My Fight


WARNING…… What Follows is extremely long and massively contentious

“By far the greatest bulk of the political ‘education,’ which in this case one may rightly define with the word ” propaganda,’ is the work of the press. It is the press above
all else that carries out this ‘work of enlightenment,’ thus forming a sort of school for adults. This instruction, however, does not rest in the hand of the State, but partly in
the claws of very inferior forces.

As a very young man I had the very best opportunity of becoming really acquainted with the owners and spiritual producers of this machine for educating the masses.

At the beginning I was astonished how short a time it took this most evil of all the great powers in the State to create a certain opinion, even if this involved complete falsification of the wishes or opinions in the minds of the public. In the course of a
few days a ridiculous trifle was turned into an affair of State, whereas, at the same time, problems of vital  importance were dropped into general oblivion, or rather were stolen from the minds and the memory of the masses.So they succeeded, in the course of a few weeks, in  conjuring up some names out of nothing and attaching incredible hopes to them on the part of the great public, in even giving them a popularity which the really important man may never attain during his whole lifetime; names addition, nobody had even heard of only a month before, whereas at the same time old and trustworthy representatives of public or political life, though in the bloom of health, simply died in the minds of their contemporaries, or they were showered with such wretched abuses that soon their names were in danger of becoming the symbol of villainy and rascality.

It is necessary to study this infamous  method with which they simultaneously and from all directions, as at a given magic word, pour bucketfuls of the basest calumnies and defamation over the clean garb of honest people, in order to appreciate the entire danger of these rascals of the press.

Then, too, there is hardly anything which does not suit the purposes of such an intellectual robber baron in order to reach his end.Then he spys into the most secret family affairs and does not rest till his truffle-searching instinct finds some trifling event destined to bring about the unfortunate victim’s fall. But even if the most thorough nosing about does not stir up anything at all in his victim’s public or private life, then such a fellow will turn to calumny with the firm conviction that not only something of it will stick to his victim, despite thousandfold refutation, but that, in consequence of the hundredfold repetition of the calumnies by all his accomplices, the victim is in most cases looking only at the resulting product together with its activity, it should suffice that the objective lunacy of this institution would dawn on even the most closed mind. ”

Well……Do you recognise any of the above?
Day after Day after Day…. A constant drip drip drip drip of demonisation of the SNP, the Scottish Government and particularly its leaders by our press and media…in particular the BBC radio and tv news and political forums. The denouncement of YES supporters as Cybernats and the depiction of Scottish Nationalists as Nazis.
They and Unionist politicians called the SNP dictators, comparing Alex Salmond to Hitler, PolPot, and many other nasty figures. They are now doing the same to Nicola Sturgeon, and I hear people in the street parroting them. Yet never ever do they refer to Theresa May or any in Westminster in such a fashion.

“Everybody speaks only before the audience that is able to hear him, or that receives a description of what has been said through the reports of the press.But the greatest direct audience is not represented by the hall of parliament, but by the great public meeting.For there, there will be thousands of people who have only come to hear what the speaker has to say, whereas in the session hall of the House of Parliament there are only a few hundred, whose chief reason for coming is only to receive their remuneration and not to let themselves be enlightened by the wisdom of the one or the other of the ‘ people’s representative.’

But above all :

It is always the same public which will never add to its knowledge, not only because it lacks the brains for this, but also the necessary, though modest, will power.
Never will one of these MPs willingly do better in truth the honour of entering its service.No, not one of them will do that, except he hopes to save or to regain his mandate for a further session.
For as soon as it is in the air that the existing party will not do very well in a coming election, only then will these ornaments of manliness set out to see how they can gain the other, probably winning party or direction, whereby this change of position takes place under a cloudburst of moral motivations.
Therefore, whenever an existing party seems to be out of the people’s favour to the extent that an annihilating defeat is threatened, a great migration begins: the parliamentary rats leave the party ship. This has nothing to do with greater knowledge or will power, but with that clairvoyant ability which warns such a parliamentary bedbug just in time, so that it can let itself drop on another warm party bed.

To speak before such a  forum means really to cast pearls before certain well-known animals. This is really not worth while. The result cannot be other than naught.

This, then, was actually the case.

The MPs could talk on till their throats were hoarse; the effect was naught.

The press, however, passed over it in silence or mutilated the speeches in a way that every connection, even often their meaning, was lost or distorted, so that public opinion
was given only a very poor picture of the intentions of the new movement. It was of no importance whatsoever what the individual gentlemen now said; the importance rested
in what one read of them. But this was only an abstract of their speeches, which, in its tattered condition, was nothing but nonsense and so it was intended. But the only forum
before which they actually spoke consisted of barely five hundred parliamentarians, and that says enough.

But the worst was the following:

The  movement could hope for success only if it realized from the very first day that the question involved was not that of a new party but that of a new view of life. The latter alone was able to summon the internal strength to fight out this gigantic struggle. But for this only the best and the most courageous characters are suited to act as leaders.

If the fight for a new view of life is not led by heroes willing to sacrifice themselves, then no more will death-defying fighters be found. He who in such a case fights for his own existence cannot have much consideration left for the community.But in order to preserve this assumption, it is necessary for everybody to know that the new movement has nothing to offer to the present except the honour and the fame of posterity. The more easily-to-be-won positions such a movement has to offer, the greater will be the onrush of inferior stuff, till finally these political jobbers overcrowd a successful political party in such numbers that the honest fighter of an earlier time no longer recognizes the old movement, so that the newcomers themselves decidedly reject him as an unwelcome ‘ intruder

With this the ‘ mission ‘ of such a movement is finished.

From the moment the  movement sold itself to parliament, it gained ‘parliamentarians’ instead of leaders and fighters.

Thus it deteriorated to the level of ordinary political parties of the day and lost the force to oppose a catastrophic destiny with the defiance of martyrdom. Instead. of fighting, it now learned to ‘speak’ and to ‘negotiate.’ The new parliamentarian considered it, within a short time, a nicer duty, because it involved less risk, to fight for the new view of life with the ‘ intellectual ‘ weapons of parliamentary eloquence than to throw himself into a fight, and possibly risking his own life, whose end was uncertain and in any case did not promise any gain.

