Stooshie Supreme

Theresa May and her Tory government may have made the biggest political miscalculation of their political lives in appealing against the verdict of the English High Court to the Supreme Court over the issue of whether the Westminster parliament can debate how to proceed with article 50 to remove Britain from the EU.

Had she conceded the initial judgement instead of being dictatorial in refusing to accept it, she would have been able to simply put a very brief and simple bill in front of parliament which would have given her the go ahead. The Westminster Parliament and its MPs in the Labour and Tory ranks would have been satisfied broadly that they had at least been consulted and it would have gone ahead. No way would they risk going against the majority in England and Wales to proceed with Brexit.

Instead she has proceeded to dig her heels in, and I would suggest that she will lose the appeal and will be forced into the very limited bill and some indication of the Governments intentions on how they intend to proceed.

While the legal arguments in the Supreme Court are certainly of interest in this regard in a very dry legalistic way, the bigger issue and the very big Elephant in the room is not the judgement over whether parliament has some limited say and consultation, but rather the intervention of the Scottish Government, The Northern Irish Government and the Welsh Assembly into this case.
Their argument is that they too need to be consulted, but the Scottish input is of even greater significance than Brexit.
The Lord Advocate of Scotland with the assistance of Aiden O’Neill QC have really taken the whole dispute by the throat, for they have included not only the Sewel Convention which is a convention which has been understood until now to mean that the Scottish Government would have to be consulted on any legal matters which directly impinged on Scotland made by Westminster. But much more than that, included in the argument is that the Queens prerogative which Theresa May has been intent on using to prevent Article 50 being consulted on by Westminster is not binding in Scotland.
While in English Law the parliament is sovereign on behalf of the monarch and the prerogative can be used to pass Law without the need for parliament to be consulted. That is not the case in Scots Law. In Scots Law it is the people of Scotland who are Sovereign not the Monarch. So the argument is that the Queens prerogative being attempted to be used by May does not have any force in Scotland. Therefore given that the majority of the Scottish electorate voted to remain, this attempt to bull through Brexit and Article 50 on the back of an English Royal prerogative is in dispute!

So what the 11 judges will have to decide on is this particular issue of Sovereignty and where it lies. This is the biggest constitutional crisis the UK government has ever had to face, and should Scots Sovereignty be denied..we have the mother and father of all Constitutional Crisis!
How this is resolved may mean the beginning of the end of the United Kingdom.

Today Lord Keen Advocate General to Scotland and former Scottish Tory Chairman made his case on behalf of the Westminster Government…and Boy did he put the cat in among the pigeons …
To summarise what he said or implied , he in effect argued that the Sewel Convention wasn’t worth a bean and that even though it was put into the Scotland Act of 2016 it meant absolutely nothing!
Westminster could in fact dissolve the Scottish Parliament if it wanted to.. In effect power devolved is power retained… And they will do what they damn well please no matter what Scots want.

Worse than that!! He trashed the Declaration of Arbroath,The Scottish Act of Union and the Scottish Claim of Right and said in effect that Scotland was a Colony and bowed to English Law….

So, my Lords, the Sewell convention is a political
13 convention concerning the legislative functions of the
14 Westminster Parliament. It is, as I say, essentially
15 a self denying ordinance on the part of Parliament. It
16 was never intended to be a justiciable legal principle,
17 and as my Lord, Lord Reed has already correctly
18 observed, it is a political restriction on Parliament’s
19 ability to legislate in respect of devolved matters.
20 The correct legal position is that Parliament is
21 sovereign, and may legislate at any time on any matter,
22 and that is specifically set out in the devolved
23 legislation itself, section 28(7) of the Scotland Act,


Basically the Westminster Tory Government have been forced to admit that the Scotland Act 2016 from the watered down Smith Commission which replaced the Vow was a massive Con, and that this supposedly best in the world devolution government with its built in Sewel Convention wasn’t worth the paper it was written in as it had no real power where it matters.
But worse still from the examples given, that Scotland was compared to a former colony like Rhodesia and our Constitution in their eyes is worthless and should be archived.

Here is the very dry legalise if you can bear it of todays submissions, his is down a wee bit past Eadie. at page 74 onwards

Supreme Court transcript

If you cannot bear plowing through that….. here is the written submission of Scotlands Lord Advocate and how he will argue his case…. AND The SECOND ONE IS WORTH A READ!

Lord Advocate on Sewel Convention

And This Beauty which is the real meat!!

