Brexit v Independence


The Control freakery of Theresa May seems to know no bounds.
First she wanted control of parliament so that parliament would not be able to debate anything to do with her Brexit Bill…. She was challenged and lost in the English High Court….But rather than accept that legal decision she chose to appeal it in the Supreme Court and lost again!
Despite losing there…she instead railroaded the Brexit Bill through both houses of  Westminster allowing no room for dissent or alteration. The Lords…worthless unelected peers that they are, attempted to get a couple of amendments…and she basically threatened them do as you are told or you will lose out.. And one thing these codgers care about is their massive daily attendance they backed down.
Not satisfied with that…. she then came up with the lamest of excuses to rip up the 5 year parliament bill which her previous mob had made,  and push for a snap General election in a matter of weeks!
The reason for this action was under the premise that Westminster was divided and she wanted unity…. forget the fact that Westminster is supposed to be divided and there are supposed to be contrasting views and matters of opinion. What she seems to want is an elected dictatorship where she will broke no argument or disagreement to what she wants!
This General election is on one hand about Unity as far as she is concerned..where none can possibly ever be achieved. On the other she says the election is all about Brexit…(As far as England is concerned) but about Independence(As far as Scotland is concerned)
The thing is…..She should not have been able to get her General Election quite so easily or painlessly….but useless Labour gave her a free ride again!
As things stand with the fixed parliament act… she would have needed a two thirds majority to get the election approved. With the SNP Abstaining…All Labour had to do was Abstain too, like they have done time and time again. But Oh No…Labour went and voted with the Torys…and as Nicola Sturgeon put it today.. ” They were like turkeys voting for Christmas!” Had Labour abstained….It would have put Theresa May and her government in a very unpalatable position. If she then still wanted that election…She would have had to put a motion of NO Confidence against her own Government! That would only have taken 50% + 1 to pass… The embarrassment would have been too much to bear. It would be tacit to admitting they don’t have a bloody clue what they are doing.
The embarrassment for Labour..apart from that horrendous blunder…Is that their Scottish Branch in todays First Ministers Questions  immediately accused the SNP for wanting the Torys to win , by their abstaining. Utter Tosh and they know it!
Ruth Davidson immediately went on the attack and said that all the SNP care about in this General Election is another Referendum……Nicola Sturgeion countered that Ruth should decry the horrendous Tory Rape Clause,but three times she refused to do so… Willie Rennie from the LibDems accused the SNP of ditching their policy on Europe. It was made clear by Nicola Sturgeon that her personal preference was to remain in the EU, but failing that in her negotiations with Westminster, her absolute bottom line was to remain in the European Single Market.

So there we have it…..already things are heating up…
We had both National Broadcasters talking about the SNP losing seats and tactical voting….going as far as to show in exactly what areas such tactical voting might be successful in reducing the number of SNP MPs. We have had Ian Murray the sole Labour MP pleading for tactical voting in Edinburgh South, asking for the Torys and LibDems to please vote for him….and suggesting they join forces across the country to stop the SNP.

No doubts about it…as far as the Unionists are concerned this is an election of Brexit v Independence, and the The Union against Independence. They are utterly fixated on it and Theresa May who wants absolute control wants to crush Holyrood. What we are seeing here is the End game…

The SNP already have 2 Mandates for another referendum they don’t need another..but the Torys, Labour, and the LibDems are helplessly hoping that favourable results for them in the General election can overturn these mandates…and kill of Independence stone dead for the foreseeable future.

So be prepared…..this is about all that they are going to be talking about.
The Torys in particular see this as a possible opportunity to increase their woeful standing in Scotland, stretch the gap between themselves and Labour and pinch as many Loyalist Unionist Brexiteers from them as possible, which will effectively hammer the final nails into Labour in Scotlands coffin.
The Media have already nailed their colours to the Tory mast in as much as they will pursue relentlessly the Tory game plan.

The thing is not to let them all away with it!