But as now the party was in parliament, the followers outside began to hope and to wait for miracles, which, of course, never happened and never could happen. Therefore, they
became impatient within a short time; for also what one heard of one’s own MPs in no way corresponded with the expectations of the voters. This was only too natural, as the hostile press took heed not to report a true-to-life picture of the representative to the people.

But the more the new MPs began to find palatable the rather mild form of  fight in parliament and the diet, the less were they ready to return to the more dangerous work of enlightening the nation’s great masses.

Therefore, the mass meeting, being direct and personal, and which was the only way of exercising a really effective influence and which, therefore, alone could enable the winning of great parts of the nation, was pushed more and more into the background.

Once the table of the meeting hall was exchanged for the platform of parliament, so that from this exalted forum speeches could be poured into the heads of the so-called
‘elected representatives’ instead of into the people, the movement ceased to be a people’s movement and gradually sank into a club for academic discussion, to be taken more or less seriously.

Now also the bad impression that the press had rendered was in no way repaired by the personal assembly activity of the various gentlemen, so that finally the word of the leader had a very bad sound in the ears of the great public.

For let it be said to all knights of the pen and to all the political dandies, especially of today : the greatest changes in this world have never yet been brought about by a goose-

No, the pen has always been reserved to motivate these changes theoretically.

But the power which set the greatest historical avalanches of political and religious nature sliding was, from the beginning of time, the magic force of the spoken word alone.

The great masses of a nation will always and only succumb to the force of the spoken word. But all great movements are movements of the people, are volcanic eruptions
of human passions and spiritual sensations, stirred either by the cruel Goddess of Misery or by the torch of the word thrown into the masses, and are not the lemonade-like outpourings of aestheticizing literati and drawing-room heroes.

Only a storm of burning passion can turn people’s destinies, but only he who harbours passion in himself can arouse passion.

Passion alone will give to him, who is chosen by her, the words that, like beats of a hammer, are able to open the doors to the heart of a people.

He to whom passion is denied and whose mouth remains closed is not chosen by Heaven as the prophet of its will.

Therefore, may every writer remain by his inkwell in order to work ‘theoretically’ if his brains and ability are sufficient for this ; such writers are neither born nor chosen
to become leaders.

Every movement with great aims has anxiously to watch that it may not lose connection with the great masses.

It has to examine every question primarily from this point of view and to make decisions in this direction.

Further, it has to avoid everything that could diminish or even weaken its ability to influence the masses; perhaps not for ‘demagogic* reasons, no, but because of the simple
realization that without the enormous power of the masses of a people no great idea, no matter how sublime and lofty it may appear, is realizable.

Hard reality alone conditions the way that leads to every goal; shunning disagreeable ways means, in this world, only too often to renounce the goal; one may wish
this or not.

As soon as the  movement, because of its parliamentary position, began to place the weight of its activity upon parliament instead of upon the people, it lost
its future and won cheap successes of the moment.

It chose the easier fight, and therewith it was no longer worthy of the ultimate victory.

Already  I had thought most thoroughly about just this question, and in its non-recognition I saw one of the causes for the decline of the movement whose my eyes, was to take the leadership  into its hands.

The first two mistakes which made the movement fail were related to each other. The lack of  knowledge of the internal driving forces of great changes led to an insufficient evaluation of the importance of the great masses of the people ; from this resulted the scanty interest in the social question, the deficient and insufficient courting of the soul of the nation’s lower classes, but also the attitude towards parliament that favoured this condition.

If one had recognized the tremendous power which at all times is due to the masses as the bearer of revolutionary resistance, one would certainly have applied a different
policy as regards social and propagandistic directions. Then the center of weight of this movement would not have been removed to the parliament, but stressed in the workshops and streets.

All of the above could well describe how such an uninspiring figure as Corbyn could win the Labour leadership, and even manage to create such a fuss at the General election that even some YES supporters who are Left leaning voted for him in Scotland in the face of such an abject campaign that Theresa May ran….. they entirely overlooked in all the furore that such a vote would be taken as voting against Independence in Scotland, and that Corbyn was not who they were voting for in their constituencies.

It wasn’t that Corbyn was at all impressive… but the weight of the Momentum Movement in England and he being seen addressing them created that impression.
I am sure it didn’t take long for them to be very disappointed when Corbyn immediately whipped his MPs into voting with the Tories not to oppose Brexit, and also to agree with the Tories about coming out of the Single market and prevent free movement of these despicable foreigners coming into the country.
The Momentum Movement made him, it can also take him down.

Likewise the above section explains how the likes of Farage and Trump could prevail in manufacturing consent out of the politically uneducated masses discontent. Farage by being given unheard of platforms in the press and by the BBC from a non existent electoral base, and Trump by bypassing the mainstream media entirely and speaking directly to the impoverished and angry electorate.

I mentioned earlier how Civic Scottish Nationalists are maligned as Nazis
So here is the really contentious bit……  As someone who is utterly opposed to that type of Nationalism which has been more and more embraced by the Tories stealing the rhetoric of Farage and his mob in taking forward and considerably enhancing and expanding on the policies of the the quasi Tory Blairs New Labour in attacking the poorest, the disabled, the homeless and now the elderly far more than Thatcher could have dared dream of. In ramping up the rhetoric against those whose background and colour or accent is not English to the extent that ordinary citizens are scared to venture out in some parts of England in case they are verbally or physically abused or get disfigured with acid. In aligning with the DUP and ramping up sectarianism by supporting the Orange Order in Scotland, and speaking the languange of “Taking Back Control” with an intent to do away with Human Rights whilst using the excuse of Terror attacks to further diminish our civil liberties and aligning themselves with an utter unhinged bampot across the Atlantic…. And last but certainly not least…For the more rabid right wing media..replace Jews with Muslims!
Unionism is just British Nationalism by a different name.
It is nasty and it is horrible. you know who I have been extensively quoting yet?

It was Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf… ( The title of this article “MY Fight” is the translation of Mein Kampf)
written while he was in prison… he learned the tricks from the media of his day, and his party developed on all of it…. particularly on the use of propaganda and the importance of Mass movements…

Let what you have been witnessing over the past couple of years be a WARNING



DFxWQG3U0AUnxVy.jpg large


Also Ironically there is a warning of a different sort to the SNP in all this.
If they distance themselves politically from the YES movement and keep playing safely safely and just timidly making little gains and concessions here and there and get too cosy with their nice political debates in parliament and the nice perks they too will lose their support from a disillusioned Independence support….and that just will not do.

