack on this. Their problem however is that they cannot agree what the SNP is being Bad for. Labour say that the SNP are not taxing enough, the Tories say they are taxing too much. Meanwhile Labours tax plans are a shambles which their own leader cannot understand, but barely a question asked of them by the media.

And this is the huge problem which we have, the media has decided who and what they want, and will tell everyone that what they don’t want is more of SNP Bad government.

The days of the press being the 4th estate, asking questions to keep the state in line are long gone. The links between the media and Westminster politicians and parties as highlighted by the Levinson inquiry is incestuous . No longer does the media report the news, the media makes the news up, and they have endless commentary, rather than straight forward news reporting.

They decide what you should think, they decide what it is you talk about, and they decide who not to vote for.  Or at least that is what they think!

People in Scotland have become far too savvy for them since the days of the referendum, and If we really want to know what is happening, what is going on, we find it on the internet and on social media where real news breaks.
Why do you think that a quarter of all twitter users are journalists? They know where to find the stories too, but they slant them to their own benefit.

They may love to think that they can still tell us what to think, but they are sadly mistaken.

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