Ok I give in…Scottish Independence is a dead duck

After a period of time and much reflection, I have decided after many many years to give up on Scottish independence…..we had our chance and we blew it…
Subsequently I am giving up any further interest in politics too.
I just find it all just pointless now….going around in ever diminishing circles with no end in sight.

It’s all a bit rather pointless is it not? A bit like peeing into the wind?
I think we maybe need to face hard facts.
No matter what reasoned argument is made,there will always be those who simply refuse to listen or to even entertain the thought of independence.
The Queen and country mob,the protestant religious bigots,those who only recognise the colour blue,and a huge mass of fearties .
We will forever remain part of greater England, simply because too many believe we are too wee ,too poor,and too stupid…And guess what? They would be right..
As long as the majority persist in their gullibility,and buy what the media tell them…nothing will ever change,will it?

And just look at the state of the YES campaign now…All squabbling over which party gets the 2nd vote In the next Holyrood election.
The SNP is Bad, Rise are risible,The Greens belong in a Greengrocers, and the SSP….Simply so PATHETIC.

There are murmurs of a possible second referendum, but at some indeterminate date in time, and only when the SNP decide when that will be.
Its done..Kaput, kerplunked… so forget it.

Such is what the daily rags and the British Bungling Corporation would have us believe..

Well guess what….

I can tell porkies too!!

Me give up on Scottish Independence….. On yer Bike!

But seriously….those playing party politics and seeking advantage for their party need to think again…and start cooperating with each other behind the scenes…because it is not about party…Its about our country! So get a grip and stop the sniping…It just plays into the British establishments hands.

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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29 Responses to Ok I give in…Scottish Independence is a dead duck

  1. There is “higher being” after all!

  2. Yer a wind-up merchant…..!

  3. Aye well teller of tall tales,the left in Scotland cant get organised because they all want to be the chief or head bummer.They have split their vote for years and none smart enough to learn the lessons of previous collapses in the left.Now me I’m not so smart but after banging my head off of the wall twice I stopped,the pain helped me stop.Although with all the new left parties and alliances then the splits I cant help feeling that there are some Tories behind them,and as for asking for the SNP,s second vote smells to high heavens,they all want to split the independence vote perhaps they are ex-Labour party members and used to splitting their vote.

    • hektorsmum says:

      Charles, you got that right, reminds me of Scotland’s football team, there was always someone who wanted to be the big man who scored the winning goal but always helped the other side win, We seem to be cursed with those. I do think though that things are changing, maybe jut not fast enough but look at the 1979 Referendum and them look at what happened in 1997. We seem to need to defeat ourselves and then we win.

  4. daibhidhdeux says:

    Had me going for a moment there, AA. Whew!

  5. jimnarlene says:

    You had me going too, I was about to try and persuade you to keep up the good fight, and then…
    Bang! Nail hammered home.

  6. Anne says:

    Ha ha ha I be leaves you for a min
    And then I laughed at the end Brilliant writing and every word true 😊

  7. My apologies to those I had believing me on social media over the past few days…
    It was very interesting to read the responses.
    Undoubtedly the media daily sniping is having some effect in dampening some peoples spirits.
    Also the political squabbling between and within pro independence parties over 2nd votes is engendering bad will…And some folks seriously need to get over themselves and their stupid turf wars and is ultimately harmful to future goodwill and cooperation.

    No doubt some people are feeling deflated and disillusioned by it all,and who can blame them?

    Lets get positive… it is the only way to win .

  8. Andy Simpson says:

    Aye, your right pal, and lets actually give up on elections so often as well, let’s make it once in a generation for going to the polls because it just causes uncertainty, surely the last result was the ‘settled will of the people’ and we should have the Tory’s in charge till say 2026ish???? Aye right! Would anyone be daft enough to argue for that kind of thing!!!! wait a minute,………

  9. Was a bit worried for a bit there πŸ˜‚

  10. michael cavanagh says:

    Well said. A bit of discipline and focus among independence supporters will go a long way and we need to start organizing rallies and turning up, even if you are not a fan of everyone speaking at them. Venceremos!!!!

  11. jdman says:

    Your a terrible liar, I saw that coming right from the start.

  12. Tom Platt says:

    AA knows full well that Indy is much more like a duck egg than a dead duck.

  13. Brian Irving says:

    You had me shocked ! what you said is what a lot of people are saying come on lets have FREEDOM

  14. Peem says:

    I think you missed the essential point which has failed to have been understood
    Politics is irrelevant
    The English establishment will NEVER give up Scotland
    Scotland will have to be TAKEN. By force!
    That’s all!

  15. bigirishman says:

    I think that you are wrong. If you look at the history of nationalism in Scotland less then 20 years ago it was seen as a form of being eccentric. SNP meant Somewhat Naive Person. Even 10 years ago we were not doing that well in the polls. For a number of reasons, mainly the mistakes of the Unionist parties we found ourselves initially in government and then in government with an overall majority.
    When we went into the Referendum there was an expected vote of about 30% over the campaign we got the vote up to 45% it was a wonderful effort. However while there was a lot of information released about the potential of an Independent Scotland we have never been in a position of really discussing why an independent Scotland nor a real discussion of what an independent Scotland would be like.
    Before we can be sure of winning the next Referendum we have to go into this education/debate phase. This is the nation getting fit to be an independent country.
    In the Bible, when the Children of Israel had escaped slavery in Egypt, they went straight to the promised land. They sent spies and when the spies came back they decided that they were too small, too poor and too stupid to take over the land. They spent 40 years in the wilderness all the generation who grew up as slaves in Egypt died off and they were able to be a nation. So it was with us. The 55% were in part ingrained Unionism, in part fear about pensions defence and the too poor etc line. This is the time when we need the debate with the public which we have always had with ourselves Now is the time when we have to effectively evangelise about an independent Scotland and that in part means a debate among those who want an independent Scotland and argument means disagreement but it is going to be the healthy option in the long run.

  16. Mike petrie says:

    Enough of the messing around, lets put independance right up where it should be, SNP 1&2, lets have an overwhelming vote of confidence in our country and our independance. Once we gain that then and only then do we worry bout everything else. Come on people lets make this happen , lets leave our kids with a brighter fairer future. Overwhelming Snp support will send out a clear messag to the world, a concise message….independance and nothing less should we settle for, once gained the rest will fall into place.

  17. johnny rud says:

    after winning 56 seats out of 59 why are we not independent i think we have missed a chance to take our independence so come may 2016 what happens if we wipe the floor with the unionists do we take our independence or do we shout at westminster we are the people

  18. we can be a part of NATO as a peacekeeping force,so therefore the reserved area or shared (foreign affairs and defence) can be in Sotlands hands,because isnt it obvious that we are going to build our conventional forces instead of the nuclear deterrent..our decimated army,our non-existent navy and the ever popular air force..look,we haven’t a navy but men are risking their lives fishing in the north sea and north atlantic without any cover..we can return our heritage with the return of our regiments..we need air support to the navy in the patrol of our seas..and the other pointer..All trade at the minute goes through the Foreign Office therefore any revenues are always gonna go to the treasury..we need to build our own import and export regime so that our economy can grow….also here’s a wee point,.the Scottish Office and the uk government wont give the Scottish Government the Full Fiscal Autonomy Scotland needs to be able to grow her own economy..if the Scottish Government didnt mitigate the bedroom tax there would be more money to spend on the public services,,we need FFA ..this has always been a problem because of the loss that would be incurred to the treasury in london,,we shouldnt need to ask for our pocket money(the pittance under Barnett formula,which the chancellor keeps cutting),Therefore our costs go up and it feels like Scotland is being sanctioned by uk government for agreeing to stay in the union…Under UN Charter i read that the mother country is not allowed to interfere in anothers referendum,therefore shouldnt the result be null and void because of wastemonsters timely intervention…rant over but thats my views n wish everyone Bliadhna mhath ur=happy new year …… saor alba gu brΓ th x

  19. Pilsner Urquel says:

    Its the ratchet. Once somebody had learned the arguments for independence. Once it hits home just how strong a tonic it would be for so many of the ills in Scottish culture and politics. The cringe, political apathy the sense of top-down dependency. The lack of engagement, respect and accountability. Once it clicks they pretty much fixed for life, which is why I don’t see pro-independence parties ever recieving less than 45% of the vote anymore.

    I loose interest sometimes but I will always vote and it will always be for a pro-indepence party.

  20. Jim Cassidy says:

    I agree 100% about the cooperation. The Yes movement is being allowed to splinter for short term political (and in many cases personal) gain.

  21. Blame on the Protestants ,Orangemen and Protestants aren’t the same thing.you sound like the bigot.im one and I voted yes my mums husband is Catholic and he voted NO you tube.first they scared the home owners then the savers then the o.a.p’s then the currency.over a period of 2 years.you bring shame you should chuck it because your doing nothing for the yes cause.you tits

  22. Jeeze, I was getting an ever increasing sinking feeling reading this…
    Then you revealed the windup – thank f**k you were only kidding πŸ™‚
    Your take on the sniping is absolutely spot-on, and it happens with the most damage on Bella Caledonia which seems to be a Green talking shop these days.
    The SNP are the only credible vehicle to bring about the circumstances of the next referendum. The smaller indi parties have taken their eye off the ball and are more concerned with hoovering votes from the SNP supporters instead of doing the work and winning support fair and square.
    Hopefully this will have no major impact on the ability of the SNP to secure crucial list seats if the constitutional majority doesn’t happen like the polls suggest.

  23. magnusjim says:

    We must find the tipping point where nearly all of the Die hard Labour supporters see they will only have influence in Scotland when it is independent. If they are happy to sit outside the tent looking in they have no right to power in Scotland. When we take the Scottish parliament then the councils off them they will see an undeniable fact London Labour is as dead as London Tory in Scotland. Come and join us in creating a better Scotland.

  24. Danny says:

    As Americans, we understood that nothing gets the attention of the English as fast as simply starting to shoot at them. Then they decide to leave your shores pretty quickly, and unlike the countries like Canada and Australia who were more “reasonable” in their approach to semi-independence, we weren’t left with the odious royals hanging around. Not advising revolution as a tactic, but just sayin’ there IS a way that works when dealing with England.

    I watched the referendum with great interest and support for the YES side. But the lies of the slimy English politicians didn’t bother me half as much as the attitude of so many Scots who couldn’t manage to separate in their minds an issue of national sovereignty from their hatred for a particular political party, and what they were SURE the d**n SNP would do in the first post-independence Scottish Parliament.

  25. Richard Brennan says:

    Nicely done! Starting with what The Establishment would like to believe – the heart’s gone out of The Independents – and turning it over right at the end. For me, this movement away from Westminster and towards Holyrood has been growing steadily over the last generation at least and, like an iceberg, betokens a much larger mass of support than might appear visible to the blinkered eyes of those in charge down south. Such long slow progressions have their own momentum and I do not think it will be long before that carries the pro-independence vote unarguably beyond the 50% mark.

  26. andrew scott says:

    Halfway through this i wanted to weep. Now after finishing reading this and Bellas article on Scots im smiling fae ma’ mooth tae ma’ lugs….

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