Tories plead with SNP to explain Brexit.

You couldn’t make it up,could you?

Tories are now asking the SNP to explain Brexit to them, and asking the Scottish Government to make it work!

SNP must explain how it will make Brexit work


I know it sounds fanciful, even in this mental post Brexit vote world, where Labour are in meltdown and the Tories have had their own blood letting.
Yet here we are..Despite Theresa May and all the Tories being asked repeatedly what Brexit means…only to get the response of Brexit means Brexit.
God help us if the Tories ever had to write a political dictionary.

Austerity means Austerity
Sanctions means Sanctions
Britain is Broke means   ehhh its Labours fault
Independence means Separatists

Yet here we are…. The Tories actually asking the SNP how they are going to make Brexit work, when neither the Tories nor anyone else knows exactly what it is.

Here is it all from the horses mouth at Conservative Home.

SNP must explain how it will make Brexit work

19 Sep 2016

Murdo Fraser MSP

The SNP must start outlining to the people of Scotland how it’s going to make Brexit a success, rather than “complaining from the sidelines” about the result.

As part of a Holyrood debate tomorrow, the Scottish Conservatives will say – despite the uncertainty which struck immediately after the vote – the decision is made and people and businesses across Scotland want to move on.”

I know it might seem fanciful to them, but I can’t say that I have heard of any of the 62% of Scots who voted to Remain, having suddenly changed their minds, and are now champing at the bit to Brexit….But I might be wrong?



Asking the SNP to start outlining to the people of Scotland how it’s going to make Brexit work?

Can the Tories just answer a simple question first….What is Brexit?
And how does Theresa May and her Government intend making it work? What does it involve? Is Britain to be in the European Single Market or not? These are simple questions for starters. Oh and while they are at it, can they tell us when they intend to apply Article 50 to get the process going?

“Shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser will highlight how the Scottish Government could be focusing on ambitious plans for fishing, farming and tourism in the wake of the UK leaving the EU.”

Please do tell us Murdo. What are these ambitious plans for fishing, farming and tourism? Other than Westminster giving these sectors the promised funding which they will no longer get from the EU.
How does Westminster intend keeping its promises, made by the Tory Leave campaign?
It has already been noted that the £350million a week promised to the NHS has been binned…Pretty much as the VOW was binned after the Scottish Independence referendum.
So please do tell us what these ambitious plans are?

A series of statistics have suggested Scotland is performing worse than the rest of the UK in terms of growth and the wider economy.

And although unemployment figures last week suggested some improvement, the longer-term pattern is one of the economy north of the border lagging behind the rest of Britain.”

Please advise us where you get these statistics? Unless you mean the flawed GERS figures?
Where is your proof that the longer term pattern is one of the economy north of the border( lets call it Scotland shall we) lagging behind the rest of Britain?
And indeed, If that is the case, what are you going to do about it? Given that Westminster hold all the economic levers, and that we are supposed to be better together.
A couple of suggestions here…. How about letting Scotland have an Oil fund rather than allocating it’s pitiful profits to Westminster?
How about Scotland not having to pay a massive amount to repair Westminster, as we only have minimum representation of 59 Mps in any case.
How about not making Scotland pay for English vanity projects which never come near Scotland, and we are not going to use, such as HS2. or an added runway to Heathrow.

“Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser said:

“What we need to be aware of are the opportunities which will be afforded to Scotland as a result of the UK leaving the EU.

“But the question is, what steps is the SNP taking to assist businesses to take advantage of these opportunities?

Please do make us aware of what these supposed opportunities are? We are all ears.
How is the SNP supposed to make these fictional opportunities work for business?

“We know that the fishing industry sees a great future outside the EU, but what is the Scottish Government doing to help develop this?

Yeah….this will be interesting and fun…We know the Tory supporting boat owners were all for Leave and against Independence… Lets hear how they suggest their canvassing is going to work for them now. Again we would love to know, perhaps Westminster will give them their EU grants which they will no longer be getting?

“And what is it doing to develop a new farming policy for Scotland, given that support payments will have to be paid domestically?”

Can you please tell us when, and how much Westminster will be making these payments which the EU previously provided? And if they are to be paid domestically, when is Westminster adding these sums to the Scottish Budget? Or is this all part of the 1.5 Billion block grant reductions which will be taken out of the Scottish Budget by 2020?

“The same goes for the future of exports and tourism too, not to mention a number of other sectors.”