People need to be reminded continuously what voting for the Torys means..
Folk can be very easily distracted by the media noise, and momentarily forgetful of just how awful they are.
So lets keep reminding them…… Keep atalking bout all the things these Unionists are afraid to talk about… Here are a few examples…

The 2 Child Tax credit Cap.
The Rape Clause.
The Tory intent to remove  European Human Rights
The specified intent by the Torys to reduce Workers Rights.
The removal of powers over agriculture and fisheries from Scotland
Removing us from the Single Market and access to Europe(No more cheap foreign holidays)
The removal of Housing benefit for young folk which they have enacted
Their wishing to do away now with the Pensions triple lock…..which will no longer protect our elderly from rising prices and inflation.

And then we go onto their cruelty against the poor, the unemployed, the disabled, the terminally ill, and those with mental illness.

thousands of disabled people have died within six weeks of being declared “fit for work” and stripped of their disability benefits by the Work Capacity Assessment (WCA) regime.

An incredible 420,000 disabled people were hit by the Tory “Bedroom Tax”, many of them for “spare” rooms used for medical equipment, or for carers to sleep in. The financial stress caused Stephanie Bottrill to commit suicide leaving a note blaming David Cameron and the Tory government.

A United nations investigation into the treatment of disabled people in the UK found that the UK government was committing grave and systematic violations of disabled people’s rights.

In March 2016 309 Tory MPs voted to cut the Employment and Support Allowance by £1,500 per year. Not a single politician from any other party voted in favour of these cuts. As a result of this brazen economic assault on disabled people several Tory MPs were sacked as patrons of disability charities.

The Tory party claimed to be scrapping the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and replacing it with Personal Independence Payments (PIP) in order to make sure the money went to the right people, but in April 2017 they slashed PIP payments by 33% using the perverse excuse that this would incentivise them to find work (despite there being no evidence whatever to back up this claim).

Disabled people undergoing PIP assessments have routinely been asked “why haven’t you killed yourself yet?” by their assessors.

The Tory government are confiscating an astounding 900 adapted motability vehicles from disabled people per week. In one case they confiscated the motability vehicle to save £6,000 and then agreed to pay £65,000 in taxi fares so that the disabled person could continue going to work!

The List goes on and on and on….. And what is more….Labour have barely lifted a finger to oppose any of it in parliament..

If you think that is bad…just wait till they manage to ditch all these pesky Humanitarian rules from Europe……It will get much worse!

Anyone that votes Tory in Scotland is agreeing with ALL that!
As for Labour Unionists voting Tory…….Absolute Hypocrites.



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Tank Commander Colonel Roothie


Just When You think that things cannot get anymore surreal….
We now have this image of Theresa May conducting her own personal Electoral war against Scots by declaring that in Scotland this election will all be about refusing the right of the Scottish Government to call another Independence Referendum..
And here we are ….Bang on the button….. On April 17th she Instructs the Army Signal Corp to make Roothie a full blown Colonel of the Territorials…. That will fit in nicely with sending Rooth over the top into her Scottish Colony… Ably backed up by her Colonial Minister for Scotland Fluffy Mundell..

You Couldn’t make it up …Could you? Probably Not….As this is really a case of the Truth being stranger than fiction…

So lets whistle together folks to the tune of Colonel Bogey……  or as the troops sang to it in the 2nd World War… “Hitler has only got one ball”

Here Comes Roothie

April 17th

“Royal  Corps of Signals

Army Reserve

The Right Honourable Ruth Elizabeth Davidson MSP is appointed Honorary Colonel 132 Signal Regiment  Army Reserve 17th April 2017 and in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 4 of the Officers Commissions Army Order 1967 is commissioned in her Majesty’s Land Forces in the General List Army reserves and is granted the Rank of local Colonel for the duration of the appointment”

Link….to Confirmation..