The very last thing Scotland needs is to be hog tied to this dysfunctional Union which is going straight into an Isolationist Brexit hell on a handcart.
We have to be passionate and we need to make our voices heard…. Scotland does not deserve or want any part of what is happening… For all our sakes… We need to get out..and get out NOW!

Note: I changed the word Delegates to MPs….. and omitted references to Austria and Germany……but otherwise the extensive quotes were word for word from Mein Kampf



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Well? What are you waiting for? Some magical independence fairy to come along and wave a magic wand, or the Ghosts of Bruce and Wallace and Calgacus to appear among us and drive us on? It is not going to happen.
Nor is it going to happen if we sit on our bahookies and moan at each other or sit behind our laptops and ipads and prattle away endlessly in multiple on line groups with many of the same people saying the same things to each other while those who are the undecided are left not spoken to or listened to out of our cosy little loops.
Nor is it going to happen if we leave it to the chattering classes in the media and on self opinionated online magazines or the couple of Indy friendly newspapers we do have direct our thoughts.
Nor is it going to happen if we had a couple of mass marches in the Cities waving flags and then standing about listening to some of the chosen few making speeches.
Nor is it going to happen If we leave it to the political strategists, politicians and political parties.
None of these things will gain us independence.
Only YOU and I can manage to do that! How do we do it? By bloody well making it happen!
If YOU really really really want Scotland to be Independent, It will not happen by merely wishing for it. It has to be grasped. It has to be taken. It is not going to be handed to us on a plate, far from it.
Now I am not talking about rising up and declaring UDI…. that is the route of desperados and can only lead to civil unrest, particularly given that we still have half the country to absolutely convince.
What I am talking about is making it Our business, Your Business, to work at it every day.
Talk about it…In your work, to your neighbours, where you socialise.
Get the YES Grassroots Movement going again… Arrange meetings, have events, have stalls, have ceilidhs, do what will make YOUR community sit up and take notice and want to be part of it all.
Get the YES Groups up and down the country to talk to each other and learn from each other.
The Official politically filled YES campaign packed up as soon as the last referendum finished, they had other things to do.
What should not have been allowed to happen was for the grass roots YES campaign to wither and lose interest. Just because we narrowly lost once, should not have meant we then said oh well that was that, and slunk off ourselves. Take the lesson of Bruce and the Spider…. If at first you don’t succeed…. don’t run off greetin.. try, try, try, try, try, try and try again until you do succeed!

For too long we have sat back and let the SNP do everything, we have rested it all on their shoulders and we have not ALL done our bit. If we had been doing so, the SNP would not have lost 21 seats at the last General Election. And yes I do know they never exactly helped themselves by not recognising and acting on what the Unionists were doing. That mob played on the basest of instincts without any policies whatsoever, and that was because they had not been fighting a General election up here, they had been re running the anti independence campaign. They were making the emotional irrational  campaign and working together like Better Together to maximise their collective results.
They never officially stopped like the official YES campaign, they kept on going from the day after the referendum and never stopped going on about Independence and blaming that on the SNP. The whole idea was to sicken ordinary people of hearing about it…..and it worked.
I know of at least 3 people in close proximity who voted YES and now hate Nicola Sturgeons guts…… They are all older and don’t use the internet, so they get their news from ……..The BBC and the papers.
We should have all of us been combating that.

If we found it hard going before….you had better believe it will be harder now, despite Brexit. If we want this…. WE HAVE GOT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN…… and YES I MEAN YOU too!

In the words of Calgacus when faced with the largest Empire the World had ever seen in the Grampian Mountains.

“Making concessions and being moderate isn’t going to save us from their tyranny. They rape the whole world. When they’ve finished devastating the land they turn their attentions to the sea. If their enemies have wealth they want it; if they’re poor, it makes no difference, they still hunger for power. Nowhere, east or west, is enough for them – they’re the only ones who lust after everything alike, rich or poor. Abduction, massacre, plunder they misname ‘law and order’. Where they make a desert they call it ‘peace’.

Our children and families, the people we love above all others, they’ve conscripted and carried away to serve overseas. Our wives and sisters, though they’ve escaped the enemy’s clutches, are tainted by their claims of friendship and hospitality. Our possessions and wealth are eroded by forced taxes, our fields and crops compelled to yield contributions. Under threat of blow and insults we’re put to work clearing woods and ditches. Most slaves are bought just once, and then maintained by their masters, but every day we pay for our own slavery, every day we feed it.”

Calgacus lost that battle… and he lost it badly, with thousands being slaughtered.

But they never gave up…. they may have lost that major battle but they regrouped, changed their tactics, and harried and hassled and drove the Empire back until they had to build 2 Walls to keep the proud natives of ALBA at bay, and then finally they left these shores forever.

It took the Caledonians 400 years before they were rid of the Romans and free for a while at least to be at peace.

We have only been in this Union for just over 300 years…… Is it not something we finally brought it to an end?
We cannot rely only on the politicians, and we cannot rely on self interest groups as we have only seen too clearly recently. We can only rely upon ourselves, and only ourselves can make Independence happen.

If you want to be Free….Be Free

GO OUT AND GET IT and stop feeling sorry for yourselves and being passive observers to a train crash and do nothing but stand around looking on…. Get Involved and Get Going!

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In Conversation with Shuggie McHumblebottom (PROUD SCOT)

Today I have been in conversation with Shuggie McHumblebottom the editor and lead writer of the “Scotland Is Shite” online publication.

I asked him first off what inspired him to write so copiously as he does?

