It seems to me that I have been spending quite some time recently having a go at Labour, certainly my most recent articles have been in this vein. My article yesterday Scooping up the video of the Clydebank Trades Council meeting with Jackie Bailey, and my previous days article on Johann Lamonts speech, signifying a departure from free education. Or even a host of other articles where I have been having a go at labour getting into bed with the Tories.
So let me make it perfectly clear.. The whole purpose of anything I may write, is not to attack any given political party, but rather to further the cause and the reasons for Independence. I will just as easily disagree with the SNP as I will the others, If I feel they are heading in the wrong direction.
Lets take a closer look at what the SNP are proposing for Instance.
The retention of the Pound, the retention of the monarchy, remaining in the EU, joining NATO but dumping nuclear arms.
I am not convinced that retaining the pound is a good thing. I can certainly see the benefits of doing so for the short term, but locking into it, rather than a Scottish pound pegging onto it is not a great idea in my opinion.
Locking into it, means we are severely restricted to what the rUK decides, it removes our ability to make unilateral choices of our own, and restricts us to the part of a minor partner in economic policy. It removes our freedom to make changes in our economy. Its a sort of Devo Max option in my book.
Pegging to the pound, would be a good idea in the early days of a newly Independent Scotland, it would allow for a degree of stability as the Scottish pound finds its own feet. Ireland did this until 1979, when they then left to join the Euro. However, I wouldn’t want us to peg to the British pound for as long as that. Many in Ireland felt that pegging to the pound for as long as they did, meant that their economy suffered in that time.
Joining the Euro, Is simply not an option, and wont be for a long time.

The retention of the Monarchy, I personally disagree with. But not only the retention of the monarchy, the Lords and the rest of the British Class system!
I am with Rabbie Burns on this one..A Mans a Man for A’ that. In my view nobody should be advantaged simply because of an accident of birth. I have no problems with people creating wealth,and using that wealth to help their children. I do have a major problem with these children being treated as if they are any better than any other child, without having to do a turn to prove it! Personally I treat Princes in exactly the same way as I do crofters. I’m not kidding either, I met Charlie and Di once, had a chat, and I may as well have been talking to my next door neighbour. I didn’t care any more or less.
I can see why the SNP have moved in this direction though, they are well aware that there are still lots of people in Scotland who love Royalty, so why alienate these people. Don’t frighten the horses as they say.

This whole argument about remaining in the EU has had the most traction recently, we have had a deluge of it.
The SNP say yes we will, the anti-independence mob say we get kicked out!
But do we really want to stay in the EU? Will it make much of a difference if we don’t?
Personally I think the SNP have been too keen to show their hand on this one. It has been a long running policy of theirs, Independence in Europe. But are they right?
The counter argument being that Independence in Europe is just changing one master for another, Westminster for Brussels. This argument neglects to mention that the UK has to respond to Brussels and European directives. So the SNP wanting direct representation there is perfectly reasonable. Presently Scotland has no say, It is Westminster that does the deciding and negotiating,and not in Scottish Interests, but Westminster’s interests.
But conversely, this stance has actually weakened the Scottish governments negotiating hand.
The EU don’t need to worry if Scotland appears so desperate to remain. They would have a hell of a lot more to worry about, if that question was in doubt!
Thus the reason why the EU’s current President could be so cavalier with his opinion(not legal judgement) that Scotland could be ejected and have to join the queue to reapply, and tough restrictions could be put in Scotland’s way.
What was his reasoning? Simply wanting to keep the British and Spanish onside. The whole matter of Catalan and other Independence groups splitting off, is not desirable from an EU perspective.
But would he have said as such, if Scotland was threatening to walk away? No chance!
Lose access to the whole of the Northern Ocean past Denmark, with Scotland, Norway, Iceland holding all the fishing stocks! Lose the nation which holds 90% of the EUs Oil, the vast amount of the new renewable energy, 30% of Europe’s beef. Unthinkable! I have contended, and have no reason to think otherwise, that it would a harder ask for Scotland to extract itself from the EU , than the other way round.
So perhaps the SNP should change their negotiating stance somewhat? Suggest joining Norway and the other countries in the EFTA. We would have access to Europe, but not bound by Europe. It is not clear cut either way, but lets muddy the waters a wee bit, and see how they react!
what about the policy of joining NATO but dumping nuclear? I am not fussed terribly much if we stay or leave NATO. The vast amount of countries in NATO are non nuclear, and have been pushing for an end to nuclear. It still is NATO policy to retain that option, but Scotland nuclear free helps the other countries case, and removes the bombs from our shore. In my mind the decision to remain in NATO is a political decision rather than a decision of conscience. It provides to likes of the USA with an assurance that they are not going to be looking at a wide open undefended door in the North Atlantic.
It also provides Scotland with assurance that we have defence capabilities at our back which will prevent an attack on us for our oil and resources wealth! So in my opinion, it is a case of pragmatism over idealism. Yes we all want a nuclear free world, but us leaving NATO is not going to make that happen. Whilst we can remain in NATO and get rid of these nuclear time bombs from our country.