Lord Advocate/Aiden O’Neill QC Scottish Constitution and Sovereignty

There is going to be a real stooshie this afternoon  and on Thursday morning

Get your popcorn…..This is massive!!

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Christmas stocking filler

As Christmas time fast approaches
If you are looking for a stocking filler for an Independence supporter
Why not get the Haggis Emigration Ebook or printed softcover version

About the Ebook

The Haggis all left for Australia…. Or in other words, the story of the before, during and after of the Scottish Independence referendum years. This collection of poems begins prior to the remarkable SNP majority in the Scottish government election of 2011, and follows the story of the Independence referendum as it happened, and finishes with its aftermath


The Haggis Emigration

The Haggis have all gone to Australia
They are packing their bags as we speak
And Nessie’s away to Lake Windermere
She’s said to be leaving next week

The Wind is all leaving Scotland
and its going away for 40 odd years
The Oil which was out in the North Sea
In 2007 disappeared

The Kegs of all the Scotch Whisky we stored up
Have all been hit by a terrible blight
So no drams will be found in any Scots town
and no longer will our Summer nights be light

It’s the End of the World as we knew it
Even the Wee Frees are going to Mass
Predictions abound and Construe it
and were all bound for Starvation alas!

Scots will Weep on the Streets and Beg at English feet
Please can you let us back in?
They had warned us we’d suffer If we found another
Independence is such a terrible sin!

The Tides stopped we cried,as we rubbed our eyes
Our fish have all fled to the South
All our Mountains and Glens will never see folk again
Never more will the Tourists come about!

Our Banks have all broke, our economy’s choked
All our shops have been shut in our streets
Our people all died, and no fried mars bars have I
and my Giros not due till next week!

Such Disasters been found since we lost the pound
and there’s no-one to show us the way
We’ve no pride nor ambition since we got prohibition
and we can only get drunk twice a day

Rod Macfarlane

To find out what became of the Haggis, and to relive the Independence campaign to date , read this new book, you may find that these pesky haggis are a somewhat resilient bunch🙂

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Propaganda Onslaught

Over the past couple of days when Scotlands First Minister was visiting Ireland and getting a reception she could only have previously dreamed about, the Unionist Press and Media have been at Red Alert attacking everything and anything they could about Scotland, The SNP, and above all Scottish Independence.
There is nothing new in this because the anti Scottish propaganda has been ramped up to warp factor 10 over the past few months.

But lets begin with the First Ministers historic visit to the upper house of the Irish Parliament.
Historic it was indeed, before a word was said.
Nicola Sturgeon was the first ever leader of another country to be invited to address them. That is quite some honour in itself.
Given the historic nature of this visit, one might Imagine that the BBC would want to give it extended and comprehensive coverage. Instead they gave it as little notice as they dared, and indeed managed to have one of their usual technical faults on Reporting Scotland which lost the first day of the First Ministers visit in its entirety.
When the BBCs Glen Campbell did report, he managed to short change Nicola Sturgeon of half her welcomes… when the Irish welcomed her with Ceud Mile failte (100,000 welcomes) Glen reduced it to 50,000 welcomes.
Ok…that may be nit picking, but given that Glen grew up on the Gaelic speaking Scottish Island of Islay, one really would have thought he would have known better!
He even managed to short change Nicola in his reporting by stating SOME Irish politicians welcomed what she had to say to them.
Given that Nicola received a unanimous standing ovation from them, with each of the 5 major party leaders ALL expressing their support for Scottish Independence and even going as far as asking what they could do to help. That is a far way from SOME support.
If one wanted comprehensive coverage of the visit, one had to rely on the Irish media to give it. They all gave it the coverage the historic visit deserved. One commentator from an Irish paper stating incredulously that Nicola was treated more like a Major Rock Star visiting.
While the BBC were losing their footage, or doing a hasty editing? UTV, STV, Channel 4, and RTE all did a far better job.
That didn’t stop the BBC in its political programming downplaying the visit and suggesting that it was really of not much political importance.

Meanwhile, the next onslaught came from the Heralds political editor, and then carried by other press and media and political non entities who tried to grab the headlines by criticising how much the SNP spent on the EU referendum, saying that the SNP had shown their real intentions by spending less on the EU referendum than they did on the Glenrothes by election.
Given the timing of the EU referendum just after the Holyrood elections, and the GB government refusing to choose a different date for the referendum so it didn’t clash was immaterial in their eyes. Given also that Scotland voted overwhelmingly across every single area of Scotland to remain. it seems a very strange and useless attack.
Were they really moaning that the SNP didn’t spend way over the odds to achieve something that they easily won anyway? It would seem waste of money is desirable in their eyes.