Shuggie: Well first off I am a Proud Scot and I really want Scotland to do well in this increasingly uncertain world and it concerns me greatly how many divisive people are among us demanding a second Independence referendum. We really cannot have these Separatists dividing us from our heritage. Every true Proud Scot should be proud to be British. It is absolutely unthinkable that they should want to remove the Britishness from us, how could we possibly survive without the Fleg and the Queen and the BBC news? Outrageous I tell you! If you are a real Proud Scot you have to be British, otherwise we have nothing to be proud of because Scotland is shite, and it is my duty and responsibility to remind them all daily how woefully shite Scotland is.
On Mondays…It is education…. Scotlands education is increasingly shite
On Tuesdays…It is health…. More people are dying every cannot go on
On Wednesdays..It is transport…. you cannot get a decent Uber Taxi in Auchentoshan ..disgraceful
On Thursdays…It is Brexit….We must remain In, Out,In, Out, and shake our booties all about and do the hokey cokey…these Scots want to remain In..and that is awful! Foreigners out!!!
On is the economy… Have you any idea how awful Scotlands economic performance is? In the last reporting quarter we reported that Scotlands economy was failing so badly that it was going into recession, and guess what… It was only the British economy and our shared working that prevented another catastrophe.
The British Economy is crawling forward into growth…It grew by 0.5% fantastic news….but the Scots economy….oh dear…just awful… it grew by 0.8% while England was a credible 0.2% ..We just cannot continue these Scots preventing us winning the race to the bottom….It is just not British.
On Saturdays and Sundays… I spend all my time sending out new stories for press releases from Labour and the Conservatives to pass onto the press, to pass onto the BBC …..I tell you my work is never done.

I see Shuggie that you are an Incredibly busy man with an astounding work ethic. Now can I ask you to compare and contrast how you think Scotland compares to the rUK in these matters you have highlighted?

Shuggie: Certainly I would be delighted to.
On Education for instance do you know that this dreadful Scots government refuses to charge appropriately for students taking Higher education and University courses? That is inexcusable, it merely allows those from the peasant class to learn, and that we cannot be having! It threatens the correct order of things, only those who can afford to pay should be accepted. We cannot have riffraff getting above their station and asking akward questions, that would never do. The only fit place for them is smoking weed and being benefit cheats.
The British government have it spot on….. fees of £9000 and more per year means that my boss Mr Fattercat is spending less of his non earned earnings and the pittance he has not been able to avoid on tax in paying for the drongos educational upkeeep.
Can you imagine what anarchy would ensue if the Nats had a Separatist State? The unwashed in the rUK would be rioting at what Westminster does! No No No…. Keep the thick Scots dumb and compliant we say.

On Health, Scotlands health record is wonderfully woeful it really is, we are incredibly proud of our achievements in maintaining the Class divide here.
Do you know that because of our efforts we have succeeded spectacularly well in this area. It was not done without a well coordinated (strictly unofficial) joint operation by the Labour and Tory parties over a considerable amount of years.  But we have succeeded way beyond anyones expectations. Scotlands Health in the correct places is truly wonderfully awful.
Do you know that Scotland has 5 areas in the worst areas for health in whole of the UK, with average male life expectancy in Glasgow Calton as low as 54 years, It saves an absolute fortune in pension payouts I can tell you. These for decades were Labour areas, and it is somewhat worrying to see these figures on life expectancy begin to rise.

Of course Thatchers Government set the gold standard for destroying these pesky traditional Industries which resulted in generations happily never having to do any work and encouraged them to smoke more and drink much more Buckie and have a nice Spliff to keep them happy. And the wonderful Blair New Labour carried on this important work too. Unfortunately this all meant a rise in the welfare bill which is not acceptable and measures put in place by the Conservatives have sought to rectify it by reducing all and removing previous benefits, and kill a few of these undeserving poor off.

Recent figures have shown this is now working well where Scotland’s “appalling” record on child health has been exposed in a major study as among the poorest in western Europe. Marvellous absolutely marvellous, terrific Scotland is shite. Do you know The State of Child Health – Scotland report found more than 210,000 children live in poverty, 28 per cent are overweight or obese, and around 400 die each year in Scotland – with a significant number of deaths potentially avoidable. Very encouraging indeed….See what being British can help you achieve.

Worryingly while NHS England is being sold off piecemeal to deserving benefactors the devolved NHS Scotland is getting better all the time and considered the best in the UK….this will never do… we shall have to reduce their block grant even further.

Thank you very much for your patience….. Part 2 of my chat with Shuggie will be available in the next couple of days.

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I Defend My Right To Be Offended

You really couldn’t make it up, well actually you could, but it wouldn’t be half as much fun as the the real thing.
It’s an absolute twitter storm gone completely out of control which has now spread out into the real world of our parliament, newspaper columns,soon to make the courts,and is causing far more damage to the Yes movement than all the Unionist attacks on Independence movement put together.
An Independence writer makes an off colour remark about the parentage of a Tory MSP and his father who happens to also be a Tory MP and Secretary of State for Scotland on twitter. This remark causes high umbrage and the said writer finds himself publicly named and shamed by the Leader of Labour in Scotland as a vehicle and stick to bash the SNP First Minister and On line Independence commentators (otherwise known as CyberNats) with, in the Scottish Parliament.
The Initial furore soon dies down and seems to be forgotten about until suddenly with both parliaments going on holiday and nothing much but Brexit to talk about we suddenly find a newspaper article with the picture of said heinous villain saying that he is now taking said Labour Scottish leader to court for defamation, and on his own website starting a fundraising effort from Yes supporters to raise funds for his court costs in this action.
To muddy the waters further, said nasty piece of work is not an SNP member nor even lives in Scotland,but lives in the South of England of all places..for Gawds Sakes…
It also happens that said potty mouth also has a very sizeable Independence supporting following, and is one of the very best forensic journalists cutting through Unionist lies like butter through a knife, and he is a considerable thorn in their side.

Furore part 2:
Immediately prior to furore part deux taking off we had another slightly less unsavoury spat going on, where the Co founder of the politically insignificant party Rise came out and said that she voted for Labour in Scotland in the General election where the SNP lost 21 seats as a result of a seemingly coordinated pincer movement between Labour Scotland and Tory Scotland parties to Just Say NO, and vote for whichever of them had the better chance of gubbing the SNP in every seat. Why did she, seemingly an Independence activist and supporter take such an action? Because She liked Jeremy Corbyn she said. This of course raised quite a few eyebrows among Independence supporters, not least mine.Given that said individual is a public figure and a writer for the Independence supporting newspaper “The National” it was bound to raise comment, and comments there were, some not very polite either!
This reaction in turn had her coffee house socialist pals and her journalistic mates defending her and deriding the flood of angry complaints being directed towards her.
I very politely enquired of her on her twitter account how on earth could she further the cause of Independence by voting for a Unionist party? To which I had responses from her hangers on accusing me of being sexist! Given that I would have made exactly the same comment had she been male, that allegation was of course utter drivel!