So as you can see, I am not being party partisan when I have a go at Labour politicians for their betrayal of Scotland and their own parties values. I know for a fact that Scottish Labour exists, but it is not found in these politicians, or that trojan horse which calls itself the Scottish Labour Party.
The people who represent that despicable body discarded Scottish Labour values a long time ago.
Oh they rabbit on and pay lip service from time to time to these values, but then jump straight into bed at night with the British tory parties!
When you witness a Scottish Labour leader, quoting Thatcher, and A British Tory prime minister praising and quoting Labours Scottish Leader during prime ministers question time in Westminster, you know something is seriously amiss somewhere!

The Real people who still hold the mantle of Scottish Labour, are found all over Scotland, some of them could be heard in the Clydebank Trades Council video I posted yesterday. These people are Scottish Labour!
The people in Scottish Labour for Independence are Scottish Labour, but certainly not a lot of these Chancers found In Council seats, or in Holyrood, and certainly not In Westminster! Hardie and Bevan would spit at the lot of them!

The same applies to the LibDems,and even the Scottish conservatives to a much lesser extent.
We can but hope, that an Independent Scotland might also see a return to real Scottish values of all ilks in the political fold, and this itself is worth fighting for!

So I would plead, put your petty political party differences aside. Let us all join together under the one banner, of YES Scotland!
YES for Scotland, YES to Scotland, YES for ALL of US.
And to pinch a motto of positivity from Obama’s first presidential campaign in the States.
Not just YES, but also YES WE CAN!

To hell with all the disgraceful put downs and slander of the anti independence mob!
We are much much much better than that. Don’t just look at voting YES in 2014, Start dreaming, and thinking and planning on what we can do with it, and how we really can make a Positive difference to our lives, our children’s lives, the lives of the poor, the disabled, the elderly, our communities, and our Country!
Start living the dream now…because once that dream becomes reality, we still have a hell of a lot to do, and YES is only a beginning of a new journey. What we do with that journey is up to us, and nobody else. Lets do this….Because YES WE CAN !

If you haven’t joined YES Scotland? If you want answers? If you want to help? Then go here!!

Yes Scotland

About auldacquaintance

I am not a member of any political party. I am however a strong supporter of Scots Independence. Any views which I express in this Blog are purely my own. This Blog intends to be a place where I will be putting my views on Scots Independence. It will primarily concern itself with the upcoming Referendum In Scotland. However It will also be somewhat diverse in the range of day to day issues which are evident to me in modern day Scotland. Not all of it will be political, and indeed may take me off into avenues I am not even aware of yet. Please come and join in on this journey, and any comments are welcome provided they are not abusive! All the best from a new acquaintance! Rod
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22 Responses to YES, YES WE CAN!

  1. I also would prefer in the long term to have a Scottish pound,and to be out of the EU the free trade association is closer to what was proposed back in the sixties a early seventies,and at the time I voted no to the EEC,and have never met anybody who voted yes.NATO I am undecided on,but I do want Faslane emptied of nuclear weapons.I do know that ship-building on the Clyde will still keep going, for a couple of reasons,one we will be having to build our own ships for our own navy,and two,we will have a free hand to tender for building ships world-wide,that point has not been fully debated.