Today being St Andrews day, the Prime Minister Theresa May wished everyone in the UK and around the world a happy St Andrews day, but made absolutely no mention of Scotland or Scots.
When Angus Robertson stood up to address the Commons and wished Scotland and all Scots around the world the same…He got roundly booed by Tory MPs!!!
The incredulous question being asked ” What was that all about?”
We know what that was all about….Don’t mention Scotland or Scots ….Particularly not on BBC question time!  Respect? No blooming chance!

Also today on St Andrews Day … Some Scottish Government Civil Servant denied the Saltire from being projected onto Edinburgh and Stirling Castles because it was deemed to be political!
The Saltire or St Andrews flag can be used politically for sure, as any Nations flag can be.
However, it is the flag of St Andrew and belongs to all Scots whatever their political persuasion.
Funny how the Union Flag can be projected onto Edinburgh Castle but the Saltire not!
The Union flag and all things British are constantly used for British Jingoism yet that is ok?
Supermarkets recently, particularly Tesco..removed Saltires from Scottish products and replaced it with the Union Flag…what is that but political?
The attitude is akin to denying Scottish Nationhood and Identity, much like they banned the wearing of tartan and discouraged the use of Gaelic back in the 18th Century.

Since Nicola Sturgeons Irish visit it has sent them into full meltdown mode with some of their biggest sectarian bigots threatening guns and civil war on social media.
Tory MSP Murdo Fraser insulting the Irish, and some Torys suggesting that the SNP supported Nazi Germany in the war. Madness.
The Tories including Fraser and Tompkins have been actively seeking the bigoted sectarian vote. The Neanderthals shall of course respond to the dog whistle.

To top it all off the British Foreign Office went into full blown BritNat trolling mode on twitter during Nicola Sturgeons Irish visit with the following.. Proving categorically that they really are foreign to Scotland.

Scotland’s oil & gas sector supports 2,000 supply chain companies & was active in 137 countries last year

34 bottles of Scotch Whisky are shipped overseas every second, to 175 countries worldwide.

More Scotch Whisky is sold in one month in France than Cognac in a year.

Scottish creative industries generate over £5bn for the economy.

Scotch Whisky accounts for almost 1/4 of all UK food and drink exports.

International visitors made 2.6m trips to Scotland in 2015, spending £1.7bn

Julia Amour : ‘We invite the world to join us in Edinburgh in 2017’


Opening in 2017, the 2.7 km Queensferry Crossing will be the longest 3 tower cable-stayed bridge in the world

Anyone might they they actually wanted to prove that Scotland could be easily Independent by that lot!!

But even before the panic set in, since Brexit we have had a constant stream of attacking everything Scottish. We have had attacks on Education, Trains and the standard BBC attacks on the NHS.

Humza Yousaf being bayed at to resign as Scottish transport minister of the trains.
Massive coverage of the failings on BBC and the press. Then it turns out that Network Rail are responsible for over half of the train delays, we hear barely a squeak about them asking the British Transport minister to resign. Nor is it trumpeted that despite Scotrails current problems that Scotrail have been one of the best performers in Britain.

We have had constant attacks on the Scottish Education and NHS  which has the best record in Britain.

Every perceived fault is hyped up to Everest proportions, and every success is muted.

It is all constant it is all overwhelmingly negative to Scotland. There is no big surprise given that over 90% of the Scottish media is owned and run in England.

To finish off…and as the latest in the last couple of days of propaganda bombardment.
Today saw a YouGOV poll done for the Times which was roundly interpreted as meaning that support for Scottish Independence had fallen to below the referendum figure, down from 44.7% to 44%

Now many will be scratching their heads at this, given everything that has happened on the political chaos of Westminster and Brexit.

But lets look at some of YouGovs figures more closely.

The sample size they say was 1134people

Of this sample they were all asked how the respective leaders were doing?

The following on from how they said they voted at the Holyrood election

Nicola Sturgeon
Torys: 2% Very Well             Labour: 6% Very Well               SNP: 48% Very well
11% fairly Well                           35% fairly well                       44% fairly well
23% fairly badly                         22% fairly badly                      5% fairly badly
64% very badly                           33% very badly                          1% very badly

In total including the dont knows Nicola was given a 50% rating as doing well
39% as doing badly.