Ministry of Defence

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Voter Fatigue…..Don’t Want another Election

So here we go again… Would it not just sicken you? Already people squabbling about how to vote in the Council elections and up pops Theresa May to tell us that we are having another General Election in a matter of Weeks.
Fair scunnered by it all I am.. Have we not had enough of these bloomin elections and referendums?
All we are getting in the press, social media, and the tv news is yackity yackity yack from windbag politicians. I can’t even go down the Social for a quiet wee pint but somebody is banging on about bloody politics!
I turn on the tv….and there is the BBC Reporting Scotland out and about nabbing folks in the street asking them what they think about yet another election, and they are all the same as me…. Whit? Yer kiddin….when, why….Naw naw naw we dinnae want yin!
I cannae even have ma tea in peace…. but somebody is rabbiting on about Brexit, Independence, fish face Sturgeon, and Mayhem…. It is bloody ridiculous!
Do you know…In Scotland we have had to go to the polls on average every 5 bloody months since the garbage indy referendum.. Its beyond the pale so it is..
I pop into the local garage and the wummin behind the counter asks me if I have registered to vote yet? Whit….yer kiddin….me vote? Nae chance…. I cannae be bothered with that garbage…. and look there they are again asking us to make some other kind of stupid choice….. They can awa and bile their heids!

Whit do I care about whit and who they vote for… it has sod all to do with me!
Naw…I am more interested in just day to day living…Ah take it all as it comes.
Anyway… I have enough of my own concerns….
Do ye realise that the bloody Council have cut back on the bin collections! Its a bloody disgrace…I have rubbish piling up all over my garden and bloody rats and seagulls are ripping it to shreds! Who is gonna do something about that I ask?
And the Brew Fn docked me ma money again… Sanctioned for another 4 weeks…How the hell am I supposed to live? I have nae money for grub….the wastrels are trying to kill me! I have to queue up at the foodbank and scrounge round the bins at Tesco just to survive…
But I am no waster…I am an honest working man….worked every day of my life until I took ma back injury…and now I cannae get a job…its just the young yins that stand a chance now…and they cannae find jobs round here either..
Och I could go on and on and on…..Its All shite so it is…. But who Cares….those bloody Bankers In London and their politicians taking back handers have got everything that’s going….poor folks like me just get stuffed…and they take what little we have got away from us too…Its just no fair… But who is gonna do anything about it all….Naebuddy thats who!

Its all just gibberish and lies from politicians…promising the moon and as soon as they get whit they want…. then it is Stuff you ya daft cretin for voting for me..

The press and the media are playing this game and taking us all for fools…. They have been banging on about…voter fatigue …. well that suits some parties because those with money and self interest will always come out and vote..
By kicking so many off the electoral register after the last Independence referendum…where there had been a huge upsurge in voter registration…they are trying to limit who can vote by the back door…. If you have fallen into that category do not be discouraged…make sure that you register again…It is vitally important that you do. Don’t let yourself be lulled into apathy as they would like..
Use your votes……Because your Vote…in whatever the Election….Is your choice and Your say…Don’t lose Your Voice!

There are huge elections coming up….and the people of Scotland need to speak loud and Clear and tell the Tories to sod off…. We have to be heard….don’t let them kid you on that your vote doesn’t matter…Every vote matters..
Or would you rather live in a Westminster Tory dictatorship for the next 20 Years?

Stand UP and Be Counted…. VOTE SNP, VOTE Green, Vote Independence

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In Scotland Lets make June the End of May

Theresa May after calling for a General Election to take place on the 8th of June has decided to make her pitch to Scotland on the Independence Referendum of All things.
Writing for the Scotsman she said the following:

“Those of us who believe in our United Kingdom, and in the benefits of sharing together the risks and rewards of national life as one people, must speak up for it. In response to the narrow, tunnel-vision politics of the nationalists, who see every issue through the distorting prism of grievance, we who believe in unity and solidarity across our country must work to offer a positive and compelling alternative,”