  2. Bruce says:

    I totally agree with your article. I actually think the SNP are missing the point on Europe, I say take the wind out of the Unionist sails and say we will have a referendum on Europe within a year of a YES vote. This will not only scunner the other parties but will certainly put them under a lot of pressure down south.

    The same with the monarchy but I accept it is a lesser annoyance at this time but longer term has to be dealt with. I would also go for a Scottish pound, surely the potential of energy in the short term would be enough for us to weald some form of ability in the financial markets as far as a Scottish pound. I know this might sound silly and superficial but I really love it when I get a Clydesdale bank note, they look great, feel great etc. That could be a monetery symbol for people to get behind.

    We just have to keep getting the message out there and I twitter links to your posts so I hope you don’t mind.


  3. Kate says:

    I too want Scotland to have it’s own £, I also want us out of the EU & join up to EFTA, as for NATO, I want a nuclear free country, so if that means NO to NATO then so be it. As much as I want INDEPENDENCE for my country, I can’t see that leaving ONE dictatorship (Westminster) to join up with TWO others, (France & Germany) is INDEPENDENCE. NO party ever again should be allowed to TAKE this country INTO something that the people do not get a vote on.
    Whether that be a UNION or a war. If we get our YES vote, then we NEED another referendum on many things, ROYALTY, MONEY, NATO, but most of all, the EU, for that reason I now lean towards the SDA.. As they are giving answers to all of these questions NOW…

    • It matters not which party you vote for kate…What matters is that you vote YES!
      Only a YES vote can allow us to do anything. Without it, you can vote for the SNP, SDA or the Monster Raving Loony party…It matters not a jot..without that YES vote.
      The SDA are a Centre Right group, and a potential haven for Scottish Conservatives who wish for Independence.
      I personally do not think that any party can you or anyone else answers to these matters..They can give their opinion, they can have their policies, but none of them know exactly what will happen.
      That will be up to the people of an Independent Scotland to decide.
      So every person and every party that supports Independence for Scotland, should all pull together under the one banner. That banner is YES.
      Once we have delivered that vote, then we can all take it from there. A NO vote…leaves us well and truly scuppered.
      Only a vote for YES can deliver anything… So it is under that banner we all need to be.

  4. Kate says:

    “So every person and every party that supports Independence for Scotland, should all pull together under the one banner. That banner is YES ”

    I couldn’t agree more AA, you would think that the parties OF scotland would want the best for Scotland, and would work together, I am actually an SNP member, but I have been so disappointed as of late in the silly games they seem to have been playing. I could never vote Tory, nor Labour these days, however the LFI party I hope will replace what Labour are today, & I hope that the SNP get back on track, then we can have TWO decent parties to choose from once more But come 2014 it is absolutely YES…
    I just do NOT want dragged into something I did NOT get a vote on…

    • I absolutely agree Kate.
      I am not a member of any party. I am simply a Scot of Independent mind. So party or no party..we should all be saying YES together.
      And I am very glad to say that YES Scotland makes room for us all.
      Their sole objective is not party political, but for one issue and one issue only ….Independence

    • I have since added a link to the bottom of this article to them. And I only just realised myself that I didn’t have a link to them in my blogroll, I thought that I had! ….So have rectified that oversight too.

  5. Macart says:

    Another good article AA and couldn’t agree more on pretty much all of it.

    Just like to wish you a merry Christmas and a guid new years whilst I’m at it. Look forward to reading lots more in 2013. Have a good one!

  6. Caz says:

    Wow!, it’s like you’ve been reading my mind.
    I agree, I’d like us to have a currency of our own, I most certainly want the nuclear weapons removed. I don’t know much about the pros and cons of being in Europe, but think it wise to at least consider our best option, whether it be in EFTA or the EU. It is certainly not something which should stop people voting YES. It has been ridiculous having to listen to Unionists telling us if we vote for Independence we’ll be thrown out of Europe and then in contrast, they discuss having a referendum on whether the UK should stay in.
    As for the monarchy, I don’t mind either way. If it keeps others happy to have them in an Independent Scotland, then so be it.
    Yes, I agree we need everyone, whatever their politics to unite behind the YES campaign. I only wish the Lab/Con/LibDem parties in Holyrood had accepted that the Referendum was above party politics which would have allowed this to be a much more open debate, instead of the slanging matches we’ve had to endure recently.