Kezia flunked across the board so wont include her figures…you can check them out for yourselves.

Ruth Davidson:

Torys: 42% Very well          Labour: 16% Very well                SNP: 6% Very Well
49% fairly well                         41% fairly well                     31% fairly well
2% fairly badly                      15% fairly badly                       18% fairly badly
1% Very badly                          7% very badly                        22% very badly

So Ruth has overall ratings of 49% well and 24% badly

Which according to this poll makes Ruth the favourite political leader in Scotland. With Nicola having a much larger doing badly figure.
So do not be surprised if this is how its promoted.

In reality…. SNP supporters seem to be more willing to give credit where they consider credit to be due.
Labour supporters seem to be split over Nicola with about half of them totally against her and half in favour.. A fair chunk of them would rather vote for Ruth than Nicola.
Which begs the question where some of their supposed Labour values have gone?
The Tories are by far the most rabid both in their support and opposition.. They account for a massive chunk of Nicolas negative ratings.

Asked if they approve of Scotland negotiating to remain in the EU should the UK leave
42% support it and 41% oppose it. Which all looks very bleak on that perspective.
Yet if you look at the sample … A massive 81% of Conservatives oppose and only 12% support. Labour are evenly split and the SNP are massively in favour with 73% in support and 16% opposing. Which sort of begs the question how did they work it out so close when far more in reality support the SNP than the Tories?

In total before weighting adjustments 27% of all those interviewed were born elsewhere in the UK …. this changed in weighting according to them down to 12% born outwith UK ..

As in everything to do with polls much depends on how one reads them and what one wishes to portray..
Most of all I would consider who the poll is being done for as to what the polling company will try to portray…They do want to please their customers after all.

All in all… what we are seeing over the past while is a full blown attack on all things Scottish ….and lets face it we do know why!

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Political Christianity (The Vicars Daughter)

Political Christianity
For I was hungry
You sent me to a foodbank
When I was thirsty
You upped the water charges
When I was lame
You took me off my benefits
When I was dying
You told me get a job
Blessed are the peacemakers
Bomb a foreign country
Blessed are the meek
They shall be suppressed
Blessed are the poor
For they shall be made much poorer
Blessed are the children
We shall starve them half to death
As you proclaim your higher God
Protect us from your evil
A Christian head of State
Your Christian values you declare
You take the Holy scripture
And pervert it for your purpose
The Rich and You shall Inherit all Earths share

The Old, the weak, must all prepare to suffer
With homeless Spikes made for the homeless brother
Your Church and Temple is the Bankers parlour
Tis Power and Riches which are your great Religious ardour

Rod Macfarlane
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Ditch Independence Referendum

With all the uncertainty and piling on of debt associated with Brexit from this Conservative government,how much longer can we wait for them to begin to sort out what they are going to do about Article 50?
They have now increased debt to the stage that it is approaching 2 trillion pounds.
They are now borrowing further billions as announced by chancellor Hammond yesterday and giving Scotland a fraction of it to pay back to them.
Stubbornly they refuse to ask for the approval of parliament to examine their Brexit intentions and are heading back to the Supreme Court in the next couple of weeks to challenge the English High Courts judgement. Only this time Scotland gets involved in the case proclaiming the Scottish Claim of Right must be allowed so that the Scottish Government has a say.

The mess turns into a muddle and guddle and threatens to take everyone down with it.

It could well be the case that if the Condervatives are unsuccesful in their appeal and may decide to try and force an early general election to allow them to have their way.
Given the state that Labour is in these days, I would suggest that the Torys would probably increase their majority in England and leave us all at their mercy.
The thought doesn’t bear thinking about.

Should matters take that course of events, perhaps we should forget about having a second Scottish Independence referendum?
Instead… if the SNP have the gumption for it, they should go all out on seeking a mandate for Independence.
By making Independence the whole purpose of their manifesto it means that should they get a majority of MPs elected to Westminster Scotland has voted to become Independent without a specific referendum. Thatcher recognised this to be the case, but nobody at the time thought it remotely liable to happen.
Now it very much is possible if not probable?
All the YES supporters of all shades would pile onto voting for the SNP while the Unionists would be divided on who to vote for.
Many Scottish Labour Unionists would not vote Tory if Hell froze over, no matter the consequences. Many Torys would not vote Labour if it meant possibly losing the Tory majority in Westminster.

Something to think about is it not?