One has to ask where the rewards are for ordinary Scots Women and Men in her disunited kingdom? Where are these benefits she speaks of? The Only benefits I am aware of are the the ones she and her government are stripping off the deserving poor. In the warped Tory universe the NHS should be trashed, many of its Doctors and Nurses should be sent packing back to whatever country they came from and the NHS sold off to the Bankers and Financiers so we either pay up or die.
The Risk for Scots is to remain hog tied to a basket case of a Union run by Tories for the next 20 years.
If tunnel vision grievance we have, it is justifiable grievance. Grievance about having our wishes ignored. Grievance about the Tory government introducing policy which prohibits working Mothers from having any more than 3 Children as the third one will have to starve or go without clothing, or wear their siblings castoffs because no tax credit will be given for them. Its like turning the UK into a minor version of the Peoples Republic of China.
Grievance that in a Country which has been Oil rich for generations that people are lining up in their droves at foodbanks. Grievance about the despicable Rape Clause where women who have been through more than enough are faced with reliving it all again for some SWP assessor.
We can go on and on and on with our justfiable grievances Mrs May!
But lets Not…. Lets put an end once and for all to these grievances… All we have to do is take back our Independence…

She went on to say.. ”

A vote for the Scottish Conservatives in June will do two things. It will send a clear message of opposition to the SNP’s divisive plans for a second independence referendum, and it will strengthen my hand as I negotiate on behalf of the whole United Kingdom with the EU.” and added

“In Scotland, only Ruth Davidson and her Scottish Conservative colleagues are able to stand up for our United Kingdom and provide a strong voice against the SNP. And only a strong Conservative government at Westminster can deliver a Brexit that works for the whole UK.”

Voting for the Conservatives will send a clear message of opposition to the SNP’s divisive plans?  If anyone that is being divisive it is you Theresa. You are taking a whole Country which voted by a much greater majority to remain in the EU than you got as a whole to Leave. We have asked for compromise, we have asked to be involved and be engaged to find a way forward which would suit all parties…But You have rubber eared us. Who is being divisive? Who is being Insular? who is promoting xenophobia..Not Us… YOU!
We have asked for another referendum, which is our right.. and you have said…Not Now..This is not the time… And here you go inflicting another general election on everyone just because you want to increase your majority, so that you can be a proper dictator.
Your lot and Labour have done nothing but harp on about not having another referendum since the last one… Week in, week out..banging on about it and making out it has been us! Get on with the day job? How about your lot try it, instead of scunnering folks stupid with your nonsense.. You and your tank commander and that Kezia one who mouths off like a machine gun.

Well you scunnered us so much, and left us no option but to call for another referendum… and guess what, you will not stop us.
In fact now that you have made this an election about Independence in Scotland, lets just go the whole hog… Lets make it about Independence…. we get a majority and we walk …. Hows about these Apples Mrs?

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Different Elections, Different voting Strategies

Hot on the heels of Theresa Mays surprise snap announcement of a General Election on June 8th, Channel 4 reported that the Crown Prosecution Service would be considering charges against up to 30 Tory Mps for Election fraud which have been reported to them by the Police. They will have to make their decision on whether or not to proceed with these charges by the end of May or beginning of June.
With Theresa Mays government having a slim majority of 12, perhaps this is the real reason for their panic? Perhaps she really had no option, particularly if all these MPS were to be suspended.

However, whatever her real reasons, we in Scotland are faced with 2 elections in the space of a month.
As the Council elections and the General election run on different systems.. The Council election being Single Transferable Vote, and the General election on First past the post, I shall be utilising different tactics in each of them.

In the Council elections I will be voting first and foremost  for the SNP , the Greens, and Independent Counselors in my area that I know support Independence.

In the General election I will be supporting the SNP.

It is imperative that we support ALL Independence parties in the Council election, and likewise it is imperative that All Independence supporters back the SNP in the Westminster election.

It will be a hard ask for the SNP to repeat its spectacular success of 2 years ago, but that is what we must seek to attain…. and if possible do even better and get the single Tory, Labour and Libdem out of Westminster too.

1 Month….. We must encourage everyone to make sure that they get out and vote, and we must ensure that we Win both elections….and that can only happen with supreme effort on everyones part…. We can Do this!!