So with the scene nicely set, and social media in a ferment, perfect timing for absolute mayhem to take place.
The lead writer and editor of another pro Indy,coffee house socialist online newspaper, and also a columnist for pro Indy Sunday paper the Sunday Herald  with a personal disliking for alleged homophobic arsewipe in Bath got really stuck in and began on her anti homophobic he is a total shit campaign on twitter. She and her coffee house socialist pals all ganged up to tell Independence supporters to ditch their Wings or be forever damned as being homophobic apologists!
This only encouraged others to get involved and a clear division soon emerged between supporters of the Uncommon space site and the Wings site. Other Coffee house socialist commentators soon started their little blogs and twits on the matter, and a rift between the views of LGBT supporters on what was and what was not homophobic came into the mix too.
A wee ginger dug came out on the side of said alleged homophobic ignoramus to say he was nothing of the sort and what he said had not been at all homophobic….crass and obnoxious maybe, but not homophobic. A Thousand Flowers took the polar opposite view and said it was homophobic and castigated the wee ginger dug for being a sell out and apologist for his despicably homophobic pal.
Meanwhile Doctor/captain or whatever other title she chooses to randomly give herself of Uncommon Space was in her element and got a young chappy to write a piece on how he thought alleged homophobic imbecile was definitely not alleged but a real deal nasty bigoted piece of work.
captain/doctor Hag for tea finally  got her editor at the Sunday herald to approve more of this bilge ,and you can read it if you are particularly masochistic in todays paper.

So to date we have a load of people saying unsubscribe and do not support Uncommon space, Wingnuts, and boycott both The National and the Sunday Herald….

And what comment caused all this furore and utter insanity in the first place?

It was a suggestion that it would have been better had Mundell Juniors father Mundell Fluffy come out sooner and not got married and help conceive Mundell Jnr then we would have been spared his existence.
Nasty…sure  …. homophobic?  I don”t think so, others do.
would it be misogynistic to say that it would be better that the DONALDs mother had not left her native Scotland and gone to America and met his father?


What this episode does do however is raise a host of other questions.
Has the Mad Cows now found its way into humanity?
The utter craziness and anger and downright mental things which have been going on in the world these past couple of years, are they now taking root in Scotland?
With Brexit and all else that has been going on. The increase in racism, sectarianism, and every other sort of Ism. The World seems to be going to hell in a handcart.
Is this episode an example of peoples behaviours and attitudes we can come to expect in an Independent Scotland? If so….I want no part of it…. I don’t want to live in such a country.
Does the language which we see used highlight a class divide? Where one has to check absolutely everything that they say or write to ensure that it is politically correct,and nobody anywhere can possibly take exception to one of our throw away comments?
If so..we truly have entered the George Orwell world of 1984 and surpassed it. Thought control has become the norm. The ruling class retains control by engendering the division of the other classes. The propaganda machines of the box in the corner and in our not free press are the drivers of enslavement of thought and personal freedoms.

If that is the case…. I am outa here and find myself a desert Island somewhere…..shut the door and turn the lights off when the rest of you leave.

In the meantime…..

I accept your Right to be Offended, and to Offend


I have better things to take up my time.

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I may not have written anything recently on this blog, given that I have been focussed entirely on writing my book “The Thistle,The Lion and The Unicorn” , but that doesn’t mean to say that I haven’t also been following closely what has been happening on the political landscape.
Indeed I have been having my tuppence worth on a regular basis on my Aye4Scotland Twitter account for those that are into that form of communication.
However with the recent spats and fall outs which have been happening with alarming frequency between Independence supporting factions I feel that it is worthwhile expressing my views on such conflicts in a bit more detail.

In case you haven’t noticed, for quite some considerable time now there has been an all out concerted attack in the mainstream media on everything Scottish and targeting the SNP and the Scottish Government in particular.
Nothing new there you might say, and you would be right, there is nothing new in that given that over 90% of our mainstream media is pro Union. However what has been particularly noticeable is the sheer volume of attacks on Scotland and everything Scottish as a whole that have been taking place since the prospect of IndyRef2 became a probable reality. Day after Day we see it, In our press, on our radio, on the tv news, in our politics programmes, on Social Media in facebook and Twitter. We are absolutely being covered in shite bombs.
It is an all out full frontal bombardment!

Nothing to be surprised at there you might say, and you would be absolutely right, It is not surprising in the least as the Unionists are absolutely terrified and the very last thing that they want to see happening in amongst the horrendous Brexit debacle is a second Independence referendum. They know that this time they will assuredly lose their precious precious Union and the perks and privileges so many of them gain from it.
The ermine of those Labour, Lib Dem and Tory Lords will be only worth putting in a moth ridden bin. The huge  salaries, perks and expenses their MPs receive for being cowed puppies in Westminster will be all gone. The dim witted brainwashed bigoted trolls will have their precious Union flag for dinner.Their journalists and political commentators will be out of a job and dumped by their Imperial paymasters. Indyref2 must be resisted at all costs.

Make no doubts about it, they all will oppose Scottish Independence to the death.

What is far more concerning has been the ramping up of tribal rhetoric among those who say that they support Independence.
In the Gulf Wars the term friendly fire was coined to describe the bombing and killing of those on the same side by accident.
What we have been seeing in Scottish politics since 2015 when the SNP almost annihilated the entire Scottish Unionist opposition at Westminster has been a marked increase in inter tribal Independence political warfare going on….. And THIS HAS TO STOP!
We have had some of the SNP Old guard attacking the current SNPs stance and progression of Independence in the shape of Jim Sillars and the Late Gordon Wilson in particular, and also former special advisers such as Alex Bell writing regular pieces for anti Independence papers. We have had small scale disagreements within the SNP government itself with Alex Neil voting for Brexit against the official party line.
In some SNP branches there have been fall outs between old stagers and newcomers as they found their positions threatened.  Some Councillors were deselected and bitter, some others bitter that they were overlooked.
All of this serves as increasing disillusionment with party politics itself, and much hope and good will is lost in the process.