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Absolutely NO POINT in Independence..IF

Amongst all the noise, the hype, the Social Media and Mainstream Media about Brexit, the EU, Independence and Trump there are real issues that need to be addressed right now!
There is absolutely NO POINT in shouting about how much Scotland is politically different from the rUK and Westminster. There is no point in proclaiming that we want a more just society and country and that an Independent Scotland is the way to achieve this. There is no point in shouting about the travesty of Conservative governments treatment of the poor, the homeless and the disabled unless we are prepared to do something about it right now!
Doing something about it right now…means holding All our political representatives to account…and that includes the SNP and the Scottish Government!

If we want to do something about the injustices and the travesties that we perceive, we must shout loud and clear about them! We can’t just wait for the Holy Grail of Independence to magically appear!

I am about to do something that I have never done before, and that is to highlight with the persons permission a circumstance that I want you all to publicise…retweet it and share it widely …..Shout loud and hard in outrage!

This is Alisons story as told to me… and I leave it to her own words.
The following is what she has sent out to MPs and MSPs and everyone that will listen..

I am writing to beg help from even one of you. I tried my local MSP (also included in this mailing list) but I have been trying to get help since March. I have also written to my local Councillor and MP and MSP. All three of these people replied almost identically about the Homelessness Housing Points and offered no real tangible support. These housing points have made no real difference in my life and I am now two and half weeks away from homelessness..


I do not keep well (and described as disabled) and I fear that I will not survive homelessness. I have also already tried to get help from my local housing office (Kilwinning) and the Homelessness Team (North Ayrshire) – They are not interested.


Gastrointestinal Slow Transit (confirmed by Gartnavel Hospital) (cannot eat food or digest food properly. Living on NHS Prescription drinks), Degenerative Neuropathy (lost feeling in hands and feet – spreading to rest of arms and legs – struggling with controlling muscles), Autoimmune Disease that affects Heart & Major Depression (triggered by this homelessness situation). Current Medication: AMITRIPTYLINE 25mg tablets, BUSCOPAN IBS RELIEF 10mg tabs, BUSPIRONE 5mg tablets, CONSTELLA 290mcg capsules, CYCLIZINE 50mg tablets, DIHYDROCODEINE 30mg tablets, GLYCEROL 4g supps (adult), HALOPERIDOL 500mcg capsules, LANSOPRAZOLE 15mg capsules, NEFOPAM HYDROCHLORIDE, NAPROXEN 500mg, OMEPRAZOLE 20mg e/c capsules, PROPRANOLOL 40mg tablets, PRUCALOPRIDE 2mg tablets, RANITIDINE 150mg tablets, VERSATIS 5% 10cmx14cm patches, ZOLMITRIPTAN 2.5mg tablets, TAPENTADOL 50mg, HYDROCORTISONE,


Effects on Life: Cannot eat without being sick (food comes up undigested), cannot control bowels, sleep (pain), cannot stand for too long, be outside for too long, have not been able to work, poor mental health, unable to break down medication (pills either come up undigested or pass through entire system intact).


I lived in my private let for 12yrs but my landlord wants to sell up and move to Tenerife. The Council no longer prioritises or even keeps properties for disabled people so, due to my illness, there are already properties that I am excluded from to start with.


I have kept a record of my attempts to get help (I tried to do this right before writing to you)-

17th March 2015 Received letter to end my tenancy. Housing, Shelter and the Homelessness Team refuse to help as it’s the wrong form.

12th May 2016 Received the final Section 33 notice to quit the house that I’ve lived in for 12 years. Homelessness Team refuses to help until October. Kilwinning Housing Office just tells me about the points system for housing. I contact CHAP in Ardrossan and explained everything. They said there was nothing they could do. They did phone the Housing Office. The Housing Office said they were fairly sure that something would come up.


3rd June. Wrote to John Ferguson Cllr. He tells me about the points system for homelessness (in an identical way to what my MP told me). It changed nothing. Homelessness Team tells me that the Local Housing Office will add the extra points for housing in September, 2016.

Received reply from Scottish Government (on 13th October) about the lack of support for homelessness. Ironically they say it’s not their responsibility.

14th October. Received reply from Kevin Stewart MSP, Minister for Local government and Housing. He also tells me that he cannot help and that it is not the Scot Gov’s responsibility (letter scanned in) – the responsibility is the Councils. The Council tells me they only have to follow Scot Gov policies and even then a lot of it is down to luck. I don’t have luck. I don’t know what I’m going to do. No one is taking responsibility. I used to wonder how people ended up on the streets – now I know how. A vicious cycle from a hellish system that is definitely designed against disabled people.