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Now is the Time and Now Is the Hour

WELL……Who Saw This Coming?
In a complete U Turn which nobody was expecting..Theresa May decided to call for a Snap Election after all, after repeatedly saying that is what she would not do.
But Why? And Why Now?
Surely NOW IS NOT THE TIME for a divisive General Election? Not if you follow her reasoning for saying exactly the same thing in denying a Scottish Independence referendum in 18 months time.
So Why? and this does not even wait for 18 months…. We have barely 2 months to prepare for it.

The Scottish Council elections take place on May 4th… and Now we have a General Election for June 8th…. It is Madness… Or is it?

The Tories and to a lesser extent Labour, have been using the Council elections as a platform for opposing a Scottish Independence Referendum instead of caring about Local matters. The Tories have even gone as far as threatening a boycott of the Scottish Parliament should the Scottish Government carry out another referendum without Westminsters express permission. And Yet….this surprise announcement trumps it all… It takes us into a completely different stratosphere politically.
What we have now is not only a snap General Election, but in effect a Scottish Independence Referendum too. All within the space of 2 months… It is Scotland v the Tories!
Has the Prime Minister gone Insane? Or is she committing Hari Kari?
Neither I would suggest, at least not from her perspective.

What she has concluded is Now is the time to form an effective political dictatorship over the British Isles.
In recent political times we have seen the madness of Brexit, we have seen hatred and animosity stirred up by her government and the tame State Media against foreigners, refugees, and anyone that doesn’t support the type of Isolationism which they want.
The Separatists as they called us, has actually turned out to be them. They are the ones who are sowing division and discord, nobody else.
She has taken her own brand of xenophobia and is trying to Inflict it on us all.
And what she has looked at is the results of English attitudes in particular which she feels is right with her. She has seen how Trump has operated across the Atlantic, running roughshod over the American constitution and signing presidential executive orders like they were confetti. She has looked at the rise of the far right not only in her own party which has taken all of UKIPs clothes, but also the far right push in Europe with the likes of Le Penn in France being taken seriously. She has seen Turkey being turned into a dictatorship and she wants some of that for herself. She has already tried to circumvent parliament in Westminster by denying debate on Brexit, only to be overruled by the Supreme Court…yet that didn’t stop her rushing the whole Brexit bill through both Houses of Parliament with barely a murmur being allowed to be raised against her.
But more than anything she has seen an opportunity in the polls….
With the polls now showing the Torys 21% ahead of a Labour party in disarray in England, she sees this as an Ideal opportunity to strengthen Tory rule over All.
Not just for the next 5 Years, but long into the future.

With a Tory win by a much larger majority in Westminster, followed by another Labour leadership contest, she has things just how she likes and wants them… and if she gets her way… there will be damn all that anyone can do about it.
A huge majority, will also mean that she can plonk Scotland in her back pocket and deny every effort to oppose her. She can even scrap huge chunks of devolution by grabbing more and more power back to Westminster.
And finally…. It gives her, her own personal Mandate as Prime Minister.

So it is not Madness from her perspective, but it is a Huge calculated political risk.
It is the political equivalent of putting All her money on Black No.10 on the spin of a roulette wheel… If It comes up…. She gets the whole pot and shooting match.

The risks are massive…. She is banking on a Huge Majority of Support in England to see her safely back in power and with a huge mandate to do as she likes.
The Polls tell her that she will get that.

But the major risk is that Scotland uses this opportunity as a de facto Independence referendum and breaks up her precious Union.
So given that possibility, again….Why Now?
Well she knows full well that Scotland will go ahead with another Independence referendum, and she knows full well that there is very little she can do to prevent that.
So by choosing this course of action now…. she preempts the build up to one, and before people fully realise the real effects and implications of Brexit. Before even more Scots move from NO to Yes..
She figures that the Scots opinion polls are marginally on her side at the moment, but she knows full well they wont stay that way. By calling this Election now, she hopes to prevent a further massive increase in Independence support like what happened over the 1st Indyref campaign.