Outwith the SNP the flak has been even more evident to the public in general. In particular it seemed to initially rear its head prior to the Holyrood elections where smaller parties were looking for their share of the Holyrood cake.
Blogs such as Bella Caledonia, particularly their facebook page became a harbour for Greens to have a go at the SNP over how people should use their vote, with the Greens demanding that people should vote for the SNP in the Constituency vote and Green in the 2nd Vote. SNP supporters were equally as adamant that it should be SNP in both votes and thus a viscous cycle of name calling began. I eventually blocked that facebook page in disgust.
SSP who had aligned with Cat Boyd of the Radical Independence movement co founded Rise and some of their attacks on the SNP were mostly seen on Social media.
Tommy Sheridans party were less inclined to attack the SNP but the SNP wouldn’t go anywhere near Tommy as he is such a divisive figure himself. Meanwhile there is such festering hatred between the SSP and Tommy that they wouldn’t be seen dead in each others company, never mind share a stage.

Most recently this friendly fire has become even more divisive and vitriolic, ramped up recently by Cat Boyd stating that she voted for Labour in the recent election. Unsurprisingly she has been subject of a veritable bombardment on Twitter by those absolutely stunned and gob smacked by this revelation and some of the comments she has received have been less than pleasant shall we say.
I too have questioned her directly on her reasoning, particularly as in my view if what you want to achieve is Scottish Independence you DO NOT go voting for a an anti Independence Unionist party in any election. However my criticism was coached in polite terms not some of the angry vitriolic attacks she has received from a minority.
Of course what will be highlighted by her and her journalistic pals and supporters is the abuse she received not the considered objections. All of which of course serves as some sort of vindication for her stance while painting angry Independence supporters in a negative fashion.
It also serves the self appointed elite group of journalists to attack ordinary people as being anonymous trolls for daring to criticise one of their own. It seems pretty much to me that both journalists and politicians seem to think that only their views should be heard and most definitely not criticised on Social Media. If you aint a prominent Name then your views not valid is their game.
Of course all of these types of spats only make the Unionist Media and supporters clap their hands in glee. The more divided and divisive the Independence movement is, coupled with their shit Scotland bombing the better! All such disagreeable commentators will be gladly accepted onto their radio and tv shows and have press space made available for them….plus some nice little monetary kick backs too for their trouble.

Which brings me onto some of those who have made profit and position from the YES movement. As you will have noticed a number of Left leaning pro Indy sites developed from it, and some have gone on to being household names and are regular contributors to what pro Indy press there is whilst others have hitched onto the party political game.

In no way am I saying that they all have been in it for personal gain, in fact I would suggest that very few have been in it for that, but there is no doubt in my mind that the ones who have been best at self promotion are the ones who have gained most financially from it, and are now seen as go to people for the media.
It is when there is preponderance of left wing views that we hit a problem, as Scots while In general are left leaning, they are not ultra left, but rather centrists. So more balanced voices who are not likely to cause the sort of uproar that the Boyds can produce are in a rarity. We do have excellent balanced representatives such as Leslie Riddoch or Ian McWhirter to thank for the degree of sanity and Incisive comment they bring, or the excellent Paul Kavanagh (Wee Ginger Dog) whose brand of writing humorously rips apart Unionist arguments. Though you will note as Paul himself has commented, when his name is put forward by his editor in the national for being a commentator on any BBC political program he finds that they never call him to ask. It wouldn’t suit the BBCs agenda to have such an incisive Independence voice speaking on their discussion programs, far better to have a more left wing indy contributor.

Given all of the above, it is not at all surprising the drop off on people voting in the last election, they very probably have been utterly scunnered by it all. Which of course suits the British state right down to their silken socks…. Divide to Conquer has always been their game and everything in that sense is going perfectly for them.
Voices such as mine you will never hear other than on this blog and that includes pro independence marches and rallys….. I am just not a NAME .
Which in itself is a shame, because there are many like me in the middle ground who simply are not being heard…but such is the way of it.

I will include here another excellent unheralded blog response by Leyaterra to the Cat Boyd nonsense which rips to shreds Corbyns so called radicalism and shows it for what it is. I recommend you read it.

Corbyn Isn’t the Radical choice for YES supporters

In amongst all the negativity and criticism in this article I have written here, I ask you not to despair….. It is better to recognise these issues for what they are, and then we can be aware of them and deal with them.

More than anything this is a plea from me to stop the infighting and get back to the business of achieving Independence. Put aside the petty divides and the political tribalism and get back together to the positivity of the Yes campaign. More than ever we need to be united in our purpose whatever differences we may have otherwise. All our differences can be argued the toss over in an Independent Scotland but first we need to get there.
United under YES we shall not be defeated, but rather we shall succeed. If we allow such petty conflicts to continue, when the time comes we shall lose again and lose badly. We shall not get another crack at it in our lifetimes. So quit the not so friendly fire and get the show back on the road…. Together!!

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The Thistle, the Lion and the Unicorn (taster)

I have ceased blogging to concentrate on writing my book “The Thistle, The lion and the Unicorn”
However here is a taster of the Introduction and first chapter. It is unedited as yet…so this is just the first draft with all its mistakes which I haven’t checked for yet.



The picture on the front cover of this book is the British Royal Coat of Arms. Depicted in it are the English lion and the Scottish Unicorn. In the British Royal Coat of Arms the English Lion takes the dominant side of the shield but the same coat of Arms when used in Scotland the Lion and the Unicorn swap sides with the Unicorn taking precedece.
In the back cover of this book we have the Scottish Royal Coat of Arms which has 2 Unicorns with Scottish Lion crowned on top.


It is in this sybolism which I take for the title of this book as I reflect back in history to some of the story of Scotland from the time of the Stewart Monarchy in the 17th Century to the present day.

You will notice that in the coat of arms the Unicorn is chained. That wonderful mythical beast whilst magical and said to be capable of healing powers was also regarded as being wild and dangerous. It’s traditional enemy which it could best in battle was the Lion, and despite it’s small stature it was thought of being able to take on a large elephant and win.

Perhaps then it should come as no symbolic surprise that the Scottish Unicorn finds itself chained  in the British Coat of Arms and the Stewart Royal dynasty in Scotland

Symbolic of Scotlands place in the Union perhaps?

