Brexit v Independence


The Control freakery of Theresa May seems to know no bounds.
First she wanted control of parliament so that parliament would not be able to debate anything to do with her Brexit Bill…. She was challenged and lost in the English High Court….But rather than accept that legal decision she chose to appeal it in the Supreme Court and lost again!
Despite losing there…she instead railroaded the Brexit Bill through both houses of  Westminster allowing no room for dissent or alteration. The Lords…worthless unelected peers that they are, attempted to get a couple of amendments…and she basically threatened them do as you are told or you will lose out.. And one thing these codgers care about is their massive daily attendance they backed down.
Not satisfied with that…. she then came up with the lamest of excuses to rip up the 5 year parliament bill which her previous mob had made,  and push for a snap General election in a matter of weeks!
The reason for this action was under the premise that Westminster was divided and she wanted unity…. forget the fact that Westminster is supposed to be divided and there are supposed to be contrasting views and matters of opinion. What she seems to want is an elected dictatorship where she will broke no argument or disagreement to what she wants!
This General election is on one hand about Unity as far as she is concerned..where none can possibly ever be achieved. On the other she says the election is all about Brexit…(As far as England is concerned) but about Independence(As far as Scotland is concerned)
The thing is…..She should not have been able to get her General Election quite so easily or painlessly….but useless Labour gave her a free ride again!
As things stand with the fixed parliament act… she would have needed a two thirds majority to get the election approved. With the SNP Abstaining…All Labour had to do was Abstain too, like they have done time and time again. But Oh No…Labour went and voted with the Torys…and as Nicola Sturgeon put it today.. ” They were like turkeys voting for Christmas!” Had Labour abstained….It would have put Theresa May and her government in a very unpalatable position. If she then still wanted that election…She would have had to put a motion of NO Confidence against her own Government! That would only have taken 50% + 1 to pass… The embarrassment would have been too much to bear. It would be tacit to admitting they don’t have a bloody clue what they are doing.
The embarrassment for Labour..apart from that horrendous blunder…Is that their Scottish Branch in todays First Ministers Questions  immediately accused the SNP for wanting the Torys to win , by their abstaining. Utter Tosh and they know it!
Ruth Davidson immediately went on the attack and said that all the SNP care about in this General Election is another Referendum……Nicola Sturgeion countered that Ruth should decry the horrendous Tory Rape Clause,but three times she refused to do so… Willie Rennie from the LibDems accused the SNP of ditching their policy on Europe. It was made clear by Nicola Sturgeon that her personal preference was to remain in the EU, but failing that in her negotiations with Westminster, her absolute bottom line was to remain in the European Single Market.

So there we have it…..already things are heating up…
We had both National Broadcasters talking about the SNP losing seats and tactical voting….going as far as to show in exactly what areas such tactical voting might be successful in reducing the number of SNP MPs. We have had Ian Murray the sole Labour MP pleading for tactical voting in Edinburgh South, asking for the Torys and LibDems to please vote for him….and suggesting they join forces across the country to stop the SNP.

No doubts about it…as far as the Unionists are concerned this is an election of Brexit v Independence, and the The Union against Independence. They are utterly fixated on it and Theresa May who wants absolute control wants to crush Holyrood. What we are seeing here is the End game…

The SNP already have 2 Mandates for another referendum they don’t need another..but the Torys, Labour, and the LibDems are helplessly hoping that favourable results for them in the General election can overturn these mandates…and kill of Independence stone dead for the foreseeable future.

So be prepared…..this is about all that they are going to be talking about.
The Torys in particular see this as a possible opportunity to increase their woeful standing in Scotland, stretch the gap between themselves and Labour and pinch as many Loyalist Unionist Brexiteers from them as possible, which will effectively hammer the final nails into Labour in Scotlands coffin.
The Media have already nailed their colours to the Tory mast in as much as they will pursue relentlessly the Tory game plan.

The thing is not to let them all away with it!

People need to be reminded continuously what voting for the Torys means..
Folk can be very easily distracted by the media noise, and momentarily forgetful of just how awful they are.
So lets keep reminding them…… Keep atalking bout all the things these Unionists are afraid to talk about… Here are a few examples…

The 2 Child Tax credit Cap.
The Rape Clause.
The Tory intent to remove  European Human Rights
The specified intent by the Torys to reduce Workers Rights.
The removal of powers over agriculture and fisheries from Scotland
Removing us from the Single Market and access to Europe(No more cheap foreign holidays)
The removal of Housing benefit for young folk which they have enacted
Their wishing to do away now with the Pensions triple lock…..which will no longer protect our elderly from rising prices and inflation.

And then we go onto their cruelty against the poor, the unemployed, the disabled, the terminally ill, and those with mental illness.

thousands of disabled people have died within six weeks of being declared “fit for work” and stripped of their disability benefits by the Work Capacity Assessment (WCA) regime.

An incredible 420,000 disabled people were hit by the Tory “Bedroom Tax”, many of them for “spare” rooms used for medical equipment, or for carers to sleep in. The financial stress caused Stephanie Bottrill to commit suicide leaving a note blaming David Cameron and the Tory government.

A United nations investigation into the treatment of disabled people in the UK found that the UK government was committing grave and systematic violations of disabled people’s rights.

In March 2016 309 Tory MPs voted to cut the Employment and Support Allowance by £1,500 per year. Not a single politician from any other party voted in favour of these cuts. As a result of this brazen economic assault on disabled people several Tory MPs were sacked as patrons of disability charities.

The Tory party claimed to be scrapping the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and replacing it with Personal Independence Payments (PIP) in order to make sure the money went to the right people, but in April 2017 they slashed PIP payments by 33% using the perverse excuse that this would incentivise them to find work (despite there being no evidence whatever to back up this claim).

Disabled people undergoing PIP assessments have routinely been asked “why haven’t you killed yourself yet?” by their assessors.

The Tory government are confiscating an astounding 900 adapted motability vehicles from disabled people per week. In one case they confiscated the motability vehicle to save £6,000 and then agreed to pay £65,000 in taxi fares so that the disabled person could continue going to work!

The List goes on and on and on….. And what is more….Labour have barely lifted a finger to oppose any of it in parliament..

If you think that is bad…just wait till they manage to ditch all these pesky Humanitarian rules from Europe……It will get much worse!

Anyone that votes Tory in Scotland is agreeing with ALL that!
As for Labour Unionists voting Tory…….Absolute Hypocrites.



About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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4 Responses to Brexit v Independence

  1. Tom Platt says:

    This has all come true. It has turned out exactly as you said it would in the article above. I hope that you are OK. (No articles this month) .

  2. Tom Platt says:

    I am delighted that you are well and even more pleased that you are writing the book. It will be a “must read” for me. I am English born of English ancestors. I have only been in Scotland since the early Sixties..I came to marry a lass from Glasgow who hasn’t thrown me out yet. Your writing reminds me of the distilled wisdom of all the Scots that i have met to date..mostly in education, medicine and the media. If you need help with proof reading, research or any kind of goforing, please let me know. I would consider it an honour to be allowed to do it.

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