But lets show her just how wrong she is.  Lets really get motoring and Kick every single last Unionist politician out of Scotland, Including that useless Tory oaf Mundell.
It is time to take our Country back…. It is time to get rid of toxic Tory policies against the Poor, the disabled, the workers, our NHS staff, and get rid of policies like the Rape Clause, The Bedroom Tax, Sanctions, and disgraceful ill treatment of the elderly , the ill and the disabled…

Mrs May….Your Time is UP!

For Now is Our Time, and this Is Our Hour to take our Country Back.

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Scotland Council Elections by Area

As a matter of Interest I decided to investigate the number of candidates the main parties were putting up for election in total and by area. To see if I could have some clue where the parties themselves thought was the best places that they were placed to get seats, and how much effort and support they had to actually put forward for seats.
Some areas, are particularly hard to work out because of a mixture of historical Independent candidates, and Independent candidates who really belong or have been affiliated to a main party but have been deselected or dare not nail their true colours to the mast.

But here goes… from the top

Shetland: 24 seats up for grabs

SNP Contesting: 1…and they have already been elected as there were only 3 seats available in his ward and only 3 contestants.

Torys: 2

No other parties putting up candidates, all remaining are Independents

Orkney: 17 Seats
Green: 2
No other major parties.

Western Isles: 23 Seats

SNP: 7 standing
Labour: 0 Standing…. former Labour are now putting themselves forward as Independents.
Torys: 3 contesting….now reduced to 2… As candidate has been disowned for posting a pile of Britain First Racist material, and wanting to put a bag over Nicola Sturgeons head and stick a cattle prod up her bahookie

Onto the Scottish Mainland
                               I will take these areas in Alphabetical Order

Aberdeen City
45 Seats

SNP: Standing 25
Tory: 14
Labour: 20
Green: 7
There are also a couple of National front and 1 UKIP standing in the City.

Unionist advantage…. 50 candidates to 32 Indy
As is the case in many Wards though across the country…SNP candidates outnumber individual Unionist parties 2-1 sometimes 3-1
So coming out in numbers to vote is highly important! As is SNP 1,2/3 and Green and other Indy in ward at 3 or 4 etc….putting Lib dems/Labour/Tory at the bottom to reduce their chances.
Some are getting confusing messages from different sources….saying only vote for SNP and leave the rest blank… DO this if you really must… but preferably give your other votes to Greens, SSP, and Independents you know for sure are not closet Unionists. But even they rank above the Torys!
Lending votes to other pro Indy parties will not in any way harm the SNP if you rank them after them.. and you may actually end up giving seats to the Greens which otherwise would go to Labour or Tory. Strengthening Coalition possibilities to stop the Torys/Labour/Lib Dems joining up to hijack councils like last time!


  70 Seats

SNP: 34
Green: 5

28 Seats

SNP: 15
Tory: 9
LDs: 8
Greens: 0

Argyll and Bute
33 Seats

SNP: 15
A lot of Independents in what has been a troubled Council recently


Edinburgh City
63 seats

SNP: 28
Labour: 23
LDs: 18
Green: 17
This is the first area where we find Greens contesting every single ward.

18 seats

SNP: 11
Labour: 9
LDs: 4
Green:5…..Greens again contesting every single ward.

Dumfries and Galloway
39 Seats

SNP: 17
LDs: 3
Green: 6…..Twice as many Green candidates than Liberal Democrats in this area.