THE Morning after the Night before

I met the morning of the 9th of June 2017 pretty much like I had met a similar morning on the 19th of September 2014. A date that will be etched in my memory for as long as I live .
On the 18th of September 2014 Scotland had been permitted to vote for the first time in it’s history on the matter of being in the British Union . It had only taken in excess of 300 years for the people of Scotland to have a say in the matter. The general populace of Scotland had never had a say in the first place back in 1707 when Scots Lords sold off Scotland for personal financial gain into the Union with England.
After the results were in on the 19th of September, Independence supporters like myself felt heart sick that we had lost by a margin of 55% to 45% . We had battled so hard, we had sung and danced and marched for 2 years, and indeed in the week leading to the vote it looked like we might actually do it.
It was not to be though. In a state of panic the British establishment on realising that they were in severe danger of losing came out with the “VOW” The “Vows” architect and author, the former failed Labour prime minister had promised that this VOW was the equivelant or even better than Home Rule and near federalism.
The Sunday Times poll showing Independence ahead by 51% to 49% only 7 days beforehand had shaken the British establishment to the core, and so in a last desperate attempt, breaking All elections laws about making new promises at this stage of a campaign, David Cameron the tory prime minister, David Clegg his Liberal Democrat deputy, and Ed Milliband the Labour leader all had their signatures attached to this mock Vow in the Daily Record.
In reality the wording of the Vow was vague and full of unspoken promises. It was Gordon Browns part which supposidly fleshed it outn to Home Rule.

Here is what the Record said on that day.

“David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg sign joint historic promise which guarantees more devolved powers for Scotland and protection of NHS if we vote No

WESTMINSTER’S three main party leaders have signed up to a historic joint statement that was demanded by the Daily Record on behalf of the people of Scotland.”

“David Cameron, David Clegg and Ed Milliband have signed up to a historic joint statement that was demanded by the Daily Record on behalf of the people of Scotland.

In their own words, they pledge to work together to transfer more powers to Holyrood if Scots reject independence on Thursday.

The unprecedented agreement was signed after the Record demanded that the leaders clearly explain what they are offering so the Scottish people can decide if it is a better alternative to independence.

The Vow

Coupled with a despicable campaign that saw Better Together campaigners targeting pensioners and threatening them that they would lose their pensions if they voted for Independence, the result was a very relieved David Cameron on the morning of the 19th of September 2014. His first action on the steps of No. 10 Downing Street was anything but the supposed promises made to the Scots. Instead he introduced EVEL ..English Votes for English Laws thus making Scots MPs as second class citizens in Westminster.

Instead of being deflated,as many Independence supporters probably were, the impression as the votes came in was that somehow the Unionists had lost and the Yes campaigners had won. There was a sense of unreality to it all.
The following weeks and year tended the bear that out. People signed up in their droves to the SNP, then the SNP almost wiped out every Unionist in Scotland in the 2015 General election, leaving One solitary Tory, Labour and libDem Mp in Scotland.
This was followed up by the SNP yet again becoming the largest party in the Scottish parliament in 2016, and winning the majority of Scottish Council seats and taking control of the Labour fiefdom of Glasgow for the first time.

In between times we had the madness of Trump winning in the States, extreme right wingers threatening but failing to win in France and Holland.
We had Brexit which ended David Camerons political career and saw in an even more right wing Theresa May and her Brexiteers.Scotland meanwhile unanimously voted to remain with the EU which put Independence back onto the table again. Not that it had ever gone away, but Thersa Mays intransigence to even consider Scottish opinion forced Nicola Sturgeon to bring the issue to a vote in the Scottish parliament and subsequently won with the help of the Scottish Green party.
The Scottish Tories and Labour and the LibDems absolutely refused to accept the democratic will of the people and the parliament and campaigned relentlessly against Scots having that democratic right to have their say again on the issue.
In reality, both the Tories and labour have been banging on about Independence since the 19th of September 2014, and have never stopped campaigning on the issue.

Ruth Davidson and her Torys made the issue their only policy for the Holyrood 2016 election, this years Council election and most recently the recent General election which Theresa May foolishly called. To be fair, she and her not so merry band have done particularly well out of it. Beating a totally woeful and innefectual Labour into 3rd place in all of these elections as Unionist supporting Scots deserted labour to vote Tory.

Which all brings me back to the morning of the 9th of June this year.
To say that I felt utterly gutted, shattered and disgusted at some of my fellow Scots would be a classic understatement.
Theresa May had fought the very worst campaign anyone can ever recall, and instead of getting her own mandate as she desired we ended up with a Hung parliament and a proposed coalition between the Consevatives and Nortern Irelands Democratic Uionist party. The worst possible and deeply worrying scenario one could possibly imagine.

Meanwhile the British media and press have been hailing Ruth Davidson and her Tories as the winners in Scotland. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Yes the SNP lost big names in Andrew Robertson, Alex Salmond and Eilidh Whiteford amongst the 21 Mps which they lost. But by no stretch of the imagination did the SNP lose the election in Scotland. The Tories on 13 seats,Labour on 7 and the Lib dems on 4 does nowhere near collectively add up to the SNPs 35 Seats, which was their second best ever performance in a General election, and are still the 3rd largest party in westminster.
Brian Taylor on Reporting Scotland completely lost the plot when he said that the Tories were the winners in Scotland.

What did transpire is that the collective Unionist campaign did succeed in tactical voting to oust certain MPs from targeted seats. In the North east where there has been a tradional Lib Dem presence the Lib Dem vote was considerably down and the Tory vote considerably up! The biggest winners or losers were the majority of voters who exceeded those that did vote in this area alone. In other areas Unionist supporters went for the best unionist party they thought had a chance of winning.
Meanwhile the SNP vote in the election was overall only down by around 1.7% from the previous general election.

The declarations from the Tories and Labour that Indyref2 is now off the table could not be further from the truth. Independence supporters and the SNP will take stock from this and learn from it.
The major difference is that the Unionist parties fought this general election on Independence whilst the SNP avoided it and concentrated on Brexit and normal election issues.
Corbyn had a remarkably better campaign in England than could be expected and even some unaligned Scottish Independence supporters voted for him and some labour people went back to their original party for this election,despite the woeful Scottish branch of the party.

What happens next? I shudder to think given the past few years!
But the story of Scottish Independence is far from finished.

Before I look forward though, I shall look back into some of the history which has brought Scotland to this day. The story of the lion and the Unicorn.