As above…where is the replacement EU funding coming from? What version of Brexit are we talking about? In the Single Market or Out? Trade tariffs or not? Travel Visas or not? Free movement or not? The questions mount up.

“There are a whole range of policy areas where our departure from the EU opens up opportunities.”

What are they? All I can see are loads of potential negatives so far, so please do tell us.

“Yet rather than take these forward, rather than be positive about the future, all the SNP wants to do is sit on the sidelines and complain.

“Scottish ministers must be less downbeat, less pessimistic, and be more hopeful and show some leadership in seizing these chances.”

The only possible upbeat I can see, is Indyref2….that is about it.

But I will give Ruth Davidson the final words…. after all , she was for Scotland to remain in the EU, before she got her new orders.

Ruth Davidson on the Remain case for small business:

I know some people can find the EU a bit frustrating and fussy but what it does is provides a level playing field so you can’t be undercut…we also help to write those rules and i we came out we woulnd’t have a seat of the table and if we wanted to trade in the EU the other countries could put on tariffs and taxes. The other side haven’t told us what would replace the SM…they haven’t told us how big the hit, I don’t think that’s good enough, you have to know or don’t vote, vote to Remain in the biggest trade deal we can get in the world.”


Ruth Davidson goes full internecine strife, laying into fellow Tories Boris and Michael Gove.

He says it will eliminate manufacturing, he also says the EU will generate an economic shock, Michael Gove says it will mean bumps in the road…’Boris Johnson, asked, said ‘will there be job losses?’ said ‘there might or there might not’ – that is not good enough, it’s not good enough!”


Ruth Davidson goes in on tariffs again:

There will be taxes and tariffs – that will affect our ability to trade abroad and it’s not just the 27 we trade with now, there are 50 other countries in the world the EU has trade deals with…they want to do deals with 500m people, not 50m people.”

Ruth Davidson points up the contribution of migrants, adding that “you don’t fund schools and hospital by crashing the economy”. Andrea Leadsom says that is “nonsense” and we will get a “£10bn independence dividend, Ruth hollers back “that’s not true!”.

Ruth Davidson points out we’re not in the euro or Schengen, and we have a veto on accession:

And thus also unwittingly concludes why Scotland is right to remain in the EU, and why 62% are entitled to differ from Westminster Brexit.

If that means an Independent Scotland to do so…..So be it.

We at the moment make the EU work for us, we are in charge of the pound, interest rates, taxes, healthcare, education, spending – we make these decisions in the House of Commons or the Scottish Parliament – we make those decisions…we also because we’re part of the biggest free-trading bloc in the UK have the highest number of Brits in employment…and we’d lose that if we left.”


Ruth Davidson really goes for Andrea Leadsom, accusing her of telling a “blatant untruth”…”it’s not good enough, you deserve the truth, you deserve the truth!”. [Cue huge cheers from the crowd]

She said ‘60% of our laws are made in Europe and it’s simply not true – 30% of our aws according to the HoC Library…in the last five-year parliament there were 4 bills out of 121 that came out of Europe.

Here’s Ruth Davidson’s final statement on behalf of Remain:

Tonight was the Leave campaign’s last chance to answer your questions, to spell out what happens when we abandon the biggest market in the world, to show us what a Brexit Britain would actually look like. I don’t think I heard enough to be confident that they have all the answers we need and you have to b1 100% sure because there’s no going back on Friday morning and your decision could cost someone else their job. I know that the EU isn’t perfect but the benefits far outweigh any costs and the Britain I know, the Britain I love works with its friends and neighbours, it doesn’t walk away form them. Sadiq, Frances and I , we refuse to dismiss the experts, we listen to them and…they all agree that Britain is better off in, you are better off in. There is nothing more positive than having a stronger economy, supporting jobs and opportunities and that’s why I believe you should vote Remain. Thank you.


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  1. Shared from Shetland to Cornwall & all points between

  2. ruthiegxx says:

    Lol. Brilliant!!!

  3. Helen Tinline says:

    Bloody Brilliant ! Made my day !

  4. Reblogged this on charlesobrien08 and commented:
    Good piece,worked nicely on a Q&A format.Must share around the world,only problem is unionists cant read yet,or is it they wont read,in case they discover how well they have been conned all their lives.

  5. Good piece,worked nicely on a Q&A format.Must share around the world,only problem is unionists cant read yet,or is it they wont read,in case they discover how well they have been conned all their lives.

  6. Az says:

    I really enjoyed that. Thanks!

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