29 Seats

SNP: 16
Labour: 11
LDs: 11
Green: 6

East Ayrshire
32 Seats

SNP: 18……. SNP standing 2 Candidates for every Ward in East Ayrshire.
Labour: 12
LDs: 0 …..NO Liberal Democrats running in East Ayrshire at all
Green: 4

East Dumbartonshire
22 Seats

SNP: 12
LDs: 6
Green: 7
Here is an area where SNP voters giving Greens 3rd preference could pay dividends

  East Lothian
22 Seats

SNP: 11
Labour: 12…..and here is the first time Labour put forward more candidates than the SNP
LibDems: 6
Green: 5

East Renfrewshire
18 seats

SNP: 7
Tory:9….Tories outstrip the SNP again in what is traditionally good Tory harvest area
Labour: 7
LDs: 4
Green: 2
UKIP putting in their biggest appearance so far in an area with 4 candidates

30 Seats

SNP: 15
Tory: 9
Labour: 13
LDs: Another area with zero LD representation.
Green: 9……Greens match the Torys in candidates in Falkirk!

75 seats

SNP: 46…..Strong SNP representation on old Broons territory of Fife
Tory: 23
Labour: 38
LDs: 26…..Strongest LD representation yet….Wullie Rennies patch
Green:23  And Greens contesting every Ward in Fife
Should be an Interesting area to watch

83 Seats
Can Labour finally get kicked out of Glasgow? To lose their prime fiefdom could be a fatal Blow.

SNP: 56….With 56 candidates the SNP are certainly going for it in Big Style…There are 3 candidates per Ward in the vast majority of them.
Tory: 22
Labour: 41
LDs: 19
Green: 22
There are a fair smattering of others ….Including TUSC,UKIP,SLP, Solidarity and SSP

                                             60 seats

SNP: 22
Tory: 17
Labour: 14
LDs: 16
Green: 6
The vast majority of candidates across the Highlands are Independents of one type or another.

21 seats

SNP: 12
Tory: 7
Labour: 9
LDs: 7
Green: No Green representation in Inverclyde.
In what used to be a Labour Stronghold, but where Inverclyde were about 50/50 between YES and NO in 2014 and are now represented by the SNP in Holyrood and Westminster… It should be interesting to see what happens with the council

18 Seats

SNP: 12
Tory: 6
Labour: 10
LDs: 2
Green: 6
SNP again standing 2 candidates per ward

23 Seats

SNP: 13
Tory: 7
Labour: 1
LD’s: 3
Green: 2
Keep an eye on this area…. Moray was the only area in Scotland which was close to a dead heat between Remain and Leave in the Brexit vote..Large Armed forces influence in this area.

                                    North Ayrshire
                                        33 Seats

SNP: 19
LD’s: Another area without any LibDems.
Green: 3
This area is of Interest for a couple of reasons… Labour and Tory voters ganged up in a Bye Election to keep Nicola Sturgeons father out recently. Robert Sturgeon is standing again this time.
Also this area,particularly around Kilwinning has a strong traditional Orange Loyalist presence, hence why UKIP are in evidence in this area.

North Lanarkshire
73 Seats

This area has had major scandals and political ruckuses which are still going on.
The Labour council here is notorious for cronyism and all sorts of dubious practices. Unfortunately the SNP have not had the best of times recently either.
So goodness knows what will happen here?

SNP: 45
Labour: 42
LDs: 0
Green: 9
This area also has the strongest UKIP presence yet with 6
But also there is RISE,SSP and a host of Independents who were Labour, and also some SNP who were disaffected.

Perth and Kinross
42 Seats

SNP: 23
Tory: 19
Labour: 6……lets say Labour don’t feel confident about here… traditionally this area is a bun fight like Stirling between SNP and the Tories…. It will be interesting to see in the Tory anti referendum strategy will have an effect here?
LDs: 12
Green: 11

43 seats

SNP: 24
Labour: 22
LD’s: 10
Green: 12

33 Seats

SNP: 13….not an area the SNP expects to do particularly well in I would Imagine
Tory: 18
Labour: 8
LD’s: 9
Green: 7

South Ayrshire
28 Seats

Tory: 12
Labour: 9
LDs: Zero
Green: 1

South Lanarkshire
60 Seats

SNP: 37
Labour: 29…..largest concentration of candidates at 3 is in Larkhall
LDs: 20
Green: 19

23 Seats

This is one of these Councils where SNP has largest party but Labour and Torys conspired to keep them out by joining forces…better together and all that.