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Brexit v Independence


The Control freakery of Theresa May seems to know no bounds.
First she wanted control of parliament so that parliament would not be able to debate anything to do with her Brexit Bill…. She was challenged and lost in the English High Court….But rather than accept that legal decision she chose to appeal it in the Supreme Court and lost again!
Despite losing there…she instead railroaded the Brexit Bill through both houses of  Westminster allowing no room for dissent or alteration. The Lords…worthless unelected peers that they are, attempted to get a couple of amendments…and she basically threatened them do as you are told or you will lose out.. And one thing these codgers care about is their massive daily attendance they backed down.
Not satisfied with that…. she then came up with the lamest of excuses to rip up the 5 year parliament bill which her previous mob had made,  and push for a snap General election in a matter of weeks!
The reason for this action was under the premise that Westminster was divided and she wanted unity…. forget the fact that Westminster is supposed to be divided and there are supposed to be contrasting views and matters of opinion. What she seems to want is an elected dictatorship where she will broke no argument or disagreement to what she wants!
This General election is on one hand about Unity as far as she is concerned..where none can possibly ever be achieved. On the other she says the election is all about Brexit…(As far as England is concerned) but about Independence(As far as Scotland is concerned)
The thing is…..She should not have been able to get her General Election quite so easily or painlessly….but useless Labour gave her a free ride again!
As things stand with the fixed parliament act… she would have needed a two thirds majority to get the election approved. With the SNP Abstaining…All Labour had to do was Abstain too, like they have done time and time again. But Oh No…Labour went and voted with the Torys…and as Nicola Sturgeon put it today.. ” They were like turkeys voting for Christmas!” Had Labour abstained….It would have put Theresa May and her government in a very unpalatable position. If she then still wanted that election…She would have had to put a motion of NO Confidence against her own Government! That would only have taken 50% + 1 to pass… The embarrassment would have been too much to bear. It would be tacit to admitting they don’t have a bloody clue what they are doing.
The embarrassment for Labour..apart from that horrendous blunder…Is that their Scottish Branch in todays First Ministers Questions  immediately accused the SNP for wanting the Torys to win , by their abstaining. Utter Tosh and they know it!
Ruth Davidson immediately went on the attack and said that all the SNP care about in this General Election is another Referendum……Nicola Sturgeion countered that Ruth should decry the horrendous Tory Rape Clause,but three times she refused to do so… Willie Rennie from the LibDems accused the SNP of ditching their policy on Europe. It was made clear by Nicola Sturgeon that her personal preference was to remain in the EU, but failing that in her negotiations with Westminster, her absolute bottom line was to remain in the European Single Market.

So there we have it…..already things are heating up…
We had both National Broadcasters talking about the SNP losing seats and tactical voting….going as far as to show in exactly what areas such tactical voting might be successful in reducing the number of SNP MPs. We have had Ian Murray the sole Labour MP pleading for tactical voting in Edinburgh South, asking for the Torys and LibDems to please vote for him….and suggesting they join forces across the country to stop the SNP.

No doubts about it…as far as the Unionists are concerned this is an election of Brexit v Independence, and the The Union against Independence. They are utterly fixated on it and Theresa May who wants absolute control wants to crush Holyrood. What we are seeing here is the End game…

The SNP already have 2 Mandates for another referendum they don’t need another..but the Torys, Labour, and the LibDems are helplessly hoping that favourable results for them in the General election can overturn these mandates…and kill of Independence stone dead for the foreseeable future.

So be prepared…..this is about all that they are going to be talking about.
The Torys in particular see this as a possible opportunity to increase their woeful standing in Scotland, stretch the gap between themselves and Labour and pinch as many Loyalist Unionist Brexiteers from them as possible, which will effectively hammer the final nails into Labour in Scotlands coffin.
The Media have already nailed their colours to the Tory mast in as much as they will pursue relentlessly the Tory game plan.

The thing is not to let them all away with it!

People need to be reminded continuously what voting for the Torys means..
Folk can be very easily distracted by the media noise, and momentarily forgetful of just how awful they are.
So lets keep reminding them…… Keep atalking bout all the things these Unionists are afraid to talk about… Here are a few examples…

The 2 Child Tax credit Cap.
The Rape Clause.
The Tory intent to remove  European Human Rights
The specified intent by the Torys to reduce Workers Rights.
The removal of powers over agriculture and fisheries from Scotland
Removing us from the Single Market and access to Europe(No more cheap foreign holidays)
The removal of Housing benefit for young folk which they have enacted
Their wishing to do away now with the Pensions triple lock…..which will no longer protect our elderly from rising prices and inflation.

And then we go onto their cruelty against the poor, the unemployed, the disabled, the terminally ill, and those with mental illness.

thousands of disabled people have died within six weeks of being declared “fit for work” and stripped of their disability benefits by the Work Capacity Assessment (WCA) regime.

An incredible 420,000 disabled people were hit by the Tory “Bedroom Tax”, many of them for “spare” rooms used for medical equipment, or for carers to sleep in. The financial stress caused Stephanie Bottrill to commit suicide leaving a note blaming David Cameron and the Tory government.

A United nations investigation into the treatment of disabled people in the UK found that the UK government was committing grave and systematic violations of disabled people’s rights.

In March 2016 309 Tory MPs voted to cut the Employment and Support Allowance by £1,500 per year. Not a single politician from any other party voted in favour of these cuts. As a result of this brazen economic assault on disabled people several Tory MPs were sacked as patrons of disability charities.

The Tory party claimed to be scrapping the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and replacing it with Personal Independence Payments (PIP) in order to make sure the money went to the right people, but in April 2017 they slashed PIP payments by 33% using the perverse excuse that this would incentivise them to find work (despite there being no evidence whatever to back up this claim).

Disabled people undergoing PIP assessments have routinely been asked “why haven’t you killed yourself yet?” by their assessors.

The Tory government are confiscating an astounding 900 adapted motability vehicles from disabled people per week. In one case they confiscated the motability vehicle to save £6,000 and then agreed to pay £65,000 in taxi fares so that the disabled person could continue going to work!

The List goes on and on and on….. And what is more….Labour have barely lifted a finger to oppose any of it in parliament..

If you think that is bad…just wait till they manage to ditch all these pesky Humanitarian rules from Europe……It will get much worse!

Anyone that votes Tory in Scotland is agreeing with ALL that!
As for Labour Unionists voting Tory…….Absolute Hypocrites.



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