1st September – Phoned Housing Office. They have NOT awarded the extra 75 pts for Homelessness because the person that does that is on annual leave. I phone the Homelessness Team (Amanda Muir) and they contacted the Housing Office to insist someone else adds the points.


6th October 2016 – I’m not feeling good. I feel like ending my life. I can’t escape the dark feelings and I’m so tired of continuing on.


7th October 2016 – Spent day in hospital on a ventilator. I have no memories of yesterday beyond feeling like dying. I almost felt peace. I resent being brought back. Apparently my lungs just packed in and my liver and kidney damage has increased. I feel a bit more pain than usual but it’s getting hard to tell.


8th October 2016 – Left hospital with assurances from staff that things will be put in place to help me.


9th October – 15th October; After leaving hospital’s ICU, the home support that was promised has not materialised. Nothing has happened. No additional support.


26th October 2016 – Phoned Homelessness Team. They have no record of me and say that my worker Amanda Muir has moved to another post. She failed to allocate her cases to someone new so no one has been doing anything about my Homelessness that is rapidly approaching. They arranged a new meeting with a new worker.


27th October 2016 – Dr Simon Dover tells me that there is nothing else he can do for me. I take Adele as a witness who records the exchange. I will have to live out however long I have left in chronic pain.

28th October – Had Homelessness Team meeting with Sally. She seemed confident that I would not end up on the streets but could offer nothing tangible.


31st October – The Flexible Intervention Team that promised to help me have never phoned. Been waiting since 8th October. Tried calling them – the person in charge is on holiday. They promise someone else will call me back by the end of the day. They don’t.


31st October – Call from Mental Health Team asking if the Flexible Intervention Team have done anything. They have not.


9th November – Two and a half weeks left until Homeless. I am severely disabled and ill. There are no houses available. I have tried writing to my MSP and MP and Councillor – they repeat the same thing about it being a points system and there is nothing else they can do.


9th November – I write to every MSP in Scotland (126). I get 10 replies back and only Labour offers to help.


9th November – I write to all my local Councillors. Labour is the only one that offers to start making phone calls, contact the head of the Council etc. They phone every day to make sure that I’m alright. It’s the first time I’ve been shown any kindness since this started.


10th November – The Flexible Intervention Team gets back to me and they send Andy out to help me box things up. I can’t stop crying that day.

15th November – The clinical psychologist who helps me deal with the stress of my illness thinks I’m in crisis and a danger to myself. He’s right. I’ve been entertaining the idea of committing suicide on the 30th November. I feel worthless, ignored and I have the right pills to do it now. It would just be like falling asleep but never needing to wake up in pain again. They say suicide is a coward’s way but I think it’s the honourable thing to do. Nobody cares, I’m a drain on society and I contribute nothing meaningful to the world. I miss working, I miss have a social group, I miss charity work, running, hilllwalking…I miss me. And now that I’ve lost my house…there doesn’t seem like much point in continuing.


16th November – I start housing the cats. It’s not fair to leave them homeless as well so I’ll find them good homes. There does not seem to be anyone who is willing to help me so now I am writing to everyone. I am in danger of falling through the gaps and there is nothing in place for disabled people facing homelessness and I am at a loss at what to do now. I understand that people are busy but I really need someone to step up which I why I have written to all of you. I tried locally – they did not care. Please – I did everything right. I got an education, I worked hard for 10yrs working in the third sector, I paid tax and I tried my very best to make Scotland a better place. But I got sick. It could happen to anyone at any time and I am losing everything. I have already lost my health, my job, my finances and now my home. I don’t want to lose my life because nobody thought to have policies for homeless disabled people. I need help. I someone to care.

Will you CARE? Will You try to help Alison?

Please please share and retweet this widely …speak to whoever you can…
You can see from what Alison writes how desperate she is… Please Please Help her!

When I asked Alison if it would be ok for me to publicise her plight she responded by saying “Yeah if you want. But honestly – no one will care. I’ve tried”

Please show her that you do care by sharing this widely.

As for ALL those Councillors, MPS and MSPs…..What is the point in you unless you do what is Right for those in the most need?
Dont go washing your hands and passing the buck….DO SOMETHING!!!

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Indyref2: The Positive Reasons to Remain with the UK post Brexit.



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