SNP: 14
Labour: 10
LD’s: 6
Green: 7

West Dumbartonshire

Seats 22

SNP: 13
Tory: 6
Labour: 12
LD’s: 1
Green: 1

West Lothian
33 Seats

SNP: 21
Tory: 9
Labour: 16
LD’s: 8
Green: 8

So the SNP are standing a grand total of 616 Councillors across Scotland
The Tories are standing 369
Labour are standing 442
Libdems are standing 232
Greens are standing   223

As usual…the most important thing is to get the vote out!
If you want to help create change then you will have to get off your bahookie and do your bit…. Even if you do nothing else, make sure that ALL your vote counts!
Don’t be lazy and do the bare minimum… We all have a chance to radically change the face of Scottish politics here….and who knows even our nation itself.

Get to it!

P.s….. Check out these independents…not All are how they would seem!

I know a lot of people are still in a state of confusion as to how this system works, and how to get the most out of it. It is not helpful when there is also conflicting messages coming from different parties and sources.

But here is one last stab at explaining it from me…

In Your WARD…… there are 3 Seats Available, but 8 Candidates standing.
You are asked to write down your preferences from 1-6  in order of preference.
You don’t need to put all of them down, you can list as few or as many preferences as you like.

But lets say you do something like this…
Your first preference goes to your favourite candidate
SO. preference 1 is….  Bannana party candidate 1
2. is ….Bannana party candidate 2
Ok….so you leave it at that….you don’t want to vote for anybody else..
Ahh….but even if Banna Party gets both candidates in…. you have no say as to who the third candidate for your Ward is…….And Beejeesus….It goes to the horrible Nasty Party!!

whereas you could have voted thus….
1. Bannana Party Candidate 1
2.Bannana Party Candidate 2
3.Lime Green Party
4.Slimy Orange party
5.Poison apple party candidate 2
6.Poison apple party candidate 1
7.Horrible Nasty party candidate 2
8. Horrible Nasty party candidate 1

See what you have done there? You have used your lower rankings to register your disapproval…and you have put these candidates in reverse order…so that there is less chance of them getting their preferred candidate in.

When it comes to the Count itself…. it is counted in Rounds…
Round 1…… Sees everyones 1st preference taken…
And Hallelujah…. Banana party candidate 1 has got over the line and is elected.
their surplus votes then go to be added to Banana party candidate 2s votes in the next round.
Round 2…..sees Yabbadabadooo   Banana party candidate 2 being elected…..but as there is no Banana party candidate 3 for their votes to be transferred to…..there is none of their excess votes to be carried on…… That is it for the Banana party….they have got both their candidates selected.
Round 3 votes  are then collected…… If you put no preference past 1 and 2….you have no say in this round… So you are done…
However if you did make a preference……what happens?
It turns out that Poison Apple Party Candidate has the most votes….but not sufficient to get them over the line.. So no candidate is selected in this round of counting and it goes to round 4
Round 4..sees peoples 4th preferences added to the total….
And guess what…… when preferences for round 3 and 4 are added together….
The Lime Green Party has overtaken the Poison Apple Party Candidate 1 and what is more they have got over the finishing line percentage and are elected!!

Now if you and your pals had stopped voting after your 2nd preferences…. Then Poison apple party candidate would have got the 3rd and final seat in your ward.
so the result would have been…

1. Banana Party
2.Banana Party
3. Poison Apple party

But you all kept voting so…. it turns out…
1.Banana Party
2.Banana party
3. Lime Green Party

Now say similar results were to be had across every ward in your area….
Collectively you have dumped both Poison Apple and Nasty Horrible Party to oblivion…. and even if the Banana Party do not have the majority in your council you have prevented…. Poison Apple and Nasty Horrible partys from joining forces to run the council…. Instead you have your mates in the Lime Green Party to help give you the Majority!!!   YAY!!!!!!!

A useful tool to find out what prospective Councillors are standing in your area is found here..
Check it out!

Scottish Council Candidates and Wards

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