  7. The Scottish Democratic Alliance will be voting Yes in 2014. We believe in a sovereign Scotland with a written Constitution, its own monetary policy and its own currency. We have done the research and it is as practical for us as it is for Norway and the other Scandinavian countries who use the Kroner.

    To the south, we have also done the research about trading in Europe and the EFTA side of the EEA is tailor made for Scotland. The EU has been and will continue to be disastrous for Scotland.

    In the north, the Nordic arc of Independence is where we should be looking.

    As mentioned above the SNP have played their hand in Europe too early. If we were to walk away from the EU we would be hearing a different song from Europe. The SNP have done some good things domestically but are making one horrendous mess of their international policies (or lack of policies).

    Please check out our website for more details.

    • Kate says:

      Have to agree with you Robert on the SNP & the mess they seem to be making of things to do with Europe, Also agree on EFTA & Scotland having a written constitution.

  8. antmcg says:

    Hi Rod, thanks once again for a informative, well written piece. I agree with all you have said, and equally do not want us “pegged” to Sterling, however am wary that again (remember decimalisation)?, we all get fleeced in any change over that may occur… eggs costing 6d suddenly cost 6p… sure doesn’t sound much today but for those whom remember, that was a fortune at the time.

  9. helentyates says:

    I also want to see us out of Europe,No nuclear weapons,would love to have our own currency,not fussed wether we keep the queen as head of state or not, However none of these things will have any chance of being realised unless we get a Yes vote in 2012,So lets all keep up the good work that is being done by getting the truth out there and talking to everyone we can in a positive way about an independent Scotland.I would just like to add that I really find this sight very informative and so well written, So great job AA, can’t wait for next post

  10. bigedd74 says:

    I have to commend you on your ability to read minds, seriously, as others have said, you have put in words what many of us have been thinking, I have been a supporter of SNP since i could vote, and am a self confessed “nat/cybernat” or whatever other folks see us as (although I deny and oppose the anti english branding) I am fairly new to this idea of blogging, I have made some attempts at my own blog, but not to the standard of many I read, it is a good way to spout off about anything though, and I have only been on twitter for a few months, and have to confess I like it, lol

    But to get back to the topic, and the one thing that stands out more to me than the the others is the EU, I have always been of the opinion we should go our own way, following the example of our Nordic/Scandinavian cousins, there is no point in getting out of the clutches of Westminster to end up kowtowing to brussels, and todays news over the fishing quotas should be a real eye opener for AS and the SNP, why should our fisherman be “grateful” for the outcome, and be force to admit “it was the best we could expect” Come on folks get a grip, the Scots Gov, if any, should be determining who can fish our waters, and how much they can take, no one else, and that goes for any other Scottish matters, we need to make sure that no one else ever pulls on the purse strings when we cut the Treasuries umbilical cord.

  11. Ron says:

    Rod, I’d also like to thank you for another incisive article which mirrors my thoughts and also for all your great articles this past year. Assuming we all survive the Winter Solstice and the Mayan Apocalypse, can I wish you all the best over the festive season and more power to your pen in 2013.

    One year closer!

  12. Macart says:

    Geez we’re all still here??!!???

    See them Mayans, feckin’ chancers, probably laughin’ their asses aff. 😉

  13. Kate says:

    Well GoodMorning, it would seem that the Mayan’s got it wrong too, we live to argue or agree another day huh! Looking fwd to your post for today AA, as Helen says above, this is one of the best blogs around, really informative & well written too. And also SPOOKY at times as to how you do seem to read the thoughts of people, then put them in print. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Kate…. I am still mulling over what to write for today… It’s these Mayans..They have been interfering with my cosmic thought waves 🙂
      We shall see what’d left after all the interference clears 